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  1. This setBehaviour "SAFE";

    'Nuff said

    ---------- Post added at 11:44 ---------- Previous post was at 11:39 ----------

    * Let units wander a bit around, by adding some kind of custom "dismiss" behaviour. This for groups on their last waypoint, except for STEALTH and COMBAT modes.

    [group this, getPos this, 250] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol;

    250 = max distance they'll go from the position where leader was when the function was called, in meters.

    They'll randomly move about the area, and even in aware they'll walk slowly with weapons lowered, in columns.

  2. This is really off topic from the thread, seriously. And could very well be against forum rules.

    Metalcraze is against the forum rules :p

    All that aside, yeah I think tanks could use a slight buff. Slammer should have 12.7mm and 7.62mm machineguns instead of a 6.5mm, and Varsuk needs a gunner MG.

  3. metalcraze -->"But overall I can say it's the best ArmA game to date."

    metalcraze -->"But overall I can say it's the best ArmA game to date."

    metalcraze -->"But overall I can say it's the best ArmA game to date."

    metalcraze -->"But overall I can say it's the best ArmA game to date."

    metalcraze -->"But overall I can say it's the best ArmA game to date."

    metalcraze -->"But overall I can say it's the best ArmA game to date."

    Insults dyslexi in the first post then praises him later??

    That thread is gold. And i havent even finished it yet. I didnt know forums could be as bad as youtube comments. Its like 4chan only not funny or smart. I guess man children should have their own forum.

    Yep, just wanted to prove that Metalcraze is, indeed, off his rocker. Praises the game one minute, insults the whole series the next, and then insults the devs for being Czech, before praising it again.....

  4. Snip

    You are the most fantastic person I've ever seen on this forum. Godspeed.

    Oh, by the way, metal apparently acts like even more like a nutcase on his home forums of RPG codex, where I swear they idolize him for saying that EA is better than BIS. 10% legitimate argument, 90% I-hate-Czech-hatemail.

    ( http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/i-was-ready-for-fun-but-then-bohemia-interactive-cockblocked-me.81019/ )



  5. Because after 3.5 years of development they still haven't fixed the first variant?

    When you receive a broken TV do you hear a manufacturer tell you "don't like it? go make your own!"?

    Seriously never use this in your arguments if you want them to have weight - it makes you sound like an offended teenager.

    Game mechanics allow for loaders and dedicated commander MGs on tanks yet somehow those are not in ArmA3 either.

    And why should I care? In 3.5 years they could've added at least something new to tanks, no?

    Do you?

    OK. Tell me what exactly is a step forward about ArmA3 tanks?

    Why don't you just leave instead of just raging at everything that disagrees with you on the forums?

  6. Metalcraze is blunt, but he's right. Hopefully things will change though later on.

    +1, FAKs should work differently. Perhaps a bleeding difficulty setting that causes you to take constant small amounts of damage after getting shot unless a medic heals you or you use a FAK? FAK could stop the bleeding and heal a tiny amount.

  7. best they share everything. because if not, then wow, we're stuck with this silly copy and paste bullshit. the dayz stuff actually have better quality as well. clearly the best bis artists have been assigned to the priority project leaving arma 3 in the hands of some intern

    What's the word I'm looking for.... Ah yes.


  8. As for whats been shown for the CSAT CAS aircraft, I like it. I would prefer something a little more full size but I guess it fits. I just hope they don't go the same route with the NATO bird. I'd rather they go with their "F-38" as they were calling that F-35 model from early screenshots than some trainer turned warbird. If they do use the "F-38" I just hope they change the model a little so it makes a little more sense to give it a new name.

    +1, I hope NATO gets something nice and quick.

  9. It can. Just taxi to the very edge if the runway, then put flaps down all the way. Then go for it. Remember to pull up the gear so it doesn't hit stuff. You can take off with no damage too easily.

    I was talking about landing. The airfield to the NW in the hills is really tricky to land on.

  10. We will never see the level of content Arma 2 had, ever. :(

    You don't say? ArmA2 had content from a cancelled game and had a standalone expansion pack that could be combined with the base game to help it, of course we won't.

    Also, a lot of ArmA2's content was clearly upgraded from ArmA1.

  11. To be honest, I havent tried anymore since the release. There were a couple of strips that I just could not take off. I always ended up in bushes and trees, because with the dirt rally I simply did not get enough speed to take off. The strip west of the main airport and the strip north of Altis was simply undoable.

    I could make it with UAVs, but the Buzzard can't make it at least without taking damage from ramming something.

  12. Right so because we are playing as a corporal it's OK that it takes an eternity for AAF to find a base (considering they have all that strong air force). Then they drop an arty on the base. And NATO instead of getting out ASAP... stays there. Not even trying to put out fires. I mean you gotta escape because arty is there to soften shit up for main forces. Oh wait - the enemies never come to finish NATO forces off. In fact there's ~18 hours passing between the bombardment and the next mission. I guess the reason for this is above corporal's rank?

    Or that enemies refuse to mount their APCs when their last base is getting pushed into the sea?

    You are trying to make it look like BIS did any research when in fact they have used literally zero common sense when designing campaign. It's like it was designed by 16 years old who thinks that war is all about HOOAH MURICA and every other army has no idea how to even use their own tech. This is laughable.

    So what will make you happy, Metalcraze?

    Actually. Don't answer that, go join the army instead and volunteer to do anything remotely dangerous.