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  1. Ahh, another new DayZ kiddie opens his mouth.

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    You guys should take a look at Crysis Wars. Nuke Tanks, futuristic projectile weapons, alien weapons. Would be an interesting port.

    1. DayZ is the plague of the ArmA series, when I played ArmA zombies were mod units you placed on Sahrani for the INDFOR faction.

    2. He didn't even mention that. He meant the coilgun tank T-100 that BIS axed and smart munitions.

  2. We need to mix it up. The people who want to stay in 2010? Hell with them. I think it's time we move forward. Each game so far covers a different time period: Cold War Crisis? 70s, 80s. A1/2/OA? 80s-2010. A3 jumps forward a bit, I welcome it. NATO doesn't tout AR-15s everywhere they go. There are other countries in NATO besides the US, don't you know? If you're having such a hard-on for 2000-tech, wait for the next ACE mod to be released, and that'll take care of your concerns.

    Sorry, ranting. I'm kind of angry BIS axed the railgun tank.

  3. I'm talking generally about how bad optic peripherals are done. Holo sight is one example.

    In real life holographic sight feels like the crosshair is projected on the target and when you move your head crosshair stays in same position - it's still aimed on target! I was trying find something in internet for you to imagine - watch this.

    , in Arma it's just a red crosshair inside a "box".

    The second example is rifle scope. Compare this https://dev-heaven.net/attachments/4925/scrn2-optics.JPG to this http://screenshot.xfire.com/s/127126201-4.jpg

    The fact is that such a scopes were even in Red Orchestra 1, a game from 2006 - ARMA 3 is going to be 2013 game, maybe even 2014.

    Thank you captain obvious.

    Last time I saw a infantry clip from ARMA3 nothing has changed to scopes, and I don't think something will until they announce so...

    Interesting. Just a thought that popped into my head: When you're in first person view and look through the optics while using a holographic sight, maybe the crosshair on the sight could be moved forward slightly, giving it that effect you're talking about.

  4. Iran would've been destroy by this time period. Obama already said, that as soon as they create 1 nuke we will respond with a full military invasion and knock out Iran. Iran has yet to respond, and I think they assume Obama was joking or just bluffing. = total destruction. Plus I didn't think Iran was in the game, I just hear Russian I think.

    The game is fricking fictional. Not everything about the storyline has to go directly from what's happening today, it's not like there's an airbase on Agios Efstratios in real life, is it? What if a different president was elected in the ArmA 3 storyline?

  5. Spawn a chopper for your faction, such as an AH-9 Prawnee.

    Spawn a module: Support Provider - CAS Helicopter (not virtual) and sync the Prawnee and CAS module together.

    Spawn a Support Requester, sync it to the player.

    Then sync the CAS Helicopter module to the Requester module. You should be able to call for the chopper then.

    I haven't found out how to call for reinforcements like in the Supports showcase yet, but I've found the next best thing:

    Spawn a trigger, set it to 'switch', set it to activate on Radio Alpha or similar. Then give your reinforcement unit a waypoint about 5 meters in front of them.

    Sync the switch radio trigger to the waypoint, then lay down several more waypoints for your unit.

    When you start, the unit will move to the first waypoint and wait.

    Activating Radio Alpha will cause the unit to finish the waypoints you've laid, allowing you to delay their advance until you like.

  6. Actually it's a showcase for getting shot by people I can't see but can see me.

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    Is it in the video settings menu?

    Well, geez, the enemies in the night showcase are blind as bats for me, it's a fairly easy mission...