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  1. I have yet to find any templates for the new Encore content, specifically the CSAT SAM launcher and radar installation. I did a little digging through the Jets files, but there's not a lot there, and unlike the aircraft themselves, no templates have been included in samples or similar. It would be quite useful to have templates for the new CSAT equipment, even if just to remove the hex-camo to make it more usable for other OPFOR factions.

  2. Red Alert 2 + Yuri's Revenge are free on Origin.



    Ah, man. I say quite often that a game was 'my childhood', but if I were to actually be honest the two that actually were would have to be this and Ace Combat 4. This being my absolute favorite. It isn't perfect - unit movement is weird, it has issues with newer OSes, the graphics aren't perfect, and the story is intentionally laughable, but combine it all together, add an amazing OST, and you've got my favorite RTS game, ever.

  3. I believe this is caused by the unit that has access to the Zeus interface belonging to BLUFOR (e.g. a NATO rifleman is Zeus) and AAF/IND being set as allies of BLUFOR. For whatever reason, modules only give access to that faction's fire support/objectives. I believe the Zeus virtual entity which is used in ZGM missions will circumvent the issue.

  4. Probably one of the more detailed terrains I've seen so far for Arma 3. Everything feels well-placed, the detail underwater is great, and the map feels... real. Which, I suppose, is what you were going for with something relatively small like Gorgona. Definitely looking forward to your update, as well as any other terrains you work on, especially if they retain this kind of detail.

  5. Yes, I heard MGS should be really good. I thought about buying it but 60€ is too expensive. I'll wait until it's on sale. Is Ground Zeroes worth its money? I thought it was only one mission, some sort of preview game.

    On Green Man Gaming they had a 27% discount, so I picked both up for only 60. Definitely a good combination if it's 30% off. GZ is essentially an intro to TPP, and if you import your save from GZ you'll get some cool stuff in TPP as well.


    Still waiting to see what ingsoc.org turns out to be, though.

  6. Not saying it's the best, but I've been having a TON of fun with Metal Gear Solid 5 (Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, might as well play them both in order and import your GZ save) so far.


    With that being said, I've heard the ending was lackluster, and something of a kick in the crotch after everything else the game led up to.


    That, and there's a conspiracy thing about Kojima doing something on 9/11, the 1984 novel, the game itself, and a game called Blackhound!

  7. I'm attempting to make a scenario for a me and a friend of mine to play, but there are two problems that I've run into: The first is that the custom music I've put in has stopped working. I have a rather excessive number of songs that I'm using, and I'm not sure what's wrong with it that is causing the game to ignore the music's existence. The second is that after removing a line related to a function I had decided not to use with the mission, I now get a CTD with the error "line 46: /Params/: Wrong # directive" whenever I open the mission. Can anyone help me out with this?


  8. I've been trying to get some addons (RHS Escalation and Jurassic Arma Raptor Pack in particular) working in a scenario I'm working on, so that I can spawn those units in a multiplayer mission from the Zeus interface. The problem is, while all of my addons show up in the Zeus menu when I test the mission in singleplayer, almost every mod (save for two units from RHS Escalation, those being the Pchela UAV variants, and the Wander Panzer units) has its units removed from the spawn list when I test it in multiplayer. Is there any reason for this to happen?

  9. *New terrain, similar size to Altis with different climate. Maybe something like Bornholm, maybe something like Cherno, or maybe something like Zargabad, though I wouldn't be against seeing some snow, either.

    *Vehicles. Boats, especially, and some more planes and helicopters. A few new civilian cars. Railgun tank.

    *New emplacements (Static weapons). At the least, an M2 12.7mm HMG.

    *New weapons, some lower tech, some higher. Eg, AK-12, XM29 (Or something like it, with the magazine-fed 20mm underslung), AKM, AR-15 (Incl. a civilian version?), maybe an M240 for NATO.

    *A new faction to suit the new map. Some ideas:

    **A new branch of CSAT, which represents the Chinese? Perhaps 3 new Mandarin voices, a new skin for the existing CSAT vehicles, and a few more Asian faces.

    **Russia? CSTE?

    **Local government & citizens of the new terrain?

    *Some new features, but nothing in particular yet. Perhaps attaching parachutes to vehicles so they can activate when that vehicle is released from a slingload? Taru switching out its pods? Ability to make holes in the map while designing the map, so that you can make caves? And along with that, better AI movement in buildings so they don't wallhack or get stuck?

  10. Really nice, but there are graphical artifacts on all the ArmA 1 terrain and Utes - some of the A1 objects have strangely over-dramatic shadows, the hangars at the Paraiso airbase reflect through the ground, and on both all the A1 maps and Utes, from a distance you see grids on the map of ground textures that look out of place. I'll post screenshots soon. Also hope to see the infinite/beyond edge of map terrain return soon.