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    At least a few "exotic" weapons?

    I'd like to see an AK-style weapon, maybe an AK-100 or AK-12 style weapon, for use by OPFOR and FIA, maybe as the OPFOR Recon unit set primary weapon system, maybe an AR-16 for NATO's Recon units, some civilian rifles.
  2. I have to agree. This campaign is the first since OFP that really sucked me in and made me want to play more of it. Voice acting was good, so far it's pretty fun and seems a bit like a mix between OFP and Resistance's campaign. After playing this I now want to go beat the hell out of some CSAT in the editor. My one big thing would be to make, perhaps, a "special" ammo type for mortars/artillery which has GREAT accuracy compared to normal rounds and is only used in the campaign for those missions where you have to use *shudder* mortars to destroy watchtowers.
  3. laverniusregalis

    Where is this submarine ?

    Even if it's just a prop I want it.
  4. laverniusregalis

    Patch 1.02 - Time to say thank you

    This should be its own topic. And stickied.
  5. laverniusregalis

    really... no omnidirectional movement?

    Mouse+keyboard is still better than a controller for a milsim unless you're in a chopper or plane, in which case you might as well be using a proper joystick...
  6. laverniusregalis

    Patch 1.02 - Time to say thank you

    Agreed - what better should we have? An unplayable campaign on day one or a less buggy one a month later? This game has potential - we just need to realize that.
  7. laverniusregalis

    No more learning or skill required in new games?

    I keep seeing games focus less and less on proper tactics/strategy and more on simply run, shoot, use reflexes, keep running. What happened to the games where you didn't sprint but for 5 seconds at a time and only to cross streets, and two bullets could end you? It seems like ArmA is the last of these...
  8. laverniusregalis

    A3 Poll

    You're new here aren't you. It might be an old engine but I'll eat my guitar if BIS doesn't turn this game into something amazing if you give them 2 months. It happens with virtually every BIS game release. BIS is bad at good releases, and great at turning that release into a great thing. BIS games are like a wine: new, they're bad. Given time, they're great.
  9. O gods... Now this is getting silly.
  10. laverniusregalis

    IN-GAME marker needs whole refurbishment

    ^^ happy to help.
  11. laverniusregalis

    2 CAS Aircraft remain unknown. What if?

    Yeenius, maionaze
  12. Hello, I made this thread to just say a few words to all who browse this forum section often. I recognize that ArmA3 isn't done, you all do quite clearly as well. But I think that BIS won't be motivated to work overtime to finish this game for everyone if they all just bash BIS for the littlest thing and try to whip them into submission for the most minuscule of screw-ups in their project. We cannot appreciate their work that they have done over the past years in development, then? I know I'll get everyone to hate me for this, but show the devs some patience. You bought the game. You're funding their efforts to finish it by having bought it. You're supporting them with money but you act like if you met them you'd punch their skulls in. Why? Can't we be constructive, helpful, and nice? All this place seems to get is hostility, toxicity, and hate in its threads. I just want it to stop. Yes, A3 doesn't feature as many units as A2 yet. But what have they done for us? They gave us a beautiful canvas of an island, the best controls I've seen in an ArmA game yet, beautiful graphics, better physics, and they're still working to give us more. Rather than spend our time bashing Bohemia and being angry, why don't we get creative, make mods, find bugs for them to fix, make suggestions, be helpful? BIS has seen a lot when you think about it - they want to make basically a AAA-quality game with a quarter the budget, two of the important developers were imprisoned, and now we can't show them the slightest respect. I'm not defending them to death, rather feeling sorry for them - I just want everyone else to support their efforts rather than work against them. BIS isn't a big evil company like EA, they're for all intents an indie studio compared to EA or Activision. If you want to be toxic, be toxic - just keep it in one thread, and be constructive in the rest is what I'm trying to say. Whether you agree with my points or not - I'm just saying, please. It's been almost 3 weeks - Take a chill pill, put your pitchforks down, and report the issues you find properly, don't just make rage threads about them. Thanks.
  13. laverniusregalis

    Where is the Game?

    ArmA3 needs polishing and some fixing, but it really isn't as much of a Hitler clone as people make it out to be. Also, Harbinger still isn't looking hard enough...
  14. laverniusregalis

    Where is the Game?

    They already confirmed some CAS aircraft on a blog post IIRC, and also said they wanted to add more content besides campaign to A3. Don't look down so much.
  15. laverniusregalis

    ArmA III is a good game!

    Really, I think A3 is underrated. It's got so much potential, it just needs polishing and some fixing.
  16. laverniusregalis

    My two cents for the posters in ArmA 3 general

    What video settings are you using overall?
  17. laverniusregalis

    My two cents for the posters in ArmA 3 general

    The potato thing is a bit of a joke if you can't tell, I'm just saying their PC might not be the greatest, or that they haven't changed the video settings to best suit that system. Or the server they're on isn't good enough for the mission/number of players at hand. Sorry if it offends people. Yeah, that was a while after I woke up, I was rather pissed in general this morning. I decided I would take a more diplomatic stance now, but someone will surely come along and try to shut THAT down.
  18. laverniusregalis

    Disapointed with the FULL RELEASE content (re-made)

    >Implying they screwed their customers by not giving them a buggy campaign on release Well, it's not like ArmA2, ArmA1's release was any better... Campaign? Yes, but was it playable on release? I think not. I am hopeful that the time BIS is taking before releasing campaign is being used to ensure it isn't broken as hell like it was in A1/2. I still think it would be nice if they gave more co-op and TvT options from the start though, in addition to giving us easier to use systems to make the whole thing manually.
  19. laverniusregalis

    My two cents for the posters in ArmA 3 general

    Austin, I said >Whether you agree with my points or not - I'm just saying, please. It's been almost 3 weeks - Take a chill pill, put your pitchforks down, and report the issues you find properly, don't just make rage threads about them. I figured not everyone would be swayed by this anyways, seems some just want to rant...
  20. laverniusregalis

    calm incompetence

    Are you on the dev build? I've been for a while now, and haven't frozen once. Perhaps the dev build helps?
  21. laverniusregalis

    Arma 3 Random Game Crashes?

    Are you running plain 1.02 or the dev build? I've been on dev build since the first one in alpha.
  22. laverniusregalis

    calm incompetence

    Technically we're the ones who agree to Steam's EULA that there are no refunds... Yeah it's still kind of silly, almost no-one reads those damn things.