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  1. Thanks for the help, but I actually logged on just now to tell you that I got it to run. I guess maybe I had some internet router issues. Either way, thank you for your help, even if I didn't end up needing it or using it. After all, it's the thought that counts, and you've certainly shown that you thought about helping me. Anyway, thank you for the help.

  2. I have tried playing multiplayer, and launching the game via steam, my desktop shortcut, and dayz commander.

    The server listings, when selected, had green dots next to the name on the bottom of the screen with the description of the specific server.

    I've done a bit of single player to get used to the controls.

    My version is 1.62...

    Actually, I have verified my steam cache, and as I type this I am doing it a second time.

    I am launching OA only. I don't know how to launch it as Combined Ops.

    EDIT: Quick update, I just tried to launch a multiplayer server, it said "Bad version, server rejected connection."