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  1. I have a quick question regarding wrecks, is there any way to spawn in a regular vehicle, such as a BMD, and spawn it as a wreck immediately? I assume there is some code or init that would get to this for me, but I've never dabbled in that business before. Is there anything I can do on my end or would individual wrecks have to be made by the devs? I'd like to clarify that I'm not asking for more wrecks to be made, and that the addition of new wrecks so far has been sweet, like the TU-95 and Mi-28, I'm just wondering if I can use the models that already exist but are only seen once a normal vehicle has been destroyed. Thanks, and great work on 0.4.2, simply phenomenal job.

  2. Man, remember how amazingly kind it was when the RHS team made all that free content, that they at any time could drop with zero consequence because they are, after all, working for free and from their own time. What a great thing that they do. Wouldn't it be shit if people kept abusing this kindness, what a garbage thing by garbage people that would be. Good thing we're all above that. Also thanks again for those beautiful Mi-28 Pictures earlier.

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  3. Hi guys, 


    I might be losing my mind, but were there more photos of the Mi-28 other than the one with the pilot in aviator sunglasses standing in front of the aircraft? I feel like there were more photos of it in full detail, I found the base renders from back in June (still looks great by the way) but I may be incorrect. Everything looks amazing regardless.

  4. Fixed an RPT reference that I missed the last time.  No one has reported ANY problems w/ the pack so I must assume it is working fine for others...



    A sneak peek at another older bomber, the Tu-22M... a completely new 3D model and conveniently uses the same paint scheme as the Su-24.  I am still sorting out some of the 3D model parts before officially adding it to the pack.  Since it is a new 3D model of a legacy bomber, the desire to make an accurate cockpit is right around 0.001%.  Therefore I may just copy/paste a cockpit from another bomber like the Tu-16 since it is "close enough" for game play purposes.  I seriously doubt anyone would cry foul at having another plane with a cockpit that isn't 100% accurate.  Unless someone simply wants to build a cockpit for it... :)


    This and the Su-24 will "round out" the bombers.  I have been considering that since I have ported in so many Soviet-era planes in different projects I am considering combining them all into one big project to better facilitate MP servers.  Having a mile-long mod list is cumbersome!  So I will probably combine this with my Flankers, Mig-29, A-50 and AN-12 for one convenient download.  It would certainly help the MP server situation!  And who doesn't want more OPFOR planes to shoot down :)




    I love you pookie. In a totally platonic way I promise. You're literally my mod-making bro crush right now though for this post. I've missed the Tu-22s, SU24s, and Mig-29s. You're the best, great work both in this project and in the AA system, your contributions to CUP and other projects. Good show.

  5. Gents, you should understand one thing - You don't know about all bugs we do know the heli has. It might looks great at the first glance, but it doesn't necessarily act properly in every aspect of the game. I am not willing to release half-finished product. The hardest thing is, I cannot share project's source files with others in seeking of help. That's why the project is coming along as well as my learning curve. It takes time so you must be patient. I am sorry for not having better news for you.


    On the upside, since you're doing it all on your own, you'll be the best at modding or bug testing. Its the positive side of life NightIntruder, and its a sign of integrity that you don't want to release something half finished. Keep up the good work mate. Also any news is good news, to me at least. I'd rather know things are going belly up than not know at all, and since things aren't going belly up, rather chugging along, its good news.

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  6. No Reagan Joke this time folks, just a quick question regarding the Mi-28. Is the model we are getting the Mi-28N or the Mi-28A/D which don't have the radar dome on the top of the main rotor. I believe the photo that was posted did have the dome, but my knowledge of Russian attack helicopters is not what it used to be. Also, will it have multiple load outs like the Mi-24s and the Ka-52s, I mean regardless it looks amazing and I'll love it to death, but just a pondering from me. Everything looks amazing anyways, great work and everyone at RHS should be proud of what they accomplish; better than almost any AAA game I can think of.

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  7. For your perusal, I have decided to post a lightly entertaining joke, with an RHS tint. 



    There is a ten year wait on ARMA 3 forums between the debut of new RHS content and the players actually getting their hands on it. 


    One player, discussing release dates with a dev, said "Ah so now I understand, my only question is, morning or afternoon?"


    "Morning or afternoon?" said the dev, "What difference does it make, it is in ten years."


    "Well I must budget my time," replied the player, "CUP's next update is in the morning."


    My honest attempt at working a reagan joke into an RHS forum, I did my best. Everything looks great people, I especially enjoy the updates to Facebook, an excellent format.

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  8. If that is the case why don't you learn to build your own mod. mod makers do this in their free time to give it to us for nothing and being told by users they are getting pretty tired and frustrated is not going to get it done any quicker. We all would like to see various mods updated more regular but just appreciate they have lives like the rest of us    

    Honestly mate, when a mod doesn't update for a year and a bit, its completely fair to ask if they're still running it, have simply gone silent, or have decided to soft cancel it. And the easiest way for mod makers to avoid all the questions is by simply saying "Yes its still in development, go away" or "We've decided to move on to other projects or focus on our own lives, go away". I understand it might not, and probably won't, clear away everyone asking that, but it'd at least alleviate the mystery.

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  9. well i'm going to get it working as a stationary object first, then if its even possible maybe try to get it moving.



    Not just the russion navy, can also be used with the french or egyptian navy  ;)

    It'll be for everyone, then due to outside circumstances the Russian model will be dropped at the last minute, and then suddenly 20-30 year old Russian Assault Ships will appear, with the author claiming them to be good as new, or just as good as the mistrals. Mark my words. But in all seriousness great stuff, model looks solid already.

  10. The further away release is the longer I have to do other things, cause once she's out, I'll ignore everything and anything else to tear up the dirt and sky in the excellent aircraft, infantry and vehicles you folks have cooked up. So please, take your time gents, its already perfect, and I want a little more freedom before I get dragged back to Nam.

  11. But wait there's more!!  :D


    F4 phantom, f100 super saber, A6 intruder, E2 hawkeye, A4 skyhawk, f105 thud, Mig 21 just to name a few :P the others I can't remember now .. :wacko:. Only a few will make it into the next release the others as we progress 



    A3b skywarrior, o2 skymaster, ac47 spooky, c1a trader, c123k provider, o1 cessna bird dog, mig 19 and mig 17 are on their way too, plus i want to make an ac119 or ac130 spectre (in nam they had 2x 40mm and 1x 20mm guns).

    Be still my beating heart. You guys know how to make my day! I don't care how long it takes, when it inevitably arrives this list of planes is going to be top notch. Great stuff everyone!