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  1. Thanks, but how would the coding go. In other words, what do I type to have the system say, "OK, the player now has these items, the task is complete". Do I have to sync the trigger with the Set Task State module? Also, I am assuming there are also "hasItem" and "hasMagazine" syntax's too.
  2. I'll admit, I have a really shitty computer. I don't have that many games installed, but I still get a crappy FPS in Arma 3. The best FPS I have ever gotten was 20 in a city, most of the time, I am lucky to get 7 (this is on the low setting). As you can imagine, getting a crappy FPS in a game that requires fast reactions and smart tactical decisions makes the game almost unplayable. Can anyone suggest anything to turn off or change to increase my FPS to a more bearably level? Or should I just get a better graphics card? If I did this right, my graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GT 420, and my operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit.
  3. copper2010

    BaseWar 0.1 Beta

    Me??? PLEASE!!!???
  4. copper2010

    BaseWar 0.1 Beta

    Great mission, I've played it on other servers and it is a blast, I also plan to start up a server with this. Going to become an Arma 3 classic!
  5. So, for a mission that I am working on, before the action happens, you are at a base, and soldiers are minding their own beeswax, talking, cleaning tanks, playing cards, etc. So, I put what seems to be everything right in the init of a crewman cleaning a tank, but he is not playing the animation. Here is the code... this switchMove "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_carCheckWash"; Do I need to put anything else in the init to make it work, please help! P.S. Yes, I did search before posting.
  6. So, for one of my missions, I have a script which makes someone follow another person. I know how to install addons, but not scripts. I thought those were two seperate things. I thought addons were client side and only worked on your computer, and scripts were embedded into the mission, and were kinda "auto-downloaded" with the mission onto other people's computers. If they are two different things, can someone teach me how to install scripts (and yes, I have googled it many times)?
  7. Ok, so this is the what the mission is about... The year is 2014, you are a UN bodyguard for an offical who is doing peacekeeping duties with the now Russian-owned Chernarus. Your helicopter lands and everyone piles out, this is where I need help, to make life easier, I'll put what happenes next in a list fashion. 1) An SUV pulls up, everyone gets in. 2) The SUV takes you to the International Hotal and everyone gets out. From this point on, I don't know what to do.. 3) The UN offical and Russian general salute each other. 4) Everyone goes inside and the offical and general sit down on two folding chairs. 5)After a bit of talking, the general stands up, pulls his pistol, shoots the offical, and orders his men to shoot you and the rest of the team. 6) The mission ends as a victory as you die (This is mainly what I am stuck on). Can someone please explain to me step by step how to get these tings to happen?
  8. Thanks! I'll try these. One more question. How can you have a whole group moveInCargo without putting "this moveInCargo" for each soldier?
  9. Oh wow, that is a helpful solution... maybe I don't have any friends on steam who have arma 2?
  10. I need a futureistic mod for a video I plan on doing. I'm looking for a mod that adds mainly units and guns, but armor and air units would be helpful too. I'm also not talking about Halo, Dead Space, or any other well known future game. I would like it to be orginal, something that has never been done before. Big thanks to anyone who considers this!
  11. So I'm looking for a mod that adds mainly units and guns, but armor and air units would be helpful too. I'm also not talking about Halo, Dead Space, or any other well known future game. I would like it to be orginal. Big thanks to anyone who responds to this post :). I know my newbie ways can get annoying, but trust me, I adapt pretty fast.
  12. OK, so in one of the missions I am making, you have to disable a moving vechicle (by popping the tires), kill the driver, take the passager hostage and make him follow you to an extration point. I have 75% of this done, but I can't figure out how to make the hostage follow me without him joining my group. Can some kind person out there show me a script or tell me how to do this?