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  1. Ganji

    Full screen NV

    Okey dokey! Thanks for the info LSD.
  2. Ganji

    Full screen NV

    When trying to join any server i still get dissconnected with a msg saying it's not signed and to either remove it or add a working key. I get the same with the brf_nvg too. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Thanks or replying eddiek, Lets hope its not too long before BE is added then as the griefers n high pinger's are a nightmare at the min.
  4. Ello all, Could you tell me if this works with A3 please? as we can't connect with it. Thanks!
  5. Yeah thats working now. thanks! keep up the good work.
  6. The download link isn't working DAP. Thanks again!
  7. Nice 1 Dap, You're knocking these updates out fast, Quicker than i can test them lol. Nice work! Thanks!
  8. Thanks Dap it's much apreciated and cheers for the screenie's too as the comander got killed a few times before people knew who he was. Yeah killing blufor is not something i'd usually do. Again well done on the mission i liked a lot.
  9. No help then i take it? Thanks! I suppose it proves a point...
  10. Thanks! i never really use my gps because of its position but now i can. Nice 1 :D
  11. HI folks Firstly i'd like to say well done on a gret mission. Secondly, I need a bit of help please. we were running the mission and before we realised the AI on the choppers were part of the ai transport system one we shot one of the pilots as we could'nt suss how to get him out. I'm now blocked from getting on my own server lol. Could you give me an idea to where the blocked id's get wrote to so i can sort it please. At first i recieved a 5 min time out and aborted after 2mins. When rejoining the game i get this msg " You are permenantly blocked for breaking the rules of the game" I've checked to see if iy writes to bans.txt but thats not where it writes so i'm at a loss. Any help would be very much apreciated. Edit: It's only this mission this mission that i'm blocked on. I can join any other mission.
  12. Ganji

    OA "failed to contact key server"

    i too have just started to get this message. its a right pain as it was working fine yesterday. before reading this thread i had verified the game cache, reinstalled, ran as admin but nothing worked. if it is to do with steam not getting keys it should'nt affect me as id already had it installed for a few months. tis a strange one.