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  1. So I'm wondering when exactly (and how) P&C supporters are going to get their Steam key and free download from the Bohemia store.

    I have purchased three copies of the full $50 supporter package. One for myself and a copy each for two of my friends. Up to this point I've received no emails whatsoever informing me of any new downloads available, updates, bug reports, etc.

    So now Steam is reporting the game available tomorrow (I live in North America), but the website is saying Oct. 2 for my region...?

    1. When is the correct release date? As a supporter who have given Bohemia ~$150 to support this game, are myself and my friends really going to have to wait almost a week longer to play the game than other Steam users who didn't show their support?? :mad:

    2. HOW exactly am I going to be given the promised Steam keys? As I said, I've received ZERO emails up to this point. Heck, I didn't even find out about the 2nd and 3rd beta releases until I checked the forums. Even then, there wasn't even an official stickied thread to let supporters know about the download!

    Sorry to complain. I know Bohemia is a smaller studio and all, but I really feel the feedback and communication to gamers who have given you their money and support from the beginning is extremely lacking. I'm not even upset that Steam users are getting a 10% discount on the price that they pay to buy the game, since I feel access to the beta was worth it.

    Could a Bohemia employee please clarify this for me? Thanks!

  2. You've obviously never played Sins of a Solar Empire.

    There would be options for how large of a map you want and of course there would have to be save/load functionality.

    LOL I was just thinking the same thing! 4 of my friends and I had a game that we spent about 8 hours in and played through 4 loads over three days once...still awesome!

    I love the beta but I *really* am crossing my fingers for multiplayer - especially coop. So many of my friends and I have days where we cant agree on playing an FPS or a strategy game. Carrier would solve that issue by letting each person play roles depending on their mood. Tons of other games out there have done this very well...Empires mod for Source Engine, Nuclear Dawn, Battlezone I & II, etc.

    Also, who composed the music in game? The soundtrack is amazing! Is it Troels Folmann? It seems to have his style to it...anyone know?

  3. Firstly, the beta is *amazing* and I'm loving the gameplay!

    I have a friend who like myself loves good strategy games and played many games back in the day on the Amiga. I'd like to both support Bohemia and also give CC to him since I know he'll love it, but I'm wondering how I should go about it.

    Can I just purchase another copy on my account, link him to the Sprocket installer, and then give him the code? Or will this be an issue?

    Also, a quick question - I purchased the Supporter edition but can't seem to locate the soundtrack. Doesn't seem to be in the install folder. Where should this be located?