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  1. Hi all


    Ive been working on an online persistent 16 player coop campaign, for over 6 months.

    You are welcome to join the server and enjoy some good old Game play..





    - 80% Random task locations with 100's of combinations possible each replay

    - Persistant 24/7 working enemy Army with patrols, spec ops raids, spotters and support.

    - MHQ'S with camps and fast travel, Backpacks and Statics

    - Mobile Command FOB with squad recruit, base defense, Air support, Scud missile request, and more.


    7 Main Objective's - Secure Airfields and Forward Camps

    10 Tactical Ojectives's - Enemy Artillary, Infantry and Armour Camps sending out patrols/Spotters

    4 Intel Objective's - Recover Data, Rescue and kidnap to reveal tactical locations

    7 Bonus Objectives - Hijack convoy's, Assassinate and Rescue to receive bonus units













    Join the server for good teamwork.


    Mission in development..




  2. Hi



    Port: 2300

    Going through a final polish and bug check of all missions soon. Replay.. the tasks revealed by intel are in random locations each time you play, with random enemy elements..

    The complete pack 1-5 will be online at some point soon, otherwise come to the server and grab a copy. The missions are coded for a dedicated sever so will not play correctly otherwise...

    Have fun!


  3. Thanks for the feedback, a rare thing..

    I have decided to get a server back up for Firefox, now testing Rebel Hell mission.

    The Rebels have stolen all the MHQ's. You must get them back for an assault on devils castle stronghold and find info to capture the rebel warlord from another hidehout.

    would be good to see ya on the sever sometime

    Have fun


  4. Hi

    thanks for the comments, always nice after 500hrs + work on each mission ;)

    half of the tasks are random placed so they have some replay value fore sure, sometimes spread out sometimes close together..

    Fox 3 - Supply lines and Fox4 - Red Kite, are allready made and tested.

    Send me a message with email and ill mail them to you, would be nice to have a play on the missions its been a while and i dont fancy spending more money on a server.

    Have Fun!

  5. Hi all

    Not had any feedback but here is Part 2... Forward Base

    This mission is for Servers only. Have Fun!

    Brief Over view

    We have managed to move inland and setup a forward position. The enemy Know this and are planning to move in and take it from us!. Enemy have control of a large coms tower north of the base. We need you to go in secure this and transmit intel data to locate enemy positions.You and the teams must hold off this offensive and remove their capabilities. We know they have a heavy artillary presance on the island with Mortars, Mobile rocket luanchers and Artillary. Be on the lookout for scouts and spotters. If you do not destory the enemy artillary, mortars or Rocket Luanchers, we have no hope. They have dominating fire power and will make any advance hard work. Spotters call the shots, so hunt them down or disable communications.. You will need to take over the coms tower to download intel. The intel will show task locations and help you move up to take on the final battle...

    Download from the website..


    Coastline ( Mission 1 of 5)

    A patrol entering the coastline road reported heavy contact and that Enemy forces are building defences, bringing in supplies and have crossed into friendly Air space.

    FireFOX teams are going in. The Battle Begins...A drone has been sent in and went down after making the first intel contact. The intel has to be sent manually to locate other main targets. We have the carrier Firefox on the South West coastline and need to secure the docks and airfield to make a start against the enemy before they get too powerfull. You must secure key locations, then we can build camps to support the battle. The enemy will not want to give up any ground so stay alert.

    16 player Coop made for a server.

    This is a large scale mission and can take upto 8 hrs to complete. The mission has random elements and offers all features in ARMA2.

    Download from the website www.firefoxmissions.co.uk


    Many thanks for the community scripts and knowleadge base, without this resource online the missions could not be made. To mention the players that had made some scripts I used/edited in this mission. Norrin, Shuko, Xeno, madbull ~R3F~, [ZSU]Blake, Celery THANKS GUYS!

    THE PLAYERS - Testing

    KT, Tim, BigBadBill, Connors, MaSelf, D32G and More...

    It looks like after funding the server to test the missions for 10 months I can no longer afford to do so. I will be releasing the other firefox missions in due course.

    Have FUN!

  7. Have been running a public server for the past 8 months, iam on the server daily. And an OFP player from demo times.

    I am very shocked at the new school way of buying a game and 5 minutes later going into a server to play it without even 1 minute offline to even try the controls out. When in battle and allready very occupied with the current mission status and group under command and under fire, to have someone keep asking how to a shoot, drive, walk, fly ect, just shows a very lazy modern gammer (MAN I MUST BE GETTING OLD).

    Yes we were once new to the game, and we once practiced first...

    Have fun!


  8. Hi all,

    The missions have all been going through constant updates as testing goes on.

    Currently testing RED KITE v6.1

    Number 4 in the series, Enemy SU's Control the sky, our jets have been captured and Spetsnaz units are tasked with destroying our attack choppers. A Recon pilot has been shot down in enemy ground, you need to rescue him with the intel case. Rebels will also want the case to protect intel and can steal it to take away into rebel zone. Beach attacks, Woodland battles and securing the Airfield. Recover the jets to unlock them, defend the base and take out radar and aa camps to unlock the attack choppers. Return the Intel case to provide the locations of key enemy assets including a new forward camp to move up to complete the final main task.

    You have Revive, MHQ'S, and other goodies to help the battle, but nothing beats good teamwork and tactics!

    At the moment the missions are still getting tweaked so the server is the best place to grab a copy. Once I am happy with a bug free playright version the missions will go on the website for download.

    Made for dedi fun chunky coop teamplay .

    Drop by the server say hi ;)

  9. Hi

    Interesting post, Ive made a few observations since running a public server for the past 6 months for mission testing. But to keep on topic...

    The Firefox server missions get updated almost daily in development, and I never really thought the players that connect and leave were just doing so to take the mission (lots of reasons to suddenly disconnect). The missions are very chunky and would only work on a dedi, I just hope they come back for the latest version of the mission. Can seem rude when a player joins for 5-10mins and dosnt say Hi, its £££ for me to have a server, saying hi is free...Very rare to get feedback on the mission from players, but maybe they dont realise they are playing with the mission maker?

    I do find for the negative points about running a public server, theres always great players that join in, making up for it ;)

    Have FUN!


  10. Hey man,

    Thanks for the info, bugs were on me notepad.

    - Working on the Paradrop, they drop with an empty APC, then board, made tweaks to current server ver.

    - You have always been able to keep the loadout you had before death, odd you dont. Lets have a chat next time your on the server.

    - POW's, yup they were an odd bunch ;) now tweaked, evolving that one as we go ;) including the crazy doc..


    Catch ya on the Sever



  11. Hi

    I dont play much besides my own missions, I am sure there are great coops out there.

    The Fire Fox Series, is a 16 player coop, however during the testing mainly 3-4 players and it can work out well. We use a lift chopper and MHQ's. The pilot is really required for several tasks. For example one task is to secure a hilltop with 10 enemy infantry then transport our AA equipment to that hilltop via the lift chopper. With MHQ's needing transport and after unlocked the attack choppers, the pilot really does get used. Combinded with on the ground tatics to take out aa, instead of moaning the enemy have aa it can be a real blast.

    The Missions are fun and setup for good fun gameplay so respawn, revive and halo with teleport gives you a few options of task approach. There is a main objective, but also 10 different tasks great for a small group. In forward base the main battle is holding the base, but as the base is pounded by enemy arty a small group needs to go and take the arty site out.

    The missions are almost polished, join us on the server and grab a beta copy.

    Have fun.

  12. Hi all

    After many fun hours of testing we are getting closer to the final public release of the missions. The missions are made for Dedicated Sever and JIP issues have almost been ironed out.

    To give you an idea of the FireFox Missions.

    16 player Coop with 4 Squads.

    5 Seperate MHQs each with features that become battlefield teleport locations.

    Each MHQ will build a camp with moveable statics, ammo drops, veichle drops, Tomahawk call, AI recruiting and new Anit Person/Tank sensor traps.

    Lift choppers are used to move veichles and statcis around the battlefield.

    Halo jumps available with medic only revive.

    Each of the 5 seperate missions are connected, with 10+ tasks to acheive in each. Roughly 4-8hrs gameplay each mission depending on tactics used.

    Limited spawning, so objectives can be taken in the order of your choosing, affecting the outcome of the missions. For example in forward base if you do not take out the enemy arty you will be pounded constantly.

    Come join us on the server and go it a go ;)




  13. Hi all

    Its been a good few years since OFP and the beach (If anyone remembers, back in the day CADman), I have decided to make a few missions for Arma 2.

    FireFOX is a connected coop mission series, currently 5 coop missions on our server and really need 16 players to test. So far the missions have been tested a lot publically, but really find it hard to fill a good group to really see if the missions play out correctly with teamwork and tactics.

    Join the server and come take a look..

    Currently looking to test FireFox 5 - Rebel Hell.

    No addons required.

    The missions are all still in beta, they will be made public once all bugs sorted and final polish applied, meanwhile have fun!

    I would like to send a big thankyou to the community and scripters out there, without their scripts the missions wouldnt be as fun ;)