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    double barrel turret

    usually double barrel guns arent possible(in A2), there is an script that someone made for fix the shilka, basically moves the fired bullet to the position of the other canon, for the muzzleflash you could use some particle, yet maybe you should wait to see if its some new way to do it in ARMA3 I saw picture of bohemia AA tank with twin cannons maybe they use a new solution or is the same as ARMA2
  2. Little updates I'm working in the Mirage IIIEA From this same base model later we will develop the Mirage Nesher (Dagger) Also working in the argentine aircraft carrier ARA 25 de Mayo, a colosus class carrier, it isnt really priority but it would be funny in multiplayer and useful for training missions We have finished the external body of the aermachi M339 trainer, as soon we finish with the cabin model it would be fast to introduce it in the game And finally we are trying to learn all the needed to introduce aircraft into ARMA3, we already made some test with weapons, helmets and vest without problem, yet we are wanting to model a basic Argentine Marine uniform and put it both in ARMA2 and ARMA3.... yet the ARMA3 beta comes this 25, so I will focus in A3 requeriments and later portit to A2, with the aircraft is quite diferent cause we think it would be easy make it for A2 and port it to A3
  3. Foxtrop

    Imported 3DS model faces

    you should try export as .OBJ
  4. The a4 already uses the hiddenSelection method via script _plane setobjecttexture [0,"P82_skyhawk\data\skyhawkb_clear.paa"] ; the section 0 is the body, the only problem that you could have is with the fuel tanks cause those are "BOMBS" like, and about vietnam could be a surprise soon
  5. Foxtrop


    something go wrong in the exportation if things goes right it should be fulled of matrix numbers data, and texture paths.... IN MY METHOD I COMMIT AND ERROR YOU DONT NEED TO PUT SAVE, YOU SELECT THE OBJECT;P3dEXPORT;SAVEAS,"+"BUTTON; and EXPORT other think to mention that could or could not make any diference I edited the script cause the path of the O2Patch wasnt right(BEFORE KNOWING HOW TO EXPORT) so i change this line Local O2Path = "C:\\bis\\Oxygen\\O2Script.exe " with the correct path of the Oxygen tool, im not sure if that mades any diference but if nothing works could be that
  6. Foxtrop


    In your config.cpp class cfgVehicles { class box_east_ammo_f; //ORIGINAL AMMO BOX class MyWeaponBox_FMK3 : box_east_ammo_f { scope = 2;//show it on editor accuracy = 1000; displayName = "My ammo Box";//AMMO BOX NAME IN EDITOR AND GAME model = "\A3\weapons_f\ammoboxes\ammobox_f"; class TransportMagazines//MAGAZINES IN AMMO BOX { class MY9mm_Mags//another classname { magazine = "30Rnd_9x21_Mag"; count = 200; }; }; class TransportWeapons//THIS IS WERE YOU PUT WEAPONS (AND EQUIPMENT I THINK) { class Test_fmk3 //class nane { weapon = "ft_fmk3";//weapon class name count = 12;// amout of weapons in box }; }; }; };
  7. Foxtrop

    Helmet problem..

    I had the same problem with a vest, the solution is to copy your helmet over the example model, for some reason the example model has a diferent center of the model, I couldnt replicate it in my model so I just copy mine over the example and the remove all the related to the expample polygons model
  8. Foxtrop


    I find the solution to your problem and mine! In the exporter you put "save as" you add a name and touche the "+" button and then save, then export, it produces a non format file but you can import it to O2 as txt file! So basicaly import the nonformat file to O2 as Universal bistudio TXT
  9. Update: Skyhawks, Pucara, Pilots Skyhawks and Pucara Camo used during the conflict thanks to Adrian Benetti from Tercer Escuadrilla, he also modeled the bombs and misiles! The pilots model are not finished but we will keep updating it DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/download/ag4c02u22pawksn/%40P82.rar
  10. Looks like a BAE HAWK left landing gear, im sure is a the landing gear of advanced trainer
  11. I think that with vehicles there isnt too much diference you can make it for arma2 and later add the specifics modifications to make it work in arma3, of course the quality standar seems high for arma3 and the lighting of A3 looks better over highpoly models
  12. Release of skyhawk A4B and A4C camo from grupo 4 de caza(fighting bombing group 4) for the skyhawk A4C and camo from grupo 5 de caza(fighting bombing group 5) for the skyhawk A4B Variants A4B with 3xMK82 bombs A4B with 1xMK17 1000LB bomb A4C with 3xMK82 bombs Picture https://unzcng.bay.livefilestore.com/y1peY7EgwvaYpM_CaVc7AcoXnZ5avbKWHLh6ptxOmeu3-8iU3uhDZsYrMRjtuiUYoCuuzSuxRMWJC4xnlk4YSlPYQNOp2Apb2nP/skyhawkingame.jpg?psid=1 (238 kB) Download http://www.mediafire.com/?dr3osqm1w4n82r0
  13. thats an amazing work! the details in the desembarco ship is insane! Epico señores, modelado perfecto, uvmap perfecto, texturas perfectas, tiene todo para ser una DLC!
  14. Foxtrop

    Volvo C303

    Great i love how to the vehicle work and the MLOD will help the community a lot!
  15. Hi, people i am releasing the first public version of the IA58 pucara, i cant say that is finished but not sure of what direction will take the addon development, I have too much models to finish, and looking for put some things in ARMA3 while certanly it would be bad just left the ARMA2 models incomplete Download I dont remember if I added the "credits.txt" file in this version so here they are, sorry if i miss someone! This addon wouldnt be posible with out of the help of this awesome persons/groups: Bohemia Interactive Forums People Armaholic forum Proyect82 Team (Cimalex and Konyo) Cazadores de Monte(CM)(Loro and MarioX) RACS Proyect Team(wld427 help us with the guns!) Sudden Death(The multiple cannon script is based on his script for the tunguska) Myke(We learn a lot from his unbinarized F16 files) Bohemia Interactive( for such awesome expandible game) picture(199kb) https://unzcng.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pvrCqfJZL9IHvuWgZdCCxBBvkPAU_Pd5KM2c8aAd-5sNi1R-9f_bcPlHBmWbpMP2zAjDXdv_eFSpzxK5c-XJsIMt7iBsyTYWt/arma2OA%202012-07-19%2020-42-34-52.jpg?psid=1
  16. You should try diferent formats for exporting, *.3ds always turn and move things, *.Obj usually just mirror it but dont move the parts!
  17. Awesome didnt know that there was already in there the 5.56! Any intentions of making some drum magazine since the Alpha lacks of good machineguns?
  18. I want to ask you if you made a new proyectile for the 5.56 bullet or it would have the same properties than the 6.8? or it was already in the alpha?
  19. Foxtrop

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would like to see some SONAR script with GUI, it would be useful for a lot of ships and submarines
  20. Foxtrop

    Two Stage Reload

    That would be awesome, cause fast reloading is a matter of practice, not all the soldiers reload their weapons at the same speed, in a PvP should be important, I think it should be possible to do, but hard and definitly most people would hate it, also is not a priority. Mmm this goes to the request addon thread, but good idea.
  21. Foxtrop

    How to make Animations for A3A

    Weid is almost like the config I use, the only diference are skeletoninherit and sections inherits, if adding that doesnt work, it might not be the model.cfg the problem :S this config works but i dont know if that fix your problem, check the "inherit" lines class cfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = {}; }; class ft_fnfal_ske: Default { isDiscrete = 0; skeletonInherit = "Default"; skeletonBones[]= { "magazine", "", "bolt", "" }; }; }; class cfgModels { class Default { sectionsInherit=""; sections[] = {}; skeletonName = ""; }; class ft_fnfal_test : Default { sectionsInherit="Default"; sections[]= { "zasleh" }; skeletonName="ft_fnfal_ske"; class Animations { class Test_Weapon_bolt_action { type="translationX"; source="reload"; selection="bolt"; axis=""; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; minValue=0; maxValue=0.10; }; class Test_Weapon_bolt_empty { type="translationx"; source="isEmpty"; selection="bolt"; axis=""; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; minValue=0; maxValue=0.10; }; class Test_Weapon_magazine_hide { type = "hide"; source = "reloadMagazine"; selection = "magazine"; minValue = 0.000000; maxValue = 1.00000; hideValue = 0.220; unhideValue = 0.550; }; class MuzzleFlashROT { type="rotationX"; source="ammoRandom"; //use ammo count as phase for animation sourceAddress="loop"; //loop when phase out of bounds selection="zasleh"; //selection we want to rotate axis=""; //no own axis - center of rotation is computed from selection centerFirstVertex=true; //use first vertex of selection as center of rotation minValue=0; maxValue=4; //rotation angle will be 360/4 = 90 degrees angle0="rad 0"; angle1="rad 360"; }; class muzzleflash_hide { type="hide"; source="hasSuppressor"; selection="zasleh"; minValue = 0.0; maxvalue = 0.25; hideValue = 0.01; }; }; }; class ft_fnfal : ft_fnfal_test{}; class ft_fnfal_rail : ft_fnfal_test{}; class ft_fnfal_para : ft_fnfal_test{}; //class ft_fmk3_sil : ft_fmk3{}; };
  22. Foxtrop

    How to make Animations for A3A

    your model.p3d is called weapon? something that is easy to miss, the class defined in cfgmodels must have the same name that the p3d model.. so if your model is called MY_AK47.p3d the class name in cfgweapon should be class MY_AK47 thats how the engine link the model with the model.cfg. If that is ok it should work!
  23. Foxtrop

    Arma 3 is not going far enough with Technology

    Im more worry about technology simulation(gameplay) if the design doesnt fit with what we belive is the future we can change it, if ARMA3 is so modable as ARMA2
  24. Some pictures of the skyhawk. PD: Cimalex i hope you read this, i couldnt send you a message throught the forums cause you got your message box full, delete some old message!