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  1. I hope you be right, now lets check the video where they show the fast boat
  2. Foxtrop


    +1 i want to know! java would be a powerful tool
  3. Foxtrop

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Did you notice the commanche shooting rockets in the base during the MRLS launching sequence? look at the smoke of the rockets looks like they improve the particle system
  4. Foxtrop

    Faction Limitation

    Im agree with the RED VS RED, it would be cool to change the side of a country without using scripts in every single unit, maybe a table with the countrys and the faction
  5. I am agree with the explosions, looks like gasoline explosion too much fire and light, it could be better, but at the same time its not really important how it looks afterall someone will mod it, so I think its more importan how it work would be the light produced in a exposion a variable in the config file? would be posible to change the bright of a texture in the particles?
  6. Foxtrop

    Holo sights, zooming and scope sights

    Im happy if they just add a blury effect around the scope without duplicating the scene, after all if you look in the scope the world is harder to see if you look the world you dont look at the scope
  7. in miles per hour or kilometres per hour?maybe one of the 2 is showed as MPH and the other in KPH, also there is another variable called accelartion try to increase the acceleration
  8. Foxtrop

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    I dont really care if is Steam or not, Im happy if they sell virtual and physic copies to buy, i would prefer a physic copy but as the taxes in my country it would be cheaper a virtual copy, also it would be better a system from bohemia that allow you to check the updates of the mods and the updates of the tools
  9. Foxtrop

    Submarines and Naval Battles

    I will be happy if at least we could had an hierarchy physic system to not just be left behind by the boat that where you was over, of course under certain conditions
  10. Foxtrop

    Static Mesh support?

    With static mesh you mean like modificable polygons like the BSP games? also ARMA2 replace the objects in the distance with Lods with lower polygons for now the best way to do it until the voxels engines evolves, I like the idea of create buildings easier than modeling them up in 3dmax, but lets think it right is needed those fancy features in a combatsimulator? would be risked the server-client speed to use physics in every building? also RealVirtuality is a very diferent engine than any other BSP based engine, born for a diferent proposite and evolve in a diferent direction we should think what features could be made in that evolutive direction, like ambient effects, more things about realism, the idea of REPLACE the objects too far is a great idea but for that exist the LODS, maybe just stoping any kind of animation or not drawing it if they are too far(I think arma2 do this already) would be enough
  11. Those models looks really promising! Any plan for a MG3? http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lj3lhwKdX01qcbsxg.gif Do not hotlink images over 100kb! keep it on with the nextgeneration!
  12. It would be interesting see this wiki information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M26_Modular_Accessory_Shotgun_System I think it would be very useful for PvP, try to do something but I just couldnt, it would be great if someone with more experience do it
  13. great mod, the only weird thing is the misiles of the mig27 their are super efective, and the mi29 is loss alot of speed when turn
  14. there is a similar UAV in the PMC dlc so you can create it as an extension of it, animation shouldnt be hard it had only 1 rotor, and the camera.
  15. Textured but not finished outside
  16. Other proyect in course, british aicraft carrier Colossus >100KB
  17. More of the Yak38 modernised
  18. UCAV karrar YAK38S-Modernised Forger
  19. Foxtrop

    LOD system

    mmm I the only thing it comes to my mind is the mipmaps generated in the textures
  20. Foxtrop

    Planes cfg Change

    maybe you want to play with this variables: flapsFrictionCoef = 0.6;//acension rate with flaps down aileronSensitivity = 1.8;//right-left rotation sensivity elevatorSensitivity = 1.0;//up-down rotation sensivity ignore those numbers
  21. Did you solve it? Try photoshop with .paa pluging and export it directly. For some reason always I save a texture in .paa, it has as default the alpha channel, so I remove it by repainting it
  22. Insane work! I dont even know where to find the blueprints or references of the ships