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  1. Hey code34, first of all: Good work with the script! Love it but i encountered a problem concerning the multiplayer. I have a PvP Mission called "Where is the Agent?" in which a team of independent have to hunt down an Agent (CSAT). I wanted to use your script so the agent is a bit harder to spot in the cities. But if for example the CSAT soldier kills 2-3 civilians the script wont work anymore (only for the CSAT soldier). Same happens with the Independent if you crash your UAV or kill to many civilians. So i think it has something to do with the typical AI behaviour, that you are set as an enemy if you kill to many Civilians and/or destroy your UAV. Regarding that it might be a BIS problem i don't know if you can fix the problem. Non or less i wanted to give you that feedback and it would be awesome if someone knew how to fix that or turn of the "set_as_enemy" if you kill civilians.
  2. XiviD

    Opinions on manual gun cocking?

    I would love to see the manual cocking in Arma3. But i am not sure if there are any Bolt-Action Rifles in Arma3:-/ Maybe there are only semi-automatic rifles.
  3. Hello Celery, Could you please add an Respawn mode!It is quite hard to play the mission in coop if you only have two players. You could make it optional, so people could turn it on, if they like to. The mission is very entertaining! *thumbs up*!!!