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  1. God of Monkeys

    My script have little problem!

    Help, can anybody help me?
  2. Halo, I have a little problem on light. I want my C130 or any kind of parachute jump planes can have red light to let player know to prepare to jump, and green light to let player know is time to jump out. I find a little problem that is my light working good in night, but it can't work when morning because the green&red light can't see in morning. I try to change it brightness, but it not work too. Can any one can help me?
  3. So,can you teach me how to make a object? or just make a example to me?Thank you very much!
  4. I can't relly understand what you mean,can you make a example mission for me? Thank you!
  5. I find a addons in ArmAHolic,it is police car.http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4795&highlight=POLICE It's lightbar can be see in daytime(it's so amazing),but I don't know how it work! Can somebody help me to find this key?
  6. Thank you SnowSky,but only problem is..... I don't know how to make object!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone help me?