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    Patrol Operations 2

    Would it be possible to add lives as an amount to the mission ? Also could you add the same for halo drops ? As a parameter say 5, 10, 15, 20, 50, unlimited Atm I notice that when we play we mostly just halo onto the targets as its the fastest if we had only a certain amount of halos we wouldn't We also seem to not bother healing as re-spawn and halo is faster than healing most of the time. Once again a set amount of lives in a pool of lives would stop that I think. Any way just a suggestion and happy Xmass
  2. live and learn :) Thanks Lucky I have a decent connection and it did not take too long (except for steam being ubber slow that is )
  3. Is there a new patch Today (friday 23rd dec) Because I manually downloaded the patch yesterday and today steam is downloading a patch as well ?
  4. BL1P

    Patrol Operations 2

    Great mission format. Played it last night on a dedicated with some m8s and was a blast Great work
  5. BL1P

    "Tab" targeting issues

    The terminology is beyond me Im afraid. But aslong as its as good as mando missiles ill be pleased
  6. hey sic m8 long time buddy quite a few names I recognize in that vid m8 :)
  7. Yer vagabond`s stuff is cool
  8. Seems that ive managed to get the audio un-copyright protected on my youtube video so enjoy :) while it lasts :)
  9. I think i know the sounds you mean they are actually Transformer sounds http://www.multiupload.com/47ZAZLITOM from this youtube link
  10. Nps m8 yes as it says in the credits most of the stuff I did was from tutorials from video copilot site so yes the earth zoom is just a modified andrew kramer tutorial as is 99% of the stuff i did in the vid PS i used alot of custom sounds which ones in particular did you mean ? Im glad you liked it m8 :)
  11. audio is disabled in some country's use clip it site to view it with audio if you have problems some of my m8s use this site when audio is disabled http://clip.dj/# ---------- Post added at 08:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:26 PM ---------- wow thanks for the praise guys !!!!!
  12. The second part of the award winning series BL1PS ANGELS :) (it won the blips award for crapness) EKF8rw1wIak In disbute with youtube about the audio for this vid at the moment you should be able to watch with audio at this link http://clip.dj/#v/EKF8rw1wIak until wgm revoke the copyright claim or not :) audio doesnt start till 21secs btw
  13. My system is in my sig I am using latest drivers and have tried the previous 5 versions I have big problems with the sun causing flickering and over brighness example one "how it should look" example two how it looks when it starts to flicker brightness up and down it will flicker from one degree of brightness to the other and it happens alot any help would be great PS. it happens if i use mods or not PPS. it happens even if i use the gdt_glare mod fps at the time of the screen shot was 90 also sometimes when i zoom my screen will start to act like an old TV or monitor and will show horizontal lines moving up and down and then they too will start to flicker this happens more in CO and OA than it does in A2 vanila
  14. I know how you feel :P Ill try the 10.2s but im using 5x series not 4x series cards but ill still give it a try thanks m8
  15. Thanks m8 ill look into the 10.2 really you went back that far with drivers ? what card do you use ?
  16. O Brilliant I love Pudd'n and Dimebag's vids funny as hell :)
  17. wow thanks m8 we should join forces m8 as we is both English I think init :)
  18. Because Im a novice and dont feel that I should be posting stuff like that :)
  19. Thanks m8 Yer i made some mistakes with my fraps when recording this stuff i had some footage at 60fps and some at 20 so it all got a bit freaked out and jerky as ya spotted :) The bullet time was created using a camera script from the rabbit to the girl. which was then reversed in after effects.. the bullet its self was created in blender 2.5 and renderd out as a sequence of .png which i then placed on top of the arma footage... this was all done from a tutorial from a web site called video copilot for after effects. Alot of the stuff is basically me doing tutorials and using them on arma videos for practice :) Thanks for the praise its very well received..
  20. Here is my latest video titled BL1PS ANGELS (part one) p1df2LJiCGE Second part to follow soon where we rejoin the mission.
  21. @ Dcal great idea but it gives me a headache ---------- Post added at 03:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:58 PM ---------- Here is my latest video titled BL1PS ANGELS (part one) p1df2LJiCGE Second part to follow soon where we rejoin the mission.