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  1. I played you MOD's in the past with BF2. These guys are top shelf! All of you should get their MOD ASAP.
  2. This is how 'real' 3D artists post models. You have to be very brave to post up clays. Well done my modelling brother. :)
  3. spektre76

    US Navy SEAL MOD

    Oops sorry Admins for being a noob. I will post this in the correct section. I just saw that you have an area for what I have done here. Can you please delete my thread? I am going to re-post in a different format.
  4. Hello all, I am a 'noob' obviously, just joined. I have ordered ArmA II: Combined Operations. So, I'll officially join the fold on the 21st when it gets here. So, okay here we are. I am looking for some teamates to put together a MOD team. Purpose: Build a small three mission campaign using existing ArmA II content. The modding will be the creation of the most feared US Special Forces group the world has ever known....The United States Navy Seals. I'd like to get the scripting and coding out of the way before the creation of content. The missions will all be night missions because after all they operate mostly at night in case you didn't know. More details later on the storyline and 'meat and potatoes' of this MOD. I have been wanting to MOD ever since Battlefield 2. Yep it's been that long folks, lol. I am a very good weapon/vehilce modeller and I use 3DS Max 8.0 and Solidworks 10 + Illustrator and Photoshop CS5. Project name: 'Tip of the Spear' Setting: Afghanistan and Iraq Type: Night operations/stealth/ S.E.R.E./UDT/HALO. Why the SEAL's? I'm partial to them. I spent 15 years and 6 months in the US Navy. Email me at: spektre76@gmail.com for further details.
  5. spektre76

    Why are you playing BIS games?

    Why do I now? It's simple the realism is phenominal and the modability is excellent! This series has an astounding value of replayability. All it took was the demo and I was hooked. I think it is even better than OFP-DR.
  6. spektre76

    US Navy SEAL MOD

    Did you enjoy the DsHK and my M240G on the M1 Abrams? Just found out yesterday on another forum someone has already created the 'TF186 SEAL's MOD'. No matter I'm still pressing on......
  7. Taken back, went back and read. I apologoize for that. I've had a model stolen from me in the past so as you can imagine i don't want to be lumped in with those kinds of people. :bounce3:
  8. spektre76

    Animating GMGs on heli problem

    GMG's on a Helicopter!!! Good Lord son!!! That's an awesome idea though. I wish you luck and I can't wait to see the MOD.
  9. spektre76

    US Navy SEAL MOD

    Yeah I guess I can do that. I'll have to dig up my BF2 'US Intervention' MOD stuff I did. I was just a modeller. I can't animate but If I am just mating my modells to ArmA's animations I shouldn't have to right? Anyways yeah, I'll post up some weapons and stuff for this MOD.
  10. Yes he means that one and now go back and see the message I changed in the description.
  11. Before you passive agressivley call me a model thief, know what your talking about first. Trolling is childish and nonsensical. I have uploaded it to three sites: Falling Pixel, Turbo Squid & FPSBanana If you like as proof, I can change thye description message on Turbosquid?
  12. This is a 'rough draft', very rough of a four man combat vehicle that was built for a contract bid with the USMC. The name of the project was: AP Ultra. I have made some modifications to it. It has a three tube rocket launcher for anti-missle self defense or MG nest clearing/building assaults. It also comes with a 25mm cannon, FLIR color camera, laser designator and EM pulse generator as seen on the hood. My designation for this A/N APTC07 - MoD 0 The powertrain is a 7 speed diesel/hybrid electric drive. Meaning is can go into a kind of stealth running mode with the electric motor. Additionally it employs fulltime AWD. I don't have the model anymore but I am looking to re-build it if enough people want it. Here are a couple of snap shots. (keep in mind this was made in 2007. My modelling skills have improved since then.) Wheels have turbosmooth on for rendering purposes.