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  1. Dunno if it counts as press coverage or if it's new but...

    Karel Mořický ~ twitter

    Everything you always wanted to know about #Arma2 #PMC (but were afraid to ask) http://moricky.com/blog/2012/07/private-military-creators/ …


    It's a blog entry about the PMC DLC and its campaign, some interesting little facts and points in there.

  2. Everyone who is saying a 3d editor is a must, we already have one, so why wouldn't we get it?

    Control + E at main menu. You do have to change some of the script in the file around to have it read on the 2d editor though, but its not that big a deal.

    It is a finished 3D editor we want, the one in ArmA 2 is not finished...and since they already had a working (but not finished) one I don't get why they could not put it in A3. There is also the 3DE from VBS2 which they could probably have used.

  3. Awesome!

    AToC and PPAA is nice but we still need the option to disable the blur. Oktane is providing us with his okt_noblurbeta.pbo since about 2 years now...still no official option from BIS. And I mean the option to disable ONLY the blur not the other effects too.

    Any chance to see this coming BIS?

    +1 on separate blur options.

    EDIT: Can someone please remove the username\password so we can download.

  4. ???

    I actually gained a couple FPS with this particular build... Only had limited testing so far but no LOD issues here, will test more later tonight.


    - Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.40 GHz

    - 4 GB RAM @ 1066 MHz

    - nVidia GTX 260 896 MB (Driver: 191.07 WHQL)

    - Windows XP Pro

    Command line parameters:

    -mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion -nosplash -profiles=d:\games\ARMAII~1\ -maxmem=2047 -bepath=client1 -name=KeyCat




    Prolly different for different systems, I lost 5-10 FPS this beta.

    But as MadDog said this beta is broken, so... yeah...