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  1. Sounds like you're hitting the pipe again. Unless you were actually serious with that response. I'm not looking to cut the grass, I just need to remove it within a specific small area.

    Fayshkhabur Release thread.

    After adding the @Fayshkhabur_1.2 folder to my main Arma 2 directory, I then use Alpine Stars Arma 2 Launcher to launch my game and it detects the new addon and restarts the Launcher and then I checked the box to enable it and then launch the game and I get the following error before my game starts up... Addon BMFayshkhaqbur requires version 1.2 of application So after trying to figure out what the problem might be, I took a guess that maybe my combined Operations might not be patched correctly. So I went through the omg nightmare of backing up my profile and user made missions and then reinstalling both Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead and then downloading and installing all the necessary patches at the Arma 2 website. So now I am patched up to 1.62 and I am still getting the same error: Addon BMFayshkhaqbur requires version 1.2 of application. When I launch Combined Operations it shows version 1.62.95428 When I launch just Arma 2 it shows version 1.11.86734 So I am figuring that I need to patch my regular Arma 2 up to 1.2 some how, but I can't find a link for a Arma 2 1.2 patch anywhere, nor do I know if one even exists. Some help with this would be appreciated. I have a Faysh Khabur mission that I created and have spent 4 months testing and tweaking and I have been waiting a long time for the new island update to release so I can update my mission and release it finally. I had no idea that the new Faysh Khabur island update has been available for a while now, I only found out about it today, so I really want to get it working.
  3. Why is it that this works for detecting if a player has a grenade... _mags = magazines player; if ("HandGrenade_West" in _mags) exitWith { hint "You have a grenade"; }; if !("HandGrenade_West" in _mags) exitWith { hint "You do not have a grenade"; }; but this does not work for detecting if a player has a battery... _mags = magazines player; if ("LaserBatteries" in _mags) exitWith { hint "You have a battery"; }; if !("LaserBatteries" in _mags) exitWith { hint "You do not have a battery"; }; This makes no sense. In the ammo crate the batteries are called "Laser Marker", which seems to be a mistake since it should obviously be called "Battery" or "Laser Battery". Is there some other way of detecting if the player has a battery in their inventory?" This is the part of the script that I am trying to get working correctly, but it simply will not detect if I have a battery or not. It always tells me that I do not have a battery even if I do have one. _weps = weapons player; _mags = magazines player; if ((isNull _primarytarget) && ("Laserdesignator" in _weps) && !("LaserBatteries" in _mags)) exitWith { hint "No laser target detected. You do not have a Battery. Get one from an ammo crate."; }; if ((isNull _primarytarget) && !("Laserdesignator" in _weps) && ("LaserBatteries" in _mags)) exitWith { hint "No laser target detected. You do not have a Laser Marker. Get one from an ammo crate."; }; if ((isNull _primarytarget) && !("Laserdesignator" in _weps) && !("LaserBatteries" in _mags)) exitWith { hint "No laser target detected. You do not have a Laser Marker or a Battery. Get them from an ammo crate."; }; if ((isNull _primarytarget) && (currentWeapon s1=="LaserDesignator") && ("LaserBatteries" in _mags)) exitWith { hint "No laser target detected. You need to turn your Laser Marker on."; };
  4. I got it working thanks to all your help. I didn't realize that it was case sensitive, and after learning that, I still missed a few letters that needed to be uncapped, but all is good now. Thanks so much guys. I hope somebody else learns from this, because I wouldn't want anybody else to lose their mind over some script that doesn't work because they weren't aware that some things are case sensitive. Benny's sample actually worked even though it is not case sensitive.
  5. Still no luck :( maybe I'm not using the function correctly.
  6. For testing purposes I created a small 10 meter radius repeating trigger and set it to be activated by civilian. In the "On Act" field I have a simple hint that says "trigger activated". I then place a civilian inside the trigger radius. When I test the sample mission, the civilian activates the trigger right away and I see the hint message appear on my screen saying "trigger activated". So far everything works as it should. Now, here's my problem... I place a marker inside the trigger where I want a 2nd civilian to spawn. When the mission starts I see the "trigger activated" hint appear as it should. I then execute a script by radio that spawns a 2nd civilian on the marker that is inside the trigger and the trigger does not activate a 2nd time even though the trigger is set to "repeatedly". The "trigger activated" hint should've appeared a second time, but it did not. Why? So I slide the 1st civilian just outside the trigger radius and then test the sample mission again. The mission starts and no hint appears, which is expected. I then use the radio to spawn the 2nd civilian on the marker inside the trigger - and the trigger activates and the hint appears. This makes no sense at all. If the trigger is set to "repeatedly", then I should be able to place the 1st civilian inside the trigger radius and see the hint appear for him at mission start - and then spawn a 2nd civilian inside the trigger radius and see the hint appear for him too. So rather than ask why this is happening, I just need help in finding out away to make it so the trigger will activate a second time when I spawn the 2nd civilian inside the trigger radius. Is it possible to make this work?
  7. If the mission is dependent on any mods, it is because some mods will write directly into the mission.sqf and even if you later remove the addon vehicle or addon rifle etc, sometimes it stays written into the mission.sqm file. To remedy this, first back up your mission file/folder, now simply open your mission.sqf, remove all of the lines at the top for both "addons" and "addonsAuto", then save your mission.sqf file. Now launch your game without any addons enabled, then open your mission in the editor and save it again and it will only write stuff into the mission.sqf file that come with the stock game. If for some reason you cannot open the mission because you left some sort of addon vehicle placed in the mission, the game will tell you what the name is of the missing object. So what you do then is... open the mission.sqf again using a text editor and use the *find* option in notepad or whatever text editor you normally use and search for the name of the missing object. Then replace the classname of the object with a vehicle classname that comes with the game, for instance - replace the addon tank classname with a standard HMMWV classname. Now save the mission in the text editor and try opening it in the game editor and it should open just fine. If it doesn't open, then you must've left more addon vehicles in the mission. All you need to do is replace the addon vehicle classname in the mission.sqm with a vehicle classname that is not an addon. In the past I have downloaded sample missions made by other scripters for the sole purpose of wanting to open the mission in the editor and examine how their script worked. There have been times when the mission creator noted that several addons would need to be installed in order to view his sample mission. Instead of going through the process of downloading and installing an addon island and addons tanks - that were not really needed in order to test the script that I was interested in examining, I would instead download and install the mission only and then replace the addon island and addon tanks by replacing the classnames as I described above. I've done this for maybe 20 missions so far. I've openned missions that were not even designed for Arma 2 and I've fixed my friends broken missions that were loaded with addons even after they removed the placed addon vehicles. If you have an old broken mission, I can fix it.
  8. That's useful stuff F2k Sel, thank you. tryteyker, I would love to use STMovement, but unfortunately I don't want my mission to require any addons other than the addon island Faysh Khabur. I googled STMovement and found this very cool video: What really bugs me is that I've been dealing with the quirky player movement and terrible collision system in this game for like FOREVER and omg I hate it, but that's not what bugs me. What really bugs me is that Bohemia Interactive never fixes the things that really need to be fixed. They should contact Rg at Shack Tack and ask permission to implement the STMovement into the next Arma 2 patch. And they really need to fix that damn bug that happens when a crouched player holding a launcher goes to stand and it first holsters the launcher and then stands and then switches back to holding the launcher again. It's like a 10 second animation that always gets you killed. Or how bout when you are holding the launcher and you get hit and lose the use of your legs and suddenly you get stuck switching back and forth from a lying flat position to crouching holding your launcher and then lying flat again and then crouching again holding your launcher, then you die, lol. So ridiculous. I'm going to install STMovement right now. I'll use the addon privately for my own benefit. When I watch the movie above, what I really wish is that the enemy could move around easier like that too.
  9. My enemy don't stand around. If they did, then I would use upsmon. Most of the task areas in my mission take place in areas where there are only small huts and lots of clay walls. Anyway, I can simply place a waypoint on top of a building and the enemy group will patrol the building well. Again, I've used upsmon in the past and it worked pretty well, but it's not what I need in this particular mission. 10 random tasks, some in very large cities and the "spawned" enemy patrol just fine so far. It took a lot of careful planning and work to get it working just the way I want it. It would take much more work to reverse engineer my entire mission and remove all of my markers and spawn scripts just to add upsmon and have the mission turn into a room clearing mission where I constantly get killed in a building because this game is not meant for room clearing with it's omg horrible glitchy doorways and rooms. I'm not into that. I wont ever enter a building unless I need the cover to heal myself or reload in cover. Yeah it looks cool when they patrol through buildings, but I need them patrolling the streets, alleyways, bunkers and c4 targets.
  10. I wasn't a huge fan of upsmon back when I used it because the enemy were always hiding in buildings and on roof tops. It seemed fun at first, but then when it came to entering a building and trying to clear each room, well, you can't even enter a doorway sideways because your gun barrel hit's the doorway and won't let enter through the door unless you walk in straight - and when there is an enemy to your immediate left inside the doorway and you can't walk in aiming to the left, you get killed because you have to walk in straight and you can't turn quick enough to the left to shoot him. So I normally use my own spawn scripts and and try to keep the enemy outside of the buildings. With my scripts I know exactly what the enemy will be doing and they do it well. I really don't need the enemy to be dicking around in a bunch of buildings when I need them patrolling my thought out defensive waypoints. The best part about not using upsmon is... I get the satisfaction of knowing that I didn't take the easy way out when it comes to the enemy in my mission. They are my children and they do what I want them to do, heh :) Anyway, I tried using this in the civilian module and it works great: CIV_SPAWNER setVariable ["townlist",[Rabiah]]; CIV_SPAWNER setvariable ["ALICE_civilianinit", [{_this addeventhandler ["killed",{null = _this execVM "wrongful_kill.sqf";}]}]] call bis_fnc_variablespaceadd; processInitCommands; clearVehicleInit CIV_SPAWNER; I'm not sure if I need "processInitCommands;" part, but it doesn't seem to be hurting anything. In any case, my civilian module is now spawning civilians that have an "EH Killed". With the Civilian module, it only spawns a few civilian in the current task/city. Just enough of them to get in the way at times. It doesn't get laggy since they are removed when the task is completed and then new civilians are added to the next task/city. I've put so much work into this mission that I definitely don't mind getting lazy when it comes to adding the civilians by means of a module. They server very little purpose other than to have a laugh when players get punished for accidentally killing them.
  11. I'm reading this now... Adding eventhandler to civilians spawned by script-created ALICE module Seems very interesting. If I can't get it to work I will write my own civilian spawn scripts. The only problem I have with civilians when I place them or spawn them is... they always run away and disappear - even if they are given waypoints etc. I'll take another look at upsmon. I used once it a long time ago, but for enemy.
  12. I don't think it can be done. I just finished reading this other thread... Best-way-to-detect-spawned-unit In my case I am not using a spawn script to spawn the civilians, otherwise I would add the EH to a spawn script. I am instead using the civilian module which automatically generates civilians. I am also using the custom map Faysh Khabur, which does not have defined city locations, so the civilian module will not work - unless I place a game logic "city center" in each city and name it according to each city location, then I run a script that tells the civilian module named "CIV_SPAWNER" to spawn civilians when needed. I do this by starting the mission with the civilian module init blank, then when a random task is assigned at one of the cities, I do this... CIV_SPAWNER setVariable ["townlist",[Rabiah]]; processInitCommands; clearVehicleInit CIV_SPAWNER; ... which then spawns the civilians in that specific task/city location. Upon completion of that task/city, when all players have left that task location - I delete all remaining civilians and enemy and everything in that area. When a new task/city is randomly assigned, I then add a new city to the civilian module, which tells the module to spawn civilians at the new task/city location. This seems to work fine, but I still cannot seem to find a way to add an event handler to the civilians that are spawned by the civilian module. Again, I don't think it can be done, but then again somebody always figures out a way to do it.
  13. edited... Actually, it doesn't seem to work for spawned units. I thought it worked when I tested it a little while ago. It only seems to work for the civilians that are present at mission start. Invisible H-pad init: {if (side _x == civilian) then {_x addEventHandler ["Killed",{nul= _this execVM "wrongful_kill.sqf"}]}} foreach allunits so how can I make this work for units that are spawned later in the mission? and I can now assume that my setSkill H-pads do not work on spawned enemy, so now I guess I have to set their skills in their spawn scripts or something. grr
  14. An example of how much of a determined novice scripter I am. I flipped my ATV on its side when I hit a very tiny rock. I got pissed. My friend laughed. I left the game and came back a half an hour later and asked him to join my game for a minute, then I introduced him to my new ATV vehicle. Broom! Broom! Here is the example mission: flip_repair_atv.Takistan.zip This script will add an action to your ATV that will appear only if the ATV is damaged or lying on its side or both. When the action is performed while still riding on the vehicle, it will first remove the action, then it will make you hop off, locks the vehicle, sets your position 1 meter from the vehicle, turns you 170 so you are facing the vehicle, sets the vehicle back on its feet again, then an animation starts where you turn even more towards the vehicle, then kneel and repair the for 20 seconds, sets the vehicle back to full health, then switches you to a kneeling position with weapon lowered, unlocks the vehicle, then you are free to hop back on and keep driving. If you hop off the vehicle first and then choose the action to "Flip/Repair" the vehicle, the same functions are performed. I have multiple remove action commands because I don't know how to create variables and all that select 0 and select 1 stuff, so I am asking for help from the experts here to help me make my novice script more professional. I'm sure that there is an entirely different and better way to accomplish what I am trying to do, but for now, it does work and I am using it in my current mission creation. It makes perfect sense that you should be able to flip an ATV back on it's feet using your muscles and that there would be a console in the vehicle containing a can of Fix-A-Flat and a simple toolkit. This script is not meant for 10000 ton tanks.
  15. A friend of mine asked me for my repair script recently and found this thread. I just wanted to update the thread with what I am currently using in my missions for repairing/flipping a vehicle. This will add the action (in red) to repair or flip the vehicle if it is alive and damaged or unable to move (on it's side). In the init of any vehicle, for this example and ATV, just add this: this addAction [("<t color=""#FF0000"">" + ("Repair ATV") + "</t>"),"veh_repair.sqf",nil,+50,true,true,"","alive _target && (!canMove _target or (damage _target>0 and damage _target<1)) and player distance _target<5"]; veh_repair.sqf: _veh = _this select 0; _unit = _this select 1; if ( vehicle _unit != _unit) then { hint "You must disembark before you can perform this action."; sleep 6; hint ""; } else { if (isEngineOn _veh) then { hint "You must turn engine off before you can perform this action."; sleep 6; hint ""; } else { _veh lock true; //so you can't get back into the vehicle while repairing. _unit switchMove "AinvPknlMstpSlayWrflDnon_medic"; //repair animation. sleep 4; _unit switchMove "amovpknlmstpsraswrfldnon_gear"; //for quick repairs - this stops the animation sooner and returns the player to a crouched position aiming their rifle. _veh setPos [ getPos _veh select 0, (getPos _veh select 1) +0, getPos _veh select 2]; _veh setpos [ getPos _veh select 0, getPos _veh select 1, +0.01]; _veh setDamage 0; _veh lock false; }; }; When I look back at my original post I think, omg I really sucked at scripting back then, lol.
  16. I stuck this in the init of an H-pad: { if (side _x == civilian) then { _x addEventHandler ["Killed",{nul= _this execVM "wrongful_kill.sqf";}]; }; } foreach allunits; It seems to work just fine.
  17. This is what I had in my trigger, but it only worked for civilians that were already present, not civilians that were generated later. trigger covers entire map, repeatedly On Act: nul = [thisList, civilian] execVM "civilian_init.sqf"; civilian_init.sqf: private [ "_civilian" ]; _civilian = _this select 0; { if (_x isKindOf "civilian") then { _x AddEventHandler ["killed", {nul= _this execVM "wrongful_kill.sqf";}]; }; } forEach _civilian; wrongful_kill.sqf: deduct points from the killer, maybe send killer to jail, whatever punishment you want to script. ---------- Post added at 05:06 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:53 AM ---------- Thanks tryteyker. I should have thought of that sooner. I forgot that I am already using that method in my mission for adding enemy skills. I place it in the init of an invisible H-pad. { if (side _x == EAST) then { _x setskill ["aimingAccuracy",0.60]; _x setskill ["aimingShake",0.95]; _x setskill ["aimingSpeed",0.95]; _x setskill ["endurance",0.95]; _x setskill ["spotDistance",0.95]; _x setskill ["spotTime",0.95]; _x setskill ["courage",0.95]; _x setskill ["reloadSpeed",0.95]; _x setskill ["commanding",0.95]; }; } foreach allunits; I still think it's funny how triggers work in this game. It's like the electronic door mat to a store - when you stand on it the door opens and stays open until you step off of it. I wish the game had an alternate trigger that would open and shut the door instantly even if you're still standing on it.
  18. The trigger won't repeat if one of the civilians is standing in it. I can start 2 ungrouped civilians outside the trigger and give them both separate waypoints inside the trigger and the trigger fires when the first civilian enters the trigger, but does not fire a second time when the 2nd civilian enters the trigger, because the first civilian is still standing in it - and I need it to fire twice for both civilians. Lets say I have a 15000 meter trigger covering the entire map and as civilians are randomly generated by a module I need to add an event handler to each civilian by use of a trigger. This doesn't seem to work. How would I go about doing this?
  19. Well, without addMagazine, you will never be able to load any ammo or gear into a vehicle. The script you are looking for most likely doesn't exist, because it won't work for just any vehicle considering some vehicles do not have the ability to carry a lot of ammo/gear. You are better off asking for help creating such a script. The script would also need to be tailored for the specific vehicles used in your mission, otherwise it simply will not work. What happens when you drive into the service point on a motorcycle? Using actions is the poor mans way to go about offering different loadout choices. A user interface dialog would be my choice. Your odds are good that somebody might help you write the script, but finding somebody to help you create the user interface dialog, well, you might be better off teaching pigs to fly, so I guess the best route you could take would be to use "addAction". In my missions, I have very specific gear added to every vehicle and the vehicles will also respawn with the same added gear. I first remove all the gear that is in the vehicle and then add my own assortment of gear, but I also leave a lot of empty weapon and magazine slots in each vehicle, otherwise you will wind up dropping a lot of gear on the ground when swapping weapons to and from the vehicle. I wish you luck with your script.
  20. I decided to go with the setVehicleInit method to add the additional armor, gear, turret ammo and the repair action, but this time I am going to use a trigger. Condition: alive s1_hmmwv On Act: (everything in the spoiler above with the addition of the addMagazineCargoGlobal command to replace addMagazineCargo) So far it tested fine in single player, but I can't test it in multiplayer until I can find somebody to test it with :P This is my last hopeful idea to get this working. It makes no sense why I can spawn an ammo crate and add gear to it and a "save loadout" action and it works for all clients, but if I spawn a jeep and add things to it, it doesn't work for all clients. Maybe it's the order of things. Like maybe the jeep doesn't like having gear and other things added to it while it is floating down to earth in a parachute, or maybe it won't work if the vehicle was first attached to an object. Maybe I am losing my mind.
  21. In my 14 man coop mission I have given each player the ability(action) to "Request vehicle drop" (HMMWV GPK M2). After requesting a vehicle drop, the player is given a hint message letting them know that another vehicle drop will not be available again until 10 minutes has passed. When playing the mission, players rarely ever use the action unless they are stranded far away, which is why I wanted the script in my mission. Everything works fine with the script as far as the vehicle being dropped when the action is performed, but there are a few additional features that were added to the vehicle that did not work correctly for clients. In the script - I added gear (rifles/mags etc) into the cargo of the vehicle, additional turret ammunition for the M2 gun, an action to repair the vehicle if it is damaged and I also added additional armor to the vehicle by using an EH handleDamage. When I hosted the mission and tested the script with a friend, we both requested a vehicle drop and my friend was not able to see any of the gear that was added to the vehicle cargo and he was not able to see any action to repair the vehicle after he shot one of the tires. I forgot to ask him to check to see if the M2 had additional ammo. As for the additional armor that was added to the vehicle - that was not thoroughly tested yet either. I am mostly concerned that my friend could not see the additional gear (rifles-mags etc) that was added to the cargo of the vehicle and he could not see an action to repair the vehicle when it was damaged. As the Host, I was able to see the additional gear and the "repair" action. So apparently something in the script needs to be changed so it works correctly for all players/clients. I tried adding: if (isServer) then { // at the beginning of the script }; // at the end of the script ...but the problem still occurred. I then tried adding a script that would first set a publicVariable to "true" when the "Request vehicle drop" action is performed and then I added a trigger to the mission that would execute the script provided the condition met was "true", but that did not work either. The vehicle drops, but the extra vehicle features are not being sent to the clients on the server. Any help with getting this to work correctly would be most appreciated. The action added to player s1: [s1] execVM "request\s1_add_req_veh_drop.sqf"; s1_add_req_veh_drop.sqf The script that starts the 10 minute timer and sets the variable true: s1_veh_drop_requested.sqf The script that is activated by a trigger and drops the vehicle and adds the additional features(problem): trigger condition: s1_veh_drop trigger activation: null = [] execVM "request\s1_veh_drop.sqf"; s1_veh_drop.sqf Sample Mission: request_vehicle_drop_test.Desert_E.zip Again, I've tried writing the script and executing it different ways. I've tried it with and without using a trigger to execute the script. Currently the sample mission uses a trigger system. It's a useful little script, but I need help getting the additional vehicle features to work for all clients.
  22. I never heard of an AddMagazineCargoGlobal before. I guess I could try that. In the past, I did try using setVehicleInit in the script as shown in the spoiler below, but the same thing would happen where only the host could see the added gear and repair action. Both of your suggestions are good. I do appreciate the help. I don't know if AddMagazineCargoGlobal will work or not since I still have problems with the other things not working for clients, but I will try it.
  23. I recreated the bug and recorded it. Below is a detailed description of what exactly is happening in the movie. Select 720p HD & fullscreen and you can read the in-game chat messages easier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KMV5lPBuuo&feature=youtu.be As you can see in the HandleDamage script above, the player would take * 0.4 overall damage only. The Health HUD in my mission would then display the converted damage value by doing this: _dam = getDammage _unit; _dif = 1 - _dam; _total = _dif * 100; _hp = round _total; In the movie you see my friend, Scudweiser, get in and out of an ATV and everything is fine. I then shot Scud in the leg 1 time, bringing him to "Health 89", but since he has been given additional armor by means of a damage reduction of * 0.4 using the code above, if my math is correct - his real damage would have been around 0.27 A reverse of the math would look something like this 0.27 damage * .4 = .108 1 - .108 = .892 .892 * 100 = 89.2 89.2 rounded = 89 or (Health: 89) Scud then got back in the ATV and got out again and everything is fine. I then shot him in the leg a 2nd time bringing him to "Health 79", which I figured to be around 0.53 damage. Scud then got into the ATV a 3rd time, but this time when he got out he suddenly appears to be lying dead on the ground, but he's not dead. I then told (invisible)Scud, lol, to run over to the last tent on the right and place a satchel charge inside the middle of the tent. Spooky how a satchel charge suddenly appears. A moment or so later Scud detonates the satchel charge - killing himself. His fake body that is still near the ATV never sinks into the ground like it is supposed to, yet his fake body does have the action to "Take Medkits"(another celery prop), which only appears on dead units in my mission. The ATV used in the movie did not have any additional armor. Scud and I tested with other vehicles and the same problem occurs regardless of whether or not the vehicle has been given additional armor. Xeno, you mentioned that the damage should not go above .89, but in the test above my friend would have been at .53 damage when the bug occurred. But then there is also the factor where only the overall damage is being calculated. Both times I shot my friend just below his left knee cap he was around 7 to 9 meters away. In a normal game, I guess his leg damage might have brought him to a damage above .89, but I don't know for sure. Because I am calculating the overall damage only, instead of using * 0.4 in my HandleDamage, what should I be multiplying the damage by? I don't know when my friend will be available to test with me again. He's busy juggling the wife, kid, work, night school, homework, hookers, blow, chainsaws, you name it. But when I get the chance to test with him again I will try changing the * 0.4 to a higher value and see if I can find a value that doesn't cause any bugs. Until then, any further explanations that you might be able to give me, or advice, would be very helpful. It was hell just teaching myself how to create a dialog so I could make a Health HUD. The thought of having to remove the additional armor that I gave to the units in my mission would make my Health HUD kind of useless, since without the additional armor players die pretty fast and would not get much use out of the Health HUD at all. Plus, since they have extra armor, I made the enemy in my mission more deadly to balance things out. Basically this bug is ruining things a bit.
  24. I have a weird bug in my mission where sometimes a teammate will get out of a vehicle and they immediately look as though they are dead, but they are not. Their body sometimes slides along the ground and turns towards different directions as if the player is still controlling the body. I tested it it further with some friends and managed to recreate the bug, but I have no idea what is causing it. I asked one of my bugged friends if he was dead and he told me that he was still standing and running around in base, yet his body, which appeared to be dead, was outside of the base on the ground next to the vehicle that he last got out of, and sometimes his body would move a little and his gun would fire from the dead position. There was a diamond around his dead body and his name appeared when I aimed at him, but he was actually about 100 meters away in base and was basically invisible. The worst part about the bug is that the player that is currently bugged - does not know it at all. I first noticed this happen in my mission a few weeks ago and I thought I would've figured out how to fix it by now, but I haven't had any luck. I remember one time I asked my bugged friend to get into a vehicle and then get back out and it fixed the bug, sort of like how the head-bug fix works, but today when we tested the mission some more - the bug came back and when my friend got into a vehicle and then got back out - he still looked like he was dead. Has anybody ever seen this bug before? And if so, is there any possible way to remedy it? I don't know what is causing the bug, but I did incorporate additional armor for the players in my 14 man coop mission, along with a few vehicles that also have additional armor. I thought the bug might have something to do with the additional armor. When I first added the additional armor to the mission, none of these bugs occurred. It wasn't until a couple of weeks testing that the bug started to occur. So I don't really think it has anything to do with the additional armor, but I can't think of anything else that might be causing this to happen. Anyway, if anybody has ever seen this happen before or know what might be the cause of it, please let me know. I can't release the mission with this bug in it and the mission is basically done. Thanks in advance for any help.
  25. The following is the handleDamage used in my mission (props to celery). player setVariable ["selections", []]; player setVariable ["gethit", []]; player addEventHandler [ "HandleDamage", { if (_this select 1 == "") then { _selections = player getVariable ["selections", []]; _gethit = player getVariable ["gethit", []]; _selection = _this select 1; if !(_selection in _selections) then { _selections set [count _selections, _selection]; _gethit set [count _gethit, 0]; }; _i = _selections find _selection; _olddamage = _gethit select _i; olddamage = _olddamage; _damage = _olddamage + ((_this select 2) - _olddamage) * 0.4; _gethit set [_i, _damage]; _damage; }; } ]; Note that it does not calculate individual body part damage, but instead calculates the over-all damage. I created a health HUD (dialog) in my mission and the only way I could get it to update the exact health amount was to force it to calculate the overall damage only. Blood effects and inability to walk are added to the player at certain health levels. All of the scripts can be found in the sample mission in this other thread I created 2 months ago: Health status HUD/Dialog. I've been dying to release this mission, but I have to get this bug fixed first. Is it possible that a vehicle in my mission that was given additional armor using a handleDamage might conflict with the additional armor given to a playable unit upon entering and exiting a vehicle? I wouldn't imagine that the additional armor given to a player and a vehicle would conflict, but then again - this is Arma 2. I have a friend available to test with me right now, so I am going to test it again now and try to recreate the bug and record it using DXtory. Thank you so much for the advice.