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  1. Has this been implemented? I see that the hotfix is out but it doesn't say anything about this, and when I just tried, the server automatically goes to the difficulty settings of the admin, which doesn't make the slightest bit of sense since it basically forces the admin to use the same difficulty as the server, even for single player.


    Is this by design? Did you really design it so that an individual setting of a player that logs in as admin is used as a setting for the server?  Or is this a bug? Really, I do not understand this.


    Having a global setting for the server that says "this sever uses these difficulty settings" is urgently required.


    If this really is the way it was designed and not a bug I'm just speechless. It just seems totally ludicrous too me. Who in the world thought this would be a good design???

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  2. I've been flying with these birds since the initial release and I have to say that they are pure gold! I have a question, will the MELBs ever be integrated into an other mod like say CUP or RHS or will they stay separate as their own mod? I'm only asking since these birds make every other LB pretty much obsolete. Thanks again for your brilliant mod. Can't wait to see what's coming next

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  3. The transparency issue is something that comes up ever so often, but to be honest, I don't get what the problem was with the old system. You run, you get tired. You run crouched, you get more tired. You have more weight on your back, you get even more tired.


    Now, we have some bar graph in the top right corner. When I first tried it (before the oprep), I looked at it and immediately though "I don't get it, why is the bar not full ?", or "Why is the bar getting consumed from the other side ?". It took a hint by pettka ("It's not fatigue, it's stamina") to comprehend.


    I honestly still don't get the transparency issue, and I still don't know what feedback was used to deduct that the *majority* of players had trouble with the old system. There is little to no feedback to that end on the forum or in the issue tracker, so it can only have come from individuals, and then I have to ask why the old system was deemed not transparent enough for the majority of players.


    Because as I see it, the majority of players was OK with the old system. Or did you get one million emails or PMs asking you to change it ? I have my severe doubts.


    I completely agree with Varanon. And as a little example; I brought my friend in to Arma and he was coming from playing on consoles his whole gaming life, never owning a PC or playing with M+KB. He was with the addition of ShacTac's stamina bar able grasp and fully understand the fatigue system within minutes of first playing. He has to this day never had a problem with lagging behind due to running in tactical pace etc. In all honesty you'd have to be pretty dumb not to understand it

  4. I have only tried the dev branch for a little bit but I have to say that I hate the new system. The old one was great! This one just feels like CoD or something. You were on the right path and now it just feels like you undo all that work just to cater to the casual wasteland players. Is this the beginning of the end?

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  5. Was that dedicated server session vanilla + cba + HMDs too?

    The server itself does not run HMD but a bunch of other mods. As I understood it the only effect me only running it client side and not on the server would be the lack of flares. To clarify I logged in to said server with only CBA and HMD running (on my client) and picked a vanilla mission without any mod requirements

  6. I think I said this before (or in a different thread), but they really need to lock the view to the center of the scope in the "3D scope" views. As a TrackIR user, it makes me want to look up to the left when the scope sways to the upper left of the screen, which then screws up my view/aim even more. It is far better with 2D scopes (and ironsights for that matter), where the reticule stays centered and your overall view just sways. I don't have a major problem with weapon sway/inertia as-is, but it just exacerbates this issue.

    PLEASE considers this, devs.

    Oh god THIS. A million times THIS! The 3D scopes are completely useless to me. I've had to resort to using TMR's 2D scopes but I would very much prefer to use the vanilla ones

  7. Name: Freddie

    Age: 30

    Language: English

    Time Zone: GTM +1

    Location: Sweden

    Mic: Yes

    I play Arma 2 :CO. I do not have BAF or PMC. I usually play vanilla but I also have some mods installed, ACE, War FX and a couple of islands. I have just got back into Arma after being away from it for some time. I have to admit I was a bit rusty (getting there though). I am not very familiar with ACE functions and such but I'm willing to learn.

    I'm an infantry/sniper man at heart. I also fly helicopters :j:

    So if anyone has need for an "older" guy who is a bit rusty but is a team player, hook me up :yay:

  8. Thank you Bushlurker for making those things a little more clear for me.. I still havent started anything yet... a bit hungover so I think I'll wait. But I have a clean 1Tb drive I will use for the tools, so I should'nt run out of space :D...

    I will try to get my install nice and tidy and then i guess I'll be back with more questions. Will check the video tut aswell...

  9. Hello, the tutorial mentioned in the first post tells me that it's best to install BI Editing tools 2 to a clean empty partition. Why is this and how large does it have to be?

    Also under the setting up visitor part it gives the hint: If you are using arma2.exe from your present game version then you need to replace the bin folder in p:/ with the extracted bin.pbo from your present game version too, otherwise there is a mismatch of shaders. What does this mean?

    I have not started anything yet. Not installed or anything because I want to read as much as I can before... In my experience it's allways best to read first :-D

    I will probably start tomorrow... Any help and/or answers to my questions is much appreciated