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  1. Is there anyone interested in making new WICT trailer ?! Cinematics, experience, performance, some mission part, dunno... I can't drop it, not with unfinished business :cool: I am cooking v6.0 :D
  2. You don't need Telson_VBAU template, that is what I meant. New WICT doesn't even use that kind of folder system anymore! Create new mission with F2 OA template and place latest (!) WICT and WICT_data folders in your mission. You will have to use OA classnames http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1663809#post1663809 or from this link http://www.armatechsquad.com/ArmA2Class/indexOA.php That's why I didn't make any template (+ I didn't have time because I was busy scripting). For example : in startSettings.sqf find/replace all -- USMC_Soldier_AR with US_Soldier_AR_EP1 -- RU_Soldier with i.e. TK_Soldier_EP1 etc. etc. etc. Did you scroll down in startSettings.sqf and found the pool of units? After that activate WICT and action will start. There was no action because there were no spawned units at all...
  3. you don't need that template to make the mission for OA. open startSettings.sqf and scroll down until you get to the pool of units. there are a lot of classnames. you need to change them to OA classnames. that's why I didn't update the template. sorry I'm answering from my mobile...
  4. Ok, this is how it looks now : Do you think DTG should stay since ArmA already puts it? Or maybe I can make some generic intro text : > "mission has been received on 2011/1/13 at 1620Hr" The body text will be anything you want, so I think there is no point in making something generic, but... Maybe I can put a grid reference beside link to GPS position to make it more believable (with mapGridPosition) or just to link that position to a marker :bounce3: I need some ideas, if there are some, with dynamic text --- the examples are GPS marker and daytime, which are "constructed" (meaning user doesn't have to write a anything for that). Maybe to import >> _nearestCity = nearestLocation [getMarkerPos "GPS coord.", "nameCity"] with relative position to that city Or to specify nearest road... dunno. Current distance from the task when the task was received... ----------------------------------------------- The main point is this script is Dedi friendly, dynamic and fully controllable from the editor without scripting required. Of course it will be part of WICT system, but I will explain that later. However, I want to make it rich and believable right from the beginning.
  5. :bounce3: Thanx guys a lot. This will be really excellent!
  6. Thanx for info :) that's something I was looking for. I will see what can I do -- I have to separate dynamic parameters and static text, but I will keep you informed. I plan to make it dynamic for Dedi, without any script that needs to be made in addition -- only commands direct from the editor e.g. activating trigger etc.
  7. I am making task creator moved to new thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1850033#post1850033
  8. Small fix for reinforcements script for ejecting that Velocity addressed. Can also be used for planes and massive reinforcements. http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Reinforcements#Eject_problem
  9. I can only say that my example was for COIN that is activated through F2 template. Step one : visit http://www.ferstaberinde.com/f2/en/index.php?title=Construction_Interface_(COIN)_Presets and read all. Step two : create COIN module, but the way I explained !!! IN THE EDITOR Step three : activate it through F2 (I mean edit init.sqf) as explained at the link above : e.g. [MyCOIN,"MyEngineer",2,5000] execVM "f\common\f_COINpresets.sqf"; Step four : use my method (via radio call to re-sync with player). NOT USING F2 : Make COIN through sqf and you can again re-sync it with method I showed. The trick is that no bug will appear in McArcher's example (in my experience, I did a lot of testing) if you put sleep 5 delays, that is the trick. Just an example : null = [] spawn { [b][color="Blue"]deleteVehicle MyCOIN; sleep 5; deleteGroup group_MyCOIN; sleep 5; [/color][/b] group_MyCOIN = createGroup west; "ConstructionManager" createUnit [getPos p1, group_MyCOIN, "MyCOIN = this;"]; MyCOIN synchronizeObjectsAdd [p1]; [i][u]repeat here everything again (the same way like you were creating COIN the first time[/u][/i] };
  10. Hey zapat and Katipo66, once you asked me the same question (if I recall correctly) is there a way to check is if base is held by BLUFOR or OPFOR, in other words, in which list it is. Since flag colors work now and it is confirmed recently they change on Dedi too, there is an easier way to check that e.g. if (getMarkerColor "base_37" == "ColorRed") then {}; will execute if that base is currently held by OPFOR. --EDIT-- In addition, I recently had some problem to solve -- how to detect if marker exists? I didn't have any success with isNull... But I discovered that if you check e.g. getMarkerType "MarkerOne" == "mil_flag" if the marker doesn't exist it will return nothing (and really nothing). The more global method (if you don't know exact type) would be e.g. _markerType = getMarkerType "MarkerOne"; if (_markerType !="") then {[i]some code[/i]}; so you actually check did getMarkerType returned any string at all or it returned nothing / empty.
  11. Actually yes -- the new marker system I mentioned. But I will distribute both versions, old and new marker system. New marker system features (coming in the next release) : -- no limits to the number of markers (no need to calculate limits for the loops, e.g. 0-25, 25-75 etc. as I previously showed in "Expanding your markers" tutorial) -- markers' system will be based on types of bases, whatever you like to call them : base1, base2, infantry, tanks, lightVehicles, air, support etc. and marker will be named and recognized accordingly : base1_1, base1_2, lightVehicles_1356 etc. e.g. all bases of infantry type (that includes: infantry_0, infantry_1, infantry_2, etc. infantry_n) will have this config [65,0,75,0,0,0,80,0,0,0,0,0,0] -- all lists will be searched according to their generic name from the editor and sorted according to flag color from the editor : blue flags will go to wbl (west base list), red flags to ebl, black flags to nbl and bases that have any other color (example orange, but invisible because a=0 and b=0) will be treated as ghost bases You will have to setup, e.g. infantry type of base, and then you can clone that base as many times you want, and hundreds of bases if you like and separate them whether they are blue, red or black, you decide ---- everything is now more easily done from the editor! P.S. zapat see if it suits you. I found it extremely useful.
  12. Katipo66 if you have any issues, please post them here, maybe we can help. I hope I will prepare new WICT release in about a week or two, bending boundaries once again.
  13. And I can help you with that zapat by rewriting again setup for bases. I came to one idea that you can make relatively constant setups like infantry, vehicles and air bases, and call them like that -- infantry_1, infantry_2, air_153 etc. a.k.a. Expanding your markers vol. 2. I was stunned how huge is Just Cause 2 and I was thinking about simulating something like that but dynamic. I will make several posts here, if it proves to be good, I will write tutorials. --EDIT-- or maybe not.... you are saying dynamic... one thing could be this: you can make predefined bases types as I described above, and not limit yourself to any number of bases --- I will do it with while loop that could be left at any time -- so any mission designer can just copy / paste bases and make subtypes of bases with ease!!! (I've got that idea 2 days ago, and I don't know how I didn't think that before.... :o) Now you can track player's progress with variable that counts how many side missions is done and use camp snippet to spawn different units when player approaches. And with sandbox template you can do it on Dedi easily. My opinion is that formula for success is this : basal level of spawning (by WICT) + extra units dynamically spawned based on player's progress Katipo66 is researching interesting addition of HC units to the player. The same could be done with camp snippet and designer still can keep and illusion of spawning.
  14. I would like to see more missions anyway...
  15. Of course, just open materClassSpawn.sqf and in the part for BLUFOR add after {_x addEventHandler ["killed", {_this execVM "f\common\f_removeBody.sqf"}];} foreach units _Wg; {_x hcSetGroup [group player];} foreach units _Wg; if I understood the command correctly. But all BLUFOR units will fill up High Command --- just be careful and let me know whether it's working, I want to put it as a snippet. Btw, your tutorial? Coming soon? :cool:
  16. I am addicted to A2 :D MCC in general or with WICT? And for capturing bases -- it is easy man :bounce3: three numbers you are writing in AutoFlag function http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Flags#Auto_Flag are timeout numbers http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Mission_Editor#Countdown.2FTimeout_Counters So put it 5,8,15 and you have a nice distribution for waiting times -- no way air units will spend 5 sec within the trigger and you've got your problem solved.
  17. COOP 55 / SP free roam / sandbox mission (campaign) for Chernarus A2 Hornet's nest Features: Fully populated dynamic world aka. dynamically created battlefronts (World in Conflict Tool WICT) ---------- Norrin's revive script 0.3f - 90 sec for revive + mobile respawn point (leader and medics can deploy and remove spawn point / field hospital) that requires real cooperation, because there is only one spare spawn point at the start, so be careful once you begin moving original spawn point - one player must remove it from previous location and the other must put it to the new one ---------- [*]Leader can add HALO actions to all players -- one radio call enables this feature for all players -- it is arcadish but it is up to leader suggested usage --- enable HALO, half of the team goes to new location, deploy medic station, then other half comes later ---------- [*]Roles - you start with your equipment - you will have to find the place to rearm, or you can take from dead soldiers. 5 teams - I suggest you to disable AI from teams which are not in use since their position affect position of the battlefront ---------- [*]Support, transport and supplies for capturing some bases + deployable transport (HUMVEEs and trucks via radio) when you are not in the safe zone (leader) -- again arcadish but it is up to leader (GM) ---------- [*]Two neutral sectors, 15 bases total ---------- [*]COIN for setup bases and reward system --- you will get a reward for capturing enemy base (AI capture don't count -- player have to "touch" the base) CAUTION: don't forget to use your radio to resync with COIN so you can build again -- communication with HQ is necessary Check number of points at the beginning of the game if you don't have error check enabled -- sometimes (rarely) there is an error with COIN initialization in the beginning -- just restart and it will be ok ---------- [*]SecOp missions -- both scripted and random on whole island ---------- [*]Dynamic weather and time changes ---------- [*]Four High Value Targets for you to hunt down: If you aim on the target he will stand still and raise hands. If you are skilled enough you can shoot him in legs and after you move your aim away he will lie down with face to the ground -- that way you don't have to worry about him shooting around. Approach him to verify target and to claim your reward --- or at least find their backpacks ---------- [*]2 min of peace --- WICT is started automatically ---------- [*]3 fully scripted battles ---------- Now you are starting at the north, there is a small bay. OPFOR is holding almost whole island. Your task is to liberate it, or just play around. How to play it as SP? Do not do that! You need to disable AI-teams that you are not playing in SP and you will need probably respawn point during gameplay. Install it in MP and start it as LAN host as only player and disable all AI that you don't want -- mainly other AI-teams. If you don't disable them (3 teams are starting on different locations) WICT won't be able to work correctly. And if you want to use all features -- SecOps, COIN, HVTs, HALO etc. you should play on the first slot!!! DOWNLOAD Armaholic mirror : Hornet's nest Co-36 (@)[/b] Required addon: NONE If you want to thank anyone --- thank those people on seven pages that helped me with their ideas to make this: zapat, Velocity, LockJaw-65-, kdjac and others Version 2.0
  18. no it isn't :) they should be spawning only to reinforce your squad... new reinforcements script is way better, but I didn't have time to implement it... http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Reinforcements
  19. Any news with implementing WICT mission into MCC or VTS? By the way, I am thinking about series of dynamic scripts that will support quests and missions easily... Actually, how to link quests and "chapters" for story telling.
  20. --[sOLVED]-- :D Simple and straight question - what does this function do if it doesn't find safePos? Here is the copy of the code from BIS fnc help inside the game (click spoiler). Bonus questions: What is this configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "Armory" >> "positionStart" ? What is that position? (assuming I don't provide some default position?) What is the blacklist? Thanx in advance. --EDIT-- I found something very interesting about BIS location functions. There is also something about findSafePos...
  21. ArmAIIholic

    BIS_fnc_findSafePos ?

    I didn't find any problems with my scripts and WICT. It is always spawning where it suppose to, I didn't even find that it is using info from array [_safepos]. The BIS_fnc_findSafePos is suppose to use the center of the map if it fails with everything else.
  22. hey mazza, maybe you can also try to look for a trigger or GameLogic on the map that starts / creates reinforcements (it is in the group of triggers / GameLogics around the player) and to delete it...
  23. mazza do you know how to unPBO it? if you do, open the init.sqf, I think reinforcements script is started from there and remove that line. I am really sorry for inconvenience...... :o
  24. Current active marker (base) of the unit's side is WICT_wb or WICT_eb : first check if (WICT_wb != "none") then {getmarkerpos WICT_wb}; This SQF is from 3D editor, right? It should work without problem. It is best to run it via this addEventHandler ["killed", ] :) it should work on both SP and Dedi. Core script will give the zero divisor error with script, but you can try this : with addEventHandler "killed" start sqf that : stops WICT creates player waits until player is ready starts WICT again