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  1. This is my fav sound mod as of yet, very impressive! Creates a much better atmosphere and the weapons sounds very powerful and it's all very high quality, what can I say man. You must hve put alot of work into this! Thanks.

    I've got 0.9 but I will be waiting for the update on this new beta

  2. Please tell me you are being sarcastic?
    Why would he be sarcastic? He has a point, I don't know of any servers that run British unit mods and even if there are any the current British addons are so spread out over multiple different downloads, there isn't just one complete pack. With the DLC there will most definitely be places people can easily go to play with it's British content.

    What Zipper5 said :p

  3. LOL - i gotta laugh!

    "But we can d/load UK stuff for free now!"

    And who released the tools for free,for this great mod community to make them??

    Exactly, thank you.

    Paying for addons in ArmA? Hahahaha - You are crazy BIS. Plenty of British units available and loads more being released soon, in higher quality and with better sounds.

    How are they crazy? As someone said earlier, do you know HOW MUCH effort it is, to have to download the free 18-20 addons required to get into british forces server, oh, providing there is one ofcourse! ;)

    I'd rather spend my £8, I'm sure it will be well worth it.

  4. for small-scale traditional OFP style coop try Thirsk Island - and VanhA's Mission Pack

    ... a variety of styles set on this matched pair (autumn and winter versions) of quality "Finland-style" islands. (with matching winter units and vehicles).

    Theres a good mix of missions, but the best couple of "stealth" style missions I've played in ages were "co_02 Lens Flare" (sniper and his spotter and chased by bad doggies - brilliant!), and "co12_Howling" (We left the rest of the team at home and played this one with 2 players - infiltrate a camp in the middle of the night in the dark and the forest and the snow, while snipers with silencers pick you off time and time again - infuriatingly brilliant!)

    Simple, straightforward, atmospheric missions with lots of quality little touches, from bad doggies to satellite views to arty... best fun I've had since OFP... (and no OA required)...


    Thanks alot for the recommendation Bushlurker. Going to give these a blast with a friend tonight :cool:

  5. but since when you need read whole thread ?

    can't you read the first post in the sticky ?

    download the nonSTEAM cmd attached to the very same first post and run it ?

    i don't understood why people think they need read whole thread ...

    This is true dwarden but I believe you should update the original sticky post with any new updated information and remove all the other posts in the thread as I believe that is what's confusing everyone else.

  6. I'm buying Arrowhead tomorrow, can't wait! Going to combine my games (Although I have the Steam version)

    Nice videos by the way richiespeed13, I subscribed to your youtube channel about 15 minutes ago. I've been viewing your videos for a while now but I forgot to subscribe before!

  7. Please correct me if I am wrong but the latest patch for the original ArmA II does not need Steam. I am running it on my Steam version and I don't even need to have Steam running. I can't do the same with OA though at this time which does require Steam to be running.

    Also I believe the beta patches don't require Steam to be running in the background.

    Silly silly me, how could I forget. With Arma 2 you can run without steam yeah. But I like to run my Arma 2 through Steam anyway :)

  8. To do what you're talking about, using "-applaunch xxxxxx", don't you have to have steam as your "ArmA 2 Executable"? If so, the launcher was never really designed for this, so I can't guarantee anything.

    That is true, Steam is the Executable and then the -applaunch is inserted. Your launcher is really really good, so I am hoping there is a workout or a way to fix this issue.

    Once again great work on your application and fixing all the little issues and what not, I like the auto update feature you have aswel as the migrate profiles feature! Makes everything easier.


  9. Hi SpiritedMachine. Everything looks perfect, but I added my -applaunch parameter to the 'Additional parameters' area that you fixed before, so that the launcher can load through Steam once I input the -applaunch parameter and code.

    But the problem is though, that the launcher adds the mods and they are added in position before the addional parameters. So what happens is, my game loads through steam, but the mods are not loaded. Do you think this is a problem to do with the position of the mod or something else?

    *Edited* As it made no sense before :p