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  1. Erratic

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Thanks alot for the update! It now works very nicely :)
  2. Erratic

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Thank you SpiritedMachine, glad to see you listen to constant feedback and always bring up these updates! :) I like it that you've got the server browser in there too, very nice. You've got it all really! I'll be waiting for that additional parameters update, and then I'm all set :cool:
  3. Erratic

    ArmA 2 AC130

    I only just watched a video the other day about how they are used far too much! So much that they are aging much more than expected.
  4. Erratic

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Hi SpiritedMachine, this is the best launcher I've seen. As far as the Steam overlay thing goes, what I did was set my Arma 2 path as the Steam.exe itself, and then when you goto "Launch Options" you can set "Additional parameters" and I entered this parameter: -applaunch 33910. It works, and will launch your game through Steam and everything :) BUT there's a problem, when I close down the Arma 2 Launcher, it doesn't saved my additional parameters for whatever reason. So I would have to enter the parameter in each time I close the launcher, which is not ideal. Other than that it seems great!
  5. Erratic

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Downloading now! Looks very nice man. Don't forget to update the title of the thread to 0.4, so that people pop back in.
  6. Nice to see your putting the effort in here for HARCP, everyone is happy to wait as long as you need, because at the end of the day we can appreciate the hard work you put in and the time it takes! On that note, did it take you a long time to get the basic test version of this set up?
  7. Hi, I've just installed the latest beta build released today. But I like to be able to talk to friends using steam with the overlay, and I'm currently able to do that while at the same time using mods in the existing 1.5 release (because I remember there was a post were Dwarden listed an applaunch code) but now I'm not 100% sure about how I would go about linking my steam to the beta build? I know I can simply run it from the .../Arm2/beta/ folder but that wouldn't allow me to have the steam overlay. TIA.
  8. Ahh thanks for clearing that up, well I currently don't have OA, but I'll be checking the forums. So if anything pop ups that I see no one mentioning in the thread I'll let you know. I'm sure we will have a fix or a method soon
  9. You can't use your addons for the new OA you mean with your steam copy? Or just arma 2? I'm using a steam Arma 2 with addons perfectly! And I even added an applaunch code for steam to my shortcut so that it will launch the game with addons and still show im playing arma 2 on steam :bounce3:
  10. Erratic

    Steam overlay on Beta

    I do actually Skelbley, figured this one out myself. Just double tap TAB quickly and there's your fix :) Works everytime.
  11. Erratic

    Play ArmA 2. Win Prizes

    GG's all! Shame I couldn't make the last game last night :( Busy busy.
  12. Erratic

    OA backpacks

    Well it's not like OA is just a backpack expansion is it? Easy installation steps would be where you have a stable installer that is downloaded and ran. I respect all the work, it's fantastic, it really is, Yoma addon sync is great too once you see how it can fetch everything for you. But if a new person to computers were to come, they would expect a simple installer for ACE. End of. So FLIR and all the other features has been done like OA's has? Hmm, let me think about that. What about the new modules, campaign, scenarios, improvements, weapons, units, islands, features, all of it, too much to say. Also, look at this huge expansion, then look at the fail that is Modern Warfare 2, and they expect all their customers for that game to pay for 5 measly maps each time at around £10-15, pleeeease.
  13. Erratic

    Easter-eggs in Arrowhead

    That's pretty cool! :) /Offtopic, when do you expect your new island Lingor to be out IceBreakR! Looks very good in the pic!
  14. I'm not happy in the slightest today, I went to load my Steam copy (Already patched to 1.07 using the normal patch) and the 1.07 update was released through Steam, obviously for the OA release. So instead of steam just updating the necassary files, it decides to begin re-downloading the entire game, all 7.5GB's of it. I told it not to update the game and to never download updates for Arma2, but I can't launch the game until I do. I'm really hoping I don't lose all my controls and profile and everything.
  15. Erratic

    OA backpacks

    Good to see this feature in the normal game (previously only seen in ACE2)
  16. Erratic

    BIS Forums Getting Slow?

    It seems the hamsters had more than they could chew with the 1.07 patch though
  17. Erratic

    Play ArmA 2. Win Prizes

    Is everyone going to be showing up tonight for the very final extra game?
  18. Erratic

    BIS Forums Getting Slow?

    Yeah it slowed down, around the time the 1.07 patch came out, but know it seems to be almost back to it's usual speed.
  19. I'll be checking back later, because I want to use this!!
  20. Haha, that's funny, god knows, maybe you hit a wrong key for commands, maybe the AI fancied some funky time in the pond. WHo knows, Give patch 1.07 a shot though!
  21. Erratic

    Anyone played in 3d?

    I can imagine it makes you go dizzy unless you've got the expensive stuff
  22. Erratic

    3d resolution or AA

    I will try this over AA, do you think going from 100% to 125% will give noticable eye candy?
  23. Looks great! Going to give it a go now :)