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  1. G44

    vegetation choice

    My question may be stupid but.. why You can't use Fab's vegetation? If I remember You was very close with Fab. in wwIIEC team. Objects Like poles,hedgerows,bushes,grasses etc will be excellent :)
  2. G44

    Italian tank M 13/40

    Yes. This tank and few more will be release soon "as is" cause Bielow don't have time to finish everything and it's bad to waste this stuff. Better later than never ;) p.s Huge chances to release all wwII stuff from different mods from Bielow. Huge collection from different mods/addon makers - I'll keep You inform. :)
  3. Thank You for link. Any chances to unfinished addons from Cobra Fumou? Community will be happy ;)
  4. G44

    vegetation choice

    JC is innactive in community. He didn't responded even for his e-mail-s. So proper credit and voila ;)
  5. Chops Are You planing to add new stuff to Your OEF ? That british and something more? Thx for effort. Mod is awesome :)
  6. G44

    WW2 map

    woow! Good Work! Are You planing to release all Your buildings with map ? How big it will be? Any chances to rework on Dante Garage ? Keeping Fingers
  7. Like most mods ...dead. I tried to contact dragon44 about this mod but he didn't response. Info on web talked about cancel project so...probably was cancel like Amason Crisis. Dead like Road to Caen and rest of good mods. Regards
  8. G44

    WW2 map

    Maybe ... trenches?? Ofp never had true trenches. :) With sandbags,barrels and all that magical stuff ;)
  9. From my knowledge Bielow didn't lose 2.8 project. I talked with him and he will send his part to Fuzzmaster to finish it or release "is as". At this moment he's still waiting for response about his account.
  10. G44

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    The Unit (Jednostka) movie theme. robert duncan if I remember correctly
  11. G44

    OFP Addon request thread

    There are in Acsr 2.5 - the latest version. But there is demo too. I'll search my buddy's host. http://hostuje.net/file.php?id=2a31612d9d8347773baecd84a1d4542f Demo September 39 thx to Bielow
  12. Well Bielow had crashed Hdd. All stuff he had still have-nothing lost. But everything logins and password kept on mozilla box goes to hell. He still waiting almost week (or 8 days)for answer of moderators about his account.Password reminder didn't work and he sended e-mail to moderators. So evereyone who try contact his and they are piss - don't be :P
  13. G44

    WW2 map

    Well anyone Sennacherib :)) But maybe if it will be not more difficult for You - church :P ? Myabe something like in Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood in 2nd mission? (Sorry can't find properly screen)
  14. G44

    The Lost world Mod - jarrasic park

    That option was in old jurrasic park. What exactly will be new in mod? TBH it looks like microchip's work. (Filefront Guy who released a loooot of "fixed things" without readmes about true author and that fixed versions was worst than original). You have all that unreleased stuff from previous original mod? Or it will be mix old+ new. Your web page tell nothing about it TBH. And of course You gave permission? Cause permission from non-members of team isn't permission (I track filefront too)
  15. G44

    OFP Addon request thread

    It was impossible. Acacyn was like politic.(A lot of unfinished promises) All his stuff was ported from Jedi Academy. So it was probably reason why he disappear. He have his own forum,You tube account and don't wroking e-mail. I tried to catch him many times via YT account but he never responded. And I asked about unreleased stuuf too. It's waste of time in my opinion. It's more reallistic that sooner cows will be flying ;)
  16. G44

    Legend Of Madness - WIP

    Any news Hector ?
  17. G44

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Previews and Videos

    Will be release this year? I mean before christmas? And if this will be something more that ffur-slx + rest of addons ? There was a lot of replacement's like ffur,y2k3, etc and I saw at another thread that old version had 2gb packed. What filesize of new will be ?
  18. G44

    Simple models 0.96

    Well to be honest.. Is there any sense to made ofp more ugly ? I have on my crappy comp visibility 800,medium terrain details,max units details and 1028x1024 (I have only 512mb ram in comp and 128mb in graphic card) and i can make battles. Sometimes results are more better,sometimes not. But If be honest - why ? Ofp looks very bad even on the strongest computers.. I think it's waste of time. But it's only my 2 cents
  19. G44

    WWII MP Released!

    So at this time we know it's best compilation of ww2 modification but only for single player at this moment ? And author left that project after that ? Maybe someone can add pacific marines and rest of pacific stuff and make unnoficial expansion to it (or someone from ofp fans did it yet)? Cause I can't... :(
  20. G44

    WWII MP Released!

    Nice work Incubus. It will be permanet server after starting?
  21. G44

    STGN's Diemaco SFW

    :) haha It's my lucky day :> Thank You STGN
  22. G44

    L119/ Diemaco SFW

    wrong thread :/ please delete it
  23. G44


    I was afraid to this :( Ehhh
  24. G44

    L119/ Diemaco SFW

    When will be possible to download L119/ Diemaco SFW STGN ? Looks great as usual. Beauty is in the detail ;) Very good work!