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  1. have a look on description.ext in the BISwiki. I'll suggest you stick onto your other thread - ill post it there, too.
  2. With an "killed"-eventhandler and on being alive, e.g. respawn on the Spot -> setpos+getpos you
  3. I dont know if its still a problem, but i tend to keep it up this way: 1.) Do like Franze said. 2.) Set rank and skill according to the position in the convoy -> highest rank in front, lowest rank in back. In between: other ranks in order. If you use a rank twice, set the lower skilled vehicle behind the higher skilled vehicle. Hope you got my point.
  4. Do you really need to spawn it, or can you move it there from a spot somewhere else. If that would do, you can use this: 1.) Place Marker, circle,size 1x1, color white on destination, call it x1 2.) Place desired object somewhere not reachable for player, call it y1 3.) Place you trigger, set your conditions and write in On Act.: y1 setpos getmarkerpos "x1" How to spawn objects though, i've never done it myself.
  5. Yes, did that - changed everything to wheeled and to same side. But since the US hasnt got a light tank (like BMP-2), its somehow not challenging enough to ambush the convoy. the M1A1 is too powerful though and doesnt fit into a convoy. I would appreciate it, to have that sort of convoy: Hummvee+240, Hummvee+launcher, Fuel+Ammo+Repair-truck, 2 Cargotrucks and a BMP for covering the back. So now its got to be another Hummvee. :(
  6. Convoy worksfine exept some limitations: 1.) Setting wheeled and non-wheeled vehicles into the convoy starts messing it up. The vehicles try to reassign positions, wheeled vehicles go awkward: They try to turn around , crash, go back on route, etc.... Could be a US and CDF problem, too. EDIT: Doesnt matter, if c1 is wheeled or not. 2.) Convoy stops at Waypoint 3: Could have 2 reasons: a.) When using either more than 4 waypoints (i used 57 ;-) ) it stops at "a_2" . All named in a row: a, a_1, a_2, .... b.) Using Markernames with _ in it?
  7. setpos and setdir does the job. I used it in a mission - even got an animation. When i get home tonight, ill post the data here..
  8. Egosa-U

    Multiple waypoints

    You could use setWPpos for that one and use an actioncommand in a trigger "addaction"
  9. Egosa-U

    Attach cam to car?

    Maybe the attachto-command? Here.
  10. Egosa-U

    BluFor spy

    Maybe with this you could do it? http://www.arma2.com/comref/full.html#SidesetFriendArray
  11. 1.) place policeman 2.) into init write this addweapon "binocular"; If you need him with the binoculars on, try (not tested selectweapon on binos): 3.) this addweapon "binocular"; this selectweapon "binocular";
  12. I got over that one too: try: East Present And in condition: this AND west countSide thislist <= 1 place in on Act.: hint "west gone, east there" and give it a try.
  13. to 2:I limited the number on call-in times via radio trigger. If you combine it with this one here, you can have the Arty available in a certain zone.
  14. Or you could keep a script constantly running while youre alive. If you take something like: Initline of player: null = this execVM "runafterme.sqf" runafterme.sqf while {alive player} do { "groupfollowing" domove getpos player; ~60 }; So every 60 secs the group with the name "groupfollowing" gets your exact location.
  15. Or select all and copy paste...:D Copy: Ctrl + C Paste: Ctrl + V :p
  16. Egosa-U


    Mission Editing and Scripting Information -> Comref -> Group obj
  17. Egosa-U


    Put into leaders init: Alpha = group this Should work even after the leaders death.
  18. Egosa-U

    Adding Muisc ~

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=93900 A lot of discussion about files etc here - no need for another one of these "Music won't work"-Issues... and its not a year old ;)
  19. It works, but as you said just for the first time. I've played around with it to see, how often or though what it could be triggered constantly - no clue, but i think i'll work around that prob. Thnx.
  20. I've searched (but maybe not good enough), but i can't find a solution to have the Unit-Numbers displayed with a hint. I have a trigger with following settings: East, repeatedly, present, check all 1 secs condition = this on Act. = _xyz = east countside thislist; hintSilent "East-Units:" & _xyz Here it stops, saying stuff like "local variable in global space" and all types off errors, after i tried stuff like: _xyz = east countside thislist; hintSilent ["East-Units:", _xyz] Can someone please tell me the right code? Thnx in advance.
  21. How about an action menue with a script which heals you until your health is 100%.. You could trigger it with player distance M113
  22. I'll try that one when i come home from work. But how do i add the "Enemy-Units: " in front of the %1 ? Can i just put it there or do i need a '&'? EDIT: I just can put it there. No '&' needed. I somehow got in the wrong forum though - oght to be ArmA 2. Never Mind - should work for both.
  23. If youre not the pilot of the helo, just put this setcaptive = true into helos init-line