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  1. With OA there seems to be an error causing the unit to spawn with its standard loadout. I setup a CDF-medic with only a handgun and after respawn he got his whole equip back (AKS and everything else) In his init I got the postet eventhandler from here. The code in the weaponrespawn.sqf is the following (and worked prior to OA): while {true} do { waitUntil {!alive P1}; _weapons = weapons P1; _magazines = magazines P1; waitUntil {alive P1}; _p = P1; _p setVehicleVarName "P1"; removeAllItems _p; removeAllWeapons _p; {_p addMagazine _x} forEach _magazines; {_p addWeapon _x} forEach _weapons; _primw = primaryWeapon _p; if (_primw != "") then { _p selectWeapon _primw; // Fix for weapons with grenade launcher _muzzles = getArray(configFile>>"cfgWeapons" >> _primw >> "muzzles"); _p selectWeapon (_muzzles select 0); }; }; In the *.rpt it says: Can anyone help me plz. I want the "you respawn with what you die with"-feature back;
  2. So you got one ACM-Module and thats called "BIS_ACM" right? You should name one BIS_ACM1 and the other BIS_ACM2.
  3. I think that should go along with Mr. Murrays Editing Bible. Because as soon as the code gets to complicated, People always want to copy'n paste stuff - It even starts when setting units in certain heights, until you get to know about that setpos-getpos-stuff... So wait until Mr. Murray got his next version Bible up and extend its usability with a work-along clip. greetz. Egosa-U
  4. Great! Thnx. Will try it, when i get home..
  5. Hi. I am trying to sort out how to use the lobby-parameters as a tool to ease up my coop-mission. I'd like to select between 2 options: Normal and easy-mode. In the normal-mode the players should only be able to choose between 3 non-scoped weapons and in the easy mode, some more weapons can be chosen. I tried to get this to work but cant figure out how to setup the weapons? How do i have to edit that part what I underlined in the following code: titleParam1 = "Difficulty:"; valuesParam1[] = {[u]0,1[/u]}; defValueParam1 = 1; textsParam1[] = {"Easy", "Normal", }; And please dont tell me, i should use two missionfiles - that would be the option I want least.. Thnx in advance for any help.
  6. Let them spawn anywhere and put them right away (with moveincargo) into the helicopter which is always travelling between the bases..lock the heli and unlock only, if the heli recieves damage above certain level or is inside a base and landing..
  7. use dotarget and dofire. But beware: Upon moving targets the dotarget command can make problems. Use an invisible, non-moving helipad in a certain height for targetting and adjust that one for a perfect hit
  8. Move or delete the triggers when one is activated...
  9. Egosa-U

    Afghan War Diary - wikileaks

    But please, for god's sake, without addons required...
  10. Yes..that could be it..which frist aid module is it - maybe i'll think about removing that one..
  11. This REALLY should be moved to troubleshooting!
  12. Or just let the pilot eject when height = 0. The engine stays on. Edit: Understood the question wrong...nvm.
  13. Spawn in any way you like (group /marker) and with a script port the unit into the c130 when being alive again - could be used with the weapon respawn script with one additional line..
  14. Had the same issue last night, too. After respawning, you could run aroundwithout being shot at. They still shoot at enemy-vehicles, though.. Can't remember to have that issue on ArmA 2 w/o OA..but maybe haven't realized that back then.. Isn't this something for the Troubleshooting-Section?
  15. Setup a completion radius for the waypoint to switch to the next as soon as the C130 is near..
  16. Upload it on rapidshare and post the link in a suitable thread in the usermade missions forum. You should give more information, like SP or MP and #Players.. I would like to test the mission, since i hate Addon-infected missions..:cool:
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    omg, who needs so many weapons/mags??? So place two boxes if you need all those waepons for god's sake :rolleyes::cool::rolleyes:
  18. @CarlGustaffa: You're right. Of course you can synchronize more: Movements of groups, Transport & cargo... Imho jpinard's post did have some sort of "guard/sentry until an event occures which switches to move/attack". @jpinard: Set your vehicles waypoints like this 1.) Sentry/Guard/etc. 2.) Cycle 3.) Movement-WPs 4.) Use your trigger to ask about the condition of the specific unit that has to be destroyed (e.g. !alive specunit) 5.) Set trigger-state to switch. 6.) Sync trigger with 2.) After the death of the specunit, the vehicle doesnt cycle the previous waypoint(s) and jumps to 3.).
  19. You could call the script when the player/s is/are within a trigger-area. the rest should stay the same. just be sure to disable the AI "move" when the players arent present..
  20. You can syncronise to the following: cycle and hold. And you'll need the trigger to be set to Switch, with which you synchronize.
  21. how about: instead of letting them spawn, set the groups to hold until player is inside the trigger-area. That will save a lot of recources for the active part of your mission. If thats still too much, think about harder AI. Often Quality over Quantity does the job. Greetz.
  22. Anyone got a code for dropping the backpack on death? that way you could retrieve your pack from where you have been shot (little SOM-style ^^)
  23. Tried out the code in the weapon-respawn-script (Thanx to someone who posted this somewhere) - doesn't work (tested in MP).. Player-Name: P1 Init Player: _xhandle = this addEventHandler ["killed", "_this execvm 'weaponRespawn1.sqf'"]; weaponRespawn1.sqf: while {true} do { waitUntil {!alive P1}; _weapons = weapons P1; _magazines = magazines P1; [b] _backpack = unitBackPack P1;[/b] waitUntil {alive P1}; _p = P1; _p setVehicleVarName "P1"; [b] if (unitBackpack _p != objNull) then {removeBackpack _p};[/b] removeAllItems _p; removeAllWeapons _p; {_p addMagazine _x} forEach _magazines; {_p addWeapon _x} forEach _weapons; [b]_p addBackPack _backpack;[/b] _primw = primaryWeapon _p; if (_primw != "") then { _p selectWeapon _primw; // Fix for weapons with grenade launcher _muzzles = getArray(configFile>>"cfgWeapons" >> _primw >> "muzzles"); _p selectWeapon (_muzzles select 0); }; }; it does remove the backpack though.. either the code-part about getting the backpack-information is wrong or the equipping of the player is wrong... I think, re-equipping a backpack isn't possible. The code must be modified with weaponcargo and magazinecargo, but i'm still a noob in scripting. So if anyone can help out, i'd appreciate it.. I think, that should work, but need the code for getting the cargo-list (purple code-part): while {true} do { waitUntil {!alive P1}; _weapons = weapons P1; _magazines = magazines P1; //_backpack = unitBackPack P1; _magazinec = [color="Purple"]magazinecargo[/color] P1; _weaponc = [color="Purple"]weaponcargo[/color] P1; waitUntil {alive P1}; _p = P1; _p setVehicleVarName "P1"; //if (unitBackpack _p != objNull) then {removeBackpack _p}; removeAllItems _p; removeAllWeapons _p; [color="Red"]clearweaponcargo _p; clearmagazinecargo _p;[/color] {_p addMagazine _x} forEach _magazines; {_p addWeapon _x} forEach _weapons; [color="Red"]{_p addMagazinecargo _x} forEach _magazinec; {_p addWeaponcargo _x} forEach _weaponc;[/color] //_p addBackPack _backpack; _primw = primaryWeapon _p; if (_primw != "") then { _p selectWeapon _primw; // Fix for weapons with grenade launcher _muzzles = getArray(configFile>>"cfgWeapons" >> _primw >> "muzzles"); _p selectWeapon (_muzzles select 0); }; };
  24. Here are the Backpack-classnames listed: http://www.armatechsquad.com/ArmA2Class/ To call the code, you'll need an eventhandler "killed". Then use the code given in a sqs-File to execute your demand - sry, i'm @work and dont have an example-code around..
  25. Anyone tested this one yet?? Ran over the same issue when respawning with the weapons via script - the Rucksack stays the initial-loadout one... @BelgarionNL: You should call this code via script. Remove the _backpack variable and use the equivalent classname.