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  1. The suggestion alignes a bit to this Topic: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=115519 Units should be separated, too. You should be able to choose between Map-default/custom/random skinning/look For example, the possibility of: choosing side (already there) choosing class (already there) choosing race/ (maybe even /sex/bodyshape/tallness) choosing Uniform/clothing-style (None/Hard-Hat/Baseballcap/Guillisuit/Camo/Civil/etc.) choosing Weapon skin (random-woodland or -desert/align to clothing/list all current weapon skins-here). The clothing, for example, could even be in the Gear-menue as an item to swap or change. Changing uniforms should be very time-intensive (2-3 min). Before someone asks: The clothing-Style "None" is being in Army- or civilian underwear.
  2. It shouldn't be all about the player only, but should be a dropdown-list option when placing a unit in the editor. The customisation of the player is already in your profile - so no need to wait for half an hour to wait for "fashion-victims" to get ready.. FPDR
  3. Join a domiantion server. Exit Game Go into your ArmA2-MPMission-Cache-folder copy map to different location extract mission-files into folder to edit the mission check the ammmobox and correlating codes convert into your mission voila. done.
  4. How about setting up a crate at Mission-start. Upon opening the box, you could check the unitclass and put the specific weapons inside. I think I saw that feature with the actual running domination2-Maps. Try opening one of these to get that feature..
  5. The flank thing: You can't flank someone, if youre alone. You'll always need a second person to keep the enemy busy to get into their flank. Otherwise you would call it "second engagement". So you need the OPFOR to be in one group to start the flanking...some will keep you busy and some will move. Maybe implement UPSMON into your mission - that would keep the OPFOR units/groups communicating with each other..
  6. Egosa-U

    Kill all units in a Radius

  7. Egosa-U

    Different weapons for units

    And that goes into the init-field of the specific unit.
  8. Why not use a trigger and activate it via "player distance bomb1 <= 5" On Activation setup the explosion. Group the bomb1 with 3-4 markers, voila, ramdomized place, detonates when player is near.. done.
  9. Why dont you fly by yourself and capture your flight via unitcapture and unitplay-function? Should overcome the buggy AI..
  10. That would be great! I haven't thought of the possibility to go along with the sun.
  11. I tried now to combine the fog with the mission-time, but haven't got that much experience with sqf-scripting :( . I tried to define on which times the fog should be dense and when not. Basically I setup the following times: From 0am to 3am : dense fog from 3am to 6am : less dense fog from 6am to 6pm: nofog from 6pm to 20pm: less dense fog and from 20pm to 24pm: dense fog So i expanded the code with additional parameters, but can't get it to work. I think it may have something to do with passing the _int parameter. Additionally, it should continue checking the time to make sure the fog-density is right. Hoping, someone can help... Heres the modified code:
  12. Maybe it won't work because of the limitation to VBS 2. But i've searched the commands-list and found that: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/precision Still can't find anything really useful about the breathingrate/tiredness/weapon-accuracy.. I'll keep looking. Edit: Furthermore you could combine the breathing-script with the mission-time. Especially when the mission plays from dusk until night, the enabling of Breath Fog would increase the atmosphere.
  13. Maybe someone knows the fatiguee-values and how to read them. Since the fatigue-value increases your crosshair size.. EDIT: Maybe with this command? http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getFatigue_%28VBS2%29
  14. How about reading Mr.Murrays Editing Bible - i think i read something there about PvP and Scorecounting. And use the search-function within this forum. You might want to try google too.. For your joining-problem: Did you set the units to "playable"?
  15. I took the "Radio noise" from the section "trigger" and it repeats over and over...dunno if anonymus makes a difference...try it.
  16. define the trigger "true", not "this"
  17. Lets say youre Player1 (Name: P1) and you want Player2 (Name: P2) to be in cargo, as you enter the vehicle (Name: Car1). You could setup a trigger like: Condition: P1 in Car1 On Activation: P2 moveincargo Car1 As soon as you enter the vehicle, P2 will be teleported into the vehicle.. You could even lock the vehicle afterwards...so he doesnt get out again.
  18. disableAI "move" and enableAI "move". You can call both of them via radio-trigger.
  19. Egosa-U

    Kill all units in a Radius

    Put this into your init.sqs: //--- East { if (side _x == east) then { _x setdamage 1.0; }; } foreach allunits; At least this kills every opfor. I don't know, why a east-trigger with: {_x setdamage 1.0} foreach units in thislist; doesn't work anymore....
  20. Yes, as ffur said, use acctime to affect ingametime with FastForward (>1.0) or bullettimeeffect (<1.0) on everything or use skiptime to reset/change the gametime. With the trigger-option mentioned by me, you can have dusk as long as you like, and noone will notice. The longer you setup the interval, the more obvious the skiptime becomes. But resetting the time back every 2 secs wont be noticeable - takes up CPU-power though..and if you just like the blue finish in a dusk mission, try this: colorcorrections there's even a map-template to get the right values for your settings..
  21. U could use a trigger within the designated area set to: XXX repeatedly present countdown 2 secs and in the on activation field: skiptime -0,03 With that, the trigger should trigger every 2 secs and set the time back 1,8secs. When XXX isnt present anymore, you could let the time run normal again.
  22. Besides: you missed out, that you need a mag before adding the weapon or the gun won't be loaded...and you got no space for two M136...
  23. Try these: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/disableAI But why so cruel? Isn't the Papertarget enough?? Do you actually need to "kill/execute" people??
  24. Why so complicated: 1.) Set you group with playable units in it. 2.) setup the following waypoints: Move into town, S&D area of town, cycle, move out of town... 3.) Set trigger over the town with condition: Enemy not present once, type: switch. 4.) Synchronize with cycle Waypoint. As soon as the Enemys are gone, you should get the last move-WP...