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  1. Fiddle with the graphics settings.
  2. Cyper

    ppEffects viewer

    It does unfortunately not work.. The only thing that appear is ''5 Status'' and ''0 Reply''. I have tried all kind of buttons, on mouse aswell, and I can't get it to appear. Does anyone else have this problem or is it only me?
  3. I want the real DR feeling to increase. But most of all the terrain is important. Exactly. It will look ten times better if Vegetation/terrain becomes more dense. That was the point with my pics. Add Chernarus vegetation and it will look much better.
  4. EDIT: Completely wrong thread. I replied in the wrong tab. Sorry. :(
  5. Well, I thought that the OP, or anyone else, may have done some minor updates a time ago but then scrubbed their project leaving these small updates in the dust. If there is anything new I would really appreciate if it was uploaded. If it's not, then forget what I said..
  6. Just curious: Have anyone actually worked and improved the island? If so, it would be nice if this update could be uploaded to armaholic or something. I am interested in creating a campaign taking place on the island but so far it does not feel solid enough.
  7. Cyper

    ppEffects viewer

    No, unfortunately not. I can open the menu itself, and press Ready to fire, communication etc. but I can't click att radio because its not available.
  8. Cyper

    ppEffects viewer

    Does anyone have any possible solution to solve my problem? I need it. Badly..
  9. Cyper

    ppEffects viewer

    When I press ''0'' the Radio is in grey text so its not available. I have version arma 2 1.07.
  10. Cyper

    ppEffects viewer

    I wonder the same thing. This mod would really, really help me right now but it does not work.
  11. Cyper

    Game crashes

    Yes. I can run arma 2 on very high settings without lag.
  12. Cyper

    Game crashes

    When I start the Red Hammer campaign the game loads.. and as soon its been done loading, the game instantly crashes making it impossible to start the campaign.
  13. Hi, I recently bought a new computer for arma 3 and finally I can play arma 2 aswell (on very high settings and 150 3D resolution!!!). Now I am working on a campaign on a custom map. Eleven missions in beta stages so far. I have learned a lot about scripting and I've also started to work with cutscenes. The funny thing is: the most simple thing is the hardest one to get right for me: helicopter pickup. I have used google and searched this board for all kinds of solutions. I have used Mr. Murays guide (by far the best one imo) and I have tried all sorts of things and my conclusion is: Every solution that involves a trigger just makes my helicopter to hover over the ground no matter what script I use. I have used both move and load triggers, land ''land'', and land ''pad1'' etcetc... I can't even remember it all..... but every time I use a trigger the heli just hover no matter what. My second problem is quite simple I think. One of my missions involves protecting a convoy and then destroying a roadblock in order to let the convoy escape. I set my satchel charges, boom, and the convoy starts moving...and suddenly, they open fire at me. Why? In general, I must say that arma 2 is really a good game even though it gets on my nerves sometimes. As soon as I get money (im broken after my new cp) I'll buy arrowhead.
  14. I am currently working with a campaign. Various times when I've tested my missions I have died. Some of these times death means that the menu never appear. I just see my body laying there, and I cannot use any buttons at all. So I'll have to use CTRL + ALT + DELETE in order to exit the game. This often result that any un-saved work with the campaign is completely lost.
  15. Ok, thanks. So there is no solution for the helicopter problem?
  16. I managed to fix this issue. I realized that it wasn't probably tied to arma itself because I couldn't play Fallout 3 either. It had to do with my screens resolution. After fiddling around for a while with the resolution I got complete blackscreen. I then plugged in my old computer again and the normal settings were restored. I changed a little bit more.. and now I can play arma. :)
  17. I installed arma 2 on my new computer now in order to finally play the game without having the lowest settings. I installed it and then updated the game to version 07. When I launch the game it loads... and just when its about to start I get directed to my desktop. If I click on the icon again, the same things happens in a milisecond. I searched the board and noticed that people have experienced crashes to desktop. But this isn't really a crash. I simply get directed to desktop automatically but the game does not crash and its still running. EDIT: Specs: - Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (64) - Intel Core i5-3570K 3,4GHz - DDRAM3 1600MHz Kingston 8GB (2x4GB) - Gigabyte 155 ATX Z68 DDR3/2133 - Asus nVidia GTX560 1GB DCII Fan
  18. Cyper

    A2B Editor

    Hi, I have tried to extract the file but it does not simply work. Winrar says that there is a file missing, and no matter what I do, I cannot extract it.
  19. Yes, I have also tried to run it in compatibility mode.
  20. If I were in charge I would remove all modes and replace them with one: Classic. But that's just me. By the way, how does the player count look now?
  21. So.. have anyone been working with this island? Or is this project totally dead? Does anyone feel encouraged to keep it up? :(
  22. Cyper

    ArmA 3 OST suggestion

    That would be nice. Like the music in Stratis trailer. In my opinion the music in arma 2 isn't really that good. OFP definitely had the best music.
  23. Yupp, that's correct. The problem is that most of the fans to the series expected a spiritual sequel to ost. In the early beginning things were looking were good but close to release many things were drastically changed by Tripwire. I mostly blame their desire to make the game more accessible. It's simply a dangerous thing to do because the word ''accessible'' is not the best word to use in the TWI community. Adding perks, weapon unlocks, lockdown timer, fancy gadgets, twitchshooter movements, rambo friendly MGs, smaller maps and more restricted maps, spawn on squad leader, 1-second bandaging, characters talking when you want them to shut up, quickaiming, sprinting and making an instant stop to aim, no weapon handling (in ro2 it takes no skill to master the weapons such in ro ost and in arma. Its only a matter of pointing and fire) aswell as completely removing the command system from OST just to replace it with a command radial that reminds me of the one used in the console game Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and Red River. Fits well in a console game I admit. Then TWI created to separate modes - Relaxed Realism and Realism Mode. Totally unecessary, since Realism Mode is identical to relaxed realism - only thing that differs is hud elements. So yes, Classic Mode should never been released. It should have been there from the beginning. But TWI were trying to appeal to the 90% alá the mainstream, and that, along with bugs and optimization problems, caused serious fractions within the community and a crazy player drop. Even RoLadder officialy made a statement how dissapointed they were with the game. Because of that, and also other reasons, Roladder.net is gone. Permanently, aswell as the competetive MP in RO2. While I am not going to blame only TWI for this (there is another story aswell!) their decisions with RO2 have definely not done anything better. Rather worse. Now, more than six months later TWI have finally realized that when the player count drop from 10,000 to cirka 3000, when complaints fill the board constantly, when the CoD players isn't playing the game, then, you can't blame all this on the release of Battlefield 3. TWI basicly took for step forward and two steps back. If they didn't do that, imagine how much time they could have spent on content such as new maps rather than having to remove and re-work everything they've been working with. I personally believe ''Action Mode'' should be called ''Bot Mode'' because that's probably what its going to be. In one way I'm glad it went very bad instead of just bad. If it just went bad RO CLASSIC would probably never be released or even considered.
  24. The Ironfront forums have been changed and moved from deepsilver.com. The official forums can now be found at: http://forum.iron-front.com/