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  1. hi i have this problem me and my friend are testing acre. now we have not error messages popping up in the screen,my mate can hear me in 3d but when he has to speak ,i don't ear him and looking on the ts3 panel i've noticed that he is in local muted mode altought he didn't press any keys. any suggestion to make my mate able to speak with me? EDIT:i've noticed the problem persist also if my mate restart ts and no more local muted status appears... in game when i speak he see my lips moving,but he can't make any sounds.
  2. Hi,where i can find a ACE training ground map for OA?
  3. Hi,where i can find a ACE training ground map for OA?
  4. zio sam

    Campaign Co-Op Questions

    Hi,i'm playing OA campaing in coop mode with a friend but i have a problem:when we complete a mission the next one doesn't start and in the menu i can only choose from retry and load the last check point,why i can play the next mission?If i want to play next mission in coop I'm forced to play it in SP and then replay it in MP...
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    ok thx very much!
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    yesterday we played a pvp match 30vs30 and the server was fine,no lag and no desync(we used equal mod so only ace,acex,duala and cba were running). But we tought that communications could be improved by the adoption of a2t as official addon for our dinamic campaign,and i need to know if it is tested for servers running more than 50/60 people,because someone told me that a2t has some bugs when there are more than 20 people in the server...
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    Hi folks! Is 008 version compatible(i mean no bug) and tested with servers with more than 60 people inside?
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    ACE Wounding system

    Is it possible to load stretcher in medevac vehicles? When i try to do this the option load person into is grey and i can't perform it...am i missing something?
  9. zio sam

    [CAMP] Operation Cobalt

    Very good campaign,loved to play it. Just a question:is there only 1 ending?not a bad one and a good one?
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    thx for the info,i've read about the clipboard flooding but i don't know the behaviour of this bug,so i assume it's the problem that came when 20+ people are togheter in the same ts3 channel and can hear each other also when they are Km far away Is there a date planned for the next update?
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    Hi folks i had this problem with my last game... We were about 25 players in one ts3 channel using this beatiful addon,but for the first time since we use it,arma2ts had some weid behaviour:sometimes it was possible to hear people very far away without the use of the radio(also people 5 km far away)like they were next to me,so ruined our gaming experience because we were splitted in some teams that were supposed to communicate only with the use of the radio. Is this a known bug of this nice addon?is there a fix? or simply we were doing something wrong? Thx in advance for your answers ;)
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    Hey guys i can't use this addon,ive followed instructions but...no way I've got TS3 updated to 3.0.0-beta20 [build: 10723] so i've downloaded the 006 version of the addon put the @at2 in my arma2 folder then i have put the files inside TeamSpeak folder(arma2ts and arma2ts_64 dll(i have x64 OS)) but when i have to find the new plug in the ts3 plugin menu' i can't find it... what am i doing wrong? ---------- Post added at 12:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:01 AM ---------- problem solved thx
  13. Can you say in % how the 1.0 phase status is?THX
  14. i'm very happy from what i'm reading have you considered to use yoma tools to deliver and update in real time this beatyful mod?
  15. is there any public and populated server running this beatifull mod?
  16. no update with KH! I need to play in the SOCOM domi server!!! :pistols:
  17. Hi guys... i don't know if this is the right place but anyway...i'm not able to fastrope my units from the editor nor use ravlift module... i put an mh60 in the editor(i'm the pilot)with some Ai in the cargo space,i put also an Humvee and te module for rav lifting...Now when i take off i have no option to deploy ropes nor by flying exactly above the hummer to lift it up... How i am supposed to do? Thx for help and sorry for my bad english
  18. yep this is the real effect javelin can disable a tank,not blow it up
  19. zio sam

    Vehicle towing script

    Hi i'm trying to towing the m119.I'm noob with scripting so i simply changed the line of MH60 by replacing it whit that of 119.Now when i use the towtractor and i'm near the m119 i'm able to see the command attach vehicle(when attached also detach) the problem is that the m119 doesn't move,or better it moves but only on his axis,i'm not able to move it from the place i've put him on the editor...How can i solve this problem and make the cannon follow me?(i'm so sorry for my bad english)
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    Dogs of War bug

    i've tried as you suggested but i can't still speak to marny