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  1. I am still having the same issues and have not heard from anybody "OFFICIAL" yet. Here are the latest version of the BAF stealth Helo. I started the game jumped into my custom stealth wildcat (pouring on the sarcasm) and intentionally crashed it. Notice how the wreck looks great all the lods loaded correctly. Should we post this problem somewhere else? This thread has over 1,000 views but still no fixes or at least a "hey we are working on it". <a  href=th_photo9.jpg' alt='th_photo9.jpg'>th_photo8.jpg

    Again this is not vcard or driver related. I have tried different drivers and patches. Everything worked great before BAF and the patch update 1.54/1.07

  2. It's not related to vcard. I have a NV GTX285 installed and one of my mates has an ATI HD5870. And we both have the same issue with low quality models/textures and 2d weapon models. It happens only after patching A2:CO to 1.54 (doesn't matter - with lite or full BAF installed).

    I agree it's not vcard related or driver related does the same thing with 10.4. I never had any of these issues until I updated to 1.54 and BAF full version. I also tried the latest beta patch but still have the same issues.

  3. Can anyone explain how to make a, moving sniper target script? I depboed the original shooting range mission from Arrowhead’s boot camp but due to the large amount of script info inside it was over my head.:confused:

    I am creating a large military base with a training rifle range. My idea is to have the moving targets activated by the use action menu when the solider gets into the firing position.