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  1. name the helo eg my_helo in the "init" field of the helicopter put 40 is the height in meters the helo will fly
  2. Can anyone help me with the following problem; I have 4 squads using UPSMON (1,2,3,4) squads 1,2,3 are in town A squad 4 is in town B Town A & B are a long way apart, My team start out near town B (squad4) as soon as squad 4 spot my team then I get messages saying squads 1,2,3 "enemy detected" even though they are very far away from the acion in town A. I tried setting and None of the enemy squads have radios in there inventory and I have tried setting to 1,2 and 0 but still squads 1,2,3 are detecting me.I dont want the 1,2,3 squads in town B to be aware of squad4 fighting in town A Thanks in advance
  3. I have been trying to get chemlights active on my ai players but cant seem to get it working. I have tried both the below But neither of them seem to work. I can get a chemlight in the ai's inventory and I can get the ai to select the chemlight, though it doesnt appear to be lit, But I cant get him to "attach chemlight". Any help greatly appreciated
  4. Could anyone explain to me please how I can set the angle of spawned" rockets. I need to have a barrage of MLRS rockets fire over the head of the palyer but I dont seem to be able to specify the direction in which the fire. null1 = [] spawn{ if (!isserver) exitWith {}; for [{_i=0}, {_i<11}, {_i=_i+1}] do { Smoke1="MLRS" createVehicle [(getpos t1 select 0)+ random 150 - 75, (getpos t1 select 1)+ random 150 - 75, (getpos t1 select 2)+ 20]; sleep random 2; }; }; t1 is the name of an object that designates the centre of the barrage. {_i<11}, the 11 is how many rounds. 150 - 75 Sets the radius, currently 75 m sleep random 2; sets how long between rounds. Currently 0-2 seconds. Thanks in advance
  5. Could anyone please tell me what the "600" refers to in this code Thanks in advance
  6. I had this sort of problem with convoy stopping at pos1 - you could try making all the vehicles the same type and side and see if that sorts it out. Then work forward from there.
  7. well i "think" I managed to get my problem resolved. I removed the above codefrom the init.sqf and placed it in a trigger set to radio foxtrot for test purposes and it seems to work ok. I am not sure but my convoy was made up of BOTH Independant and Opfor vehicles, and that may have screwed it up once I changed them all to the same faction it worked fine.
  8. Convoy script works perfectly many thanks. What I would like to do is have the convoy start when a trigger condition is met (ie: Blue force present). When I add the code to my init.sqf then convoy starts moving immediately. Is there a way I can activate via a trigger? Many thanks in advance
  9. Dont know if this is of any use to anyone but I did manage to get the enemy to drop smoke when they get killed by adding this to the units "initilization" I am sure there is a better way of doing this but my script/editing skills are not good :-( Change the Militia_Solider_1 to the name of your unit The unit does not need to have a smoke grenade in his inventory for this to work.
  10. Thanks for the reply - I am trying to make a small 4 man mission against EAST. The ai in my squad throw smoke ok and I have managed to get them to throw different coloured smoke depending who it is. I would like the enemy ai to also throw smoke and revive themselves but I just cant get it working. Maybe you are right Joe and the enemy ai are unable to throw smoke. I am sure there must be a way of getting to ai to throw smoke or drop a smoke grenade when they are killed even if they cant use the revive option. Anyone know what I would have to put in a soldiers init to do something like. if unit is killed create smoke grenade at position of death Its more for atmosphere rather than the ability to revivie though that would be a nice option.
  11. Can anyone tell me if the enemy ai throw smoke to cover themselves when they move to revive downed teamates? The friendly ai throw smoke to cover themselves but the enemy (EAST & GUER) dont seem to even though I have equipped them all with smoke grenades. Thanks in advance for any help