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  1. I hear ya man. A lot of people may be sick of WWII......but I love it still! I have kept my mind off of it by playing some WWII mods in the first ARMA.
  2. I assume since they haven't posted for a while, they are really in depth with the mod meaning it could be released soon. It also is possible they have a lot of personal stuff they are doing also. The only thing do is wait.
  3. I passed it but destroying all the AA. When I landed it said I passed. But it acted if I had been captured because I am later asked to save him.....
  4. I think it's going to be diff for everyone. Some people may like the run and gun of one mission while another is quiet and stealthy. This would be a hard choice in my opinion.
  5. B17gunner98th

    ARMA 2: 1.07 Patch Released!!!

    Why Steam!? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DL THE WHOLE GAME AGAIN!!?! Oh well haha. Ive waited this long I can wait.......8 more hours on a 150 kb connection.
  6. B17gunner98th

    the FEW

    He has put it on hold atm.
  7. B17gunner98th

    Invasion 1944 - D-Day

    I think you misunderstood. He didn't say anything about putting them in, he was just talking about my name.
  8. B17gunner98th

    Invasion 1944 - D-Day

    Haha such a wonderful plane!
  9. B17gunner98th

    Invasion 1944 - D-Day

    I am really really excited for this most. So much so, that all "official" games out there look like nothing.
  10. Not all beta's are going to be multiplayer compatible. It's more about the content than full games with your friends.
  11. Like the above post says, it's because it's a beta.
  12. I'll host it with that much on my server box when it comes out.
  13. Not yet. There are no keys released yet.
  14. A bit off topic, but tomorrow 66 years ago, the men of the allied armies battled their way up the beaches to liberate Europe. Many men from different nations died. Freedom would not be possible today without them. They are not forgotten. I was thinking of making a D-day mission but didn't get to. I assume the above post was talking about DDay already.
  15. B17gunner98th

    Out of ideas

    I started one where I did a P.O.W type of thing. What I did was I set the player and his squad to Opfor and tied them to a blufor group so they were considered Blufor. Then I set them captive. In the prisoner camp I set it so the prisoners were set to captive but as soon as the leave the prison area they are non captive and able to be shot on sight. It was the same way for the disguised "Blufor" unit. It was supposed to involve a chase with enemies following you with vehicles and choppers and such but I ran into to much to do.
  16. CO-13 Black out V1.1 Download: -Black out V1.1 Updated Armaholic mirror: - Black out Co-13 (@) v1.1 Thank you big =D Addons used: 31st Normandy Mod Huertgenwald Beton addons Mission Description: This is one of my first missions I've actually released because of the WWII mod. Anyways, you are a squad of 13 dropped into Huertgenwald by glider set to destroy a defensive frontline. You are tasked with: -Destroy 3 sets of 88 sites(88's take one satchel but don't have a destroyed model) -Destroy the 4 AT guns. -Destroy the Arty telegraph wire. -Destroy V2 site -Find downed plane There are many patrols and checkpoints on the main roads, so take the back ones. Any criticism is appreciated both good and bad. The missions starts dark to hide your insert and will get light enough to fight as you move on. I will improve on this mission if anyone thinks it has a good plot to it or if they want me to. Thanks guys and the Mod makers of course.
  17. B17gunner98th

    CO-13 Black out V1-(@31stNormandy WW2)

    I don't think this is mod is multiplayer supported yet. Have YOU tried hosting it instead of using a server? No, you have to use the addon method. http://www.armaholic.com/plug.php?e=faq&q=18 To make it easier to manage, I use this http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=81060 Hope that helps.
  18. B17gunner98th

    the FEW

    Ah, thanks!
  19. B17gunner98th

    the FEW

    Thanks! The B17 is very good for a WIP! Any way to man any of the turrets?
  20. That video is awesome!
  21. B17gunner98th

    the FEW

    Man oh man I can't wait for the B17's. Along with all the other planes of course.
  22. I think that since the Japanese would shoot them, they were allowed to be armed if I remember correctly. But in the Campaign for Europe, they weren't allowed to.
  23. I am still having fun with this even if it's a beta. I am messing around setting up C-47's at night and having them get shot at with Flak. Great job guys. I am also creating a P.O.W mission which I will finish after the 1.00 release.
  24. Hmm, well I tested it during the day. The skill is default. The 88's fire on the well perfectly....but the 88's seem to attack the 38's haha strange.