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  1. I am looking for the best way to make it so that you can talk to certain units in game, right now I am using add/removeAction with an If statement in the script to determine which action you picked. I'm happy with this, but what I am not happy with is that I am using the hint command for the unit's speech. I've searched around for hours to find a solution and I keep finding links to the directSay command. This sounds like it would be exactly what I am looking for, but I have no idea on how to set up the description.ext and I can't find any help on that subject, at least not on my own. So my question is this. Is the way I am handling the 'conversations' (add/removeAction with If statements in script) the best way? Or is there a more efficient way? And secondly how does one set up a description.ext for the purposes of using directSay? Thanks for your time.
  2. Oh man! Thanks a lot! This is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for.
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    Custom units...

    I'm just looking for some custom loadouts...
  4. Hey quick question... say I wanted to make my own custom units, using already existing models and all that stuff, how would I go about doing that?