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  1. I agree also, its the most annoying thing about this game
  2. Its overloaded, was fine up to a few days ago but now the word is out. Btw, these maps are so much better than Chernarus, run much smoother and look more natural. Its a must have mod. Our server has been running it for a few days http://arma2.swec.se/server/data/120885
  3. PogMoThoin

    LAN with another computer in my house

    I had this problem. I wanted to play on lan with my son but had only one copy. As it was we could both play online, but never on the same server or on lan (it would kick him). The disk is only needed to originally launch the game, after that it can be removed and used in the other pc (I know there are other ways but I'm not taking about them here, this is a legit way). My solution was to get a Friend to give me his serial to install the game on my sons pc. I can now play with my Son on both lan and online, but my Son can never play with my Friend who lent the key (not AN ISSUE)
  4. PogMoThoin

    Dedicated Server performance

    Same, ~16fps with 4 playing. Client side the Sahrani map is lots easier, can turn the viewdistance up to 6000. Looks great The server sends the info to all players, its fps is very important otherwise all players get lag and warping as they don't get the info quick enough
  5. PogMoThoin

    Arma 2 vs. 64bit & /LAA

    Use device manager to uninstall. The amount of partions You have on the drive makes no difference and there is an evaluation version Full instructions here
  6. PogMoThoin

    Arma 2 vs. 64bit & /LAA

    You can use a program called ramdisk to create a virtual partion on Your ram for Your pagefile
  7. PogMoThoin

    Dedicated Server performance

    Thanks for that, guess our server isn't performing that badly after all. Anybody else? This thread could be a good place for everyone to post their specs and dedi server performance, just to compare.
  8. PogMoThoin

    Dedicated Server performance

    Just to update, gave the server a defrag (needed it) and it seems a little smoother, I'm getting 18-22fps with just me online, dropped to around 15fps with 6 or 7 running EVO BLUE NoAddons V3.6. It doesn't feel choppy but I just expected more fps. I'd like to know how others servers perform on Evo and Domination, is this about right?
  9. PogMoThoin

    Dedicated Server performance

    Thats kinda what I'm thinking, I'm gonna start by updating and defragging. Server 2003 is XP so should handle the game the same
  10. PogMoThoin

    Dedicated Server performance

    :rolleyes: So is this one, the server is a freebie sponsored by an ISP, its on their rack somewhere so bw or contention is not the issue. I'll report back later when I get a few to join, its Sunday there should be loads online. I'll also defrag the server once again
  11. PogMoThoin

    Dedicated Server performance

    Server is a Dell PowerEdge 3.2Ghz quad Xeon, 2GB ram running Windows Server 2003 (installed from scratch), nothing else running on the box. Its sitting on a rack with pretty much unlimited bandwidth I've used the Kellys Heroes Dedicated Server default scripts from here (they're prob what u mean): http://www.kellys-heroes.eu/files/tutorials/dedicated/ In the guide it says anything under 15 is laggy, quoted here: But I'm seeing 15fps with just 5 people? You say You're averaging 18 fps, how low have you seen it go and do you ever find Your test servers laggy?
  12. Crossfire does work, I can see it (and prove if needed) using both of my cores. Its just not working very well and needs more optimising. Pretty biassed towards the green side if You ask me, they're showing a single GTX275 performing better than a HD4890 in Windows XP at 1680x1050, I doubt it, all other tests elsewhere have shown the 4890 to have quite a gain on the 275
  13. PogMoThoin

    TrackIR 5, what do you think?

    I see 3 versions of the TrackIR, one without the clip, one with the clip and then one with both hat and clip. Which one to get? I don't use a headset as I have a desktop mic and send the Teamspeak sound out thru my 5.1. Can You use the trackIR without the clip? BTW, I've got loads of hats :p
  14. PogMoThoin

    Custom Xbox 360 Controller settings

    Hi and welcome, but I'm a n00b here also, see my post count For anyone who's interested, I've had an old Logitech Wingman for years, it took a little playing about but I got it figured in the end. Heres how You map: Thrust: Slider Left/Right Turn: DO NOT MAP Bank Left/Right: X axis Nose Down/Up: Y axis Left/Right Pedal: Z axis (twist) I've finally convinced myself to buy a TrackIR, ordering this weekend :D
  15. PogMoThoin

    Custom Xbox 360 Controller settings

    Watch this vid, it'll explain to You what the controls are trying to achieve There's no proper way of mapping Your "q" and "e" lean or Your free look "alt" with a controller, this is what I mean by not having enough keys Its a Military Sim, not The Simms Even better still, I use a fight stick I disagree Now watch this vid and be amazed No thanks, after Years of KB & Mouse play there's no way I'm going back to the limited control of a controller. KB & Mouse takes a while to get used to, but after a short while You'll get the hang of it. Mind You, this is a difficult game to get used to it with, there are just so many controls. Try it and You'll see
  16. PogMoThoin

    Custom Xbox 360 Controller settings

    Without the editor You'd be bored within a week. Its the mods, custom missions and addons that make it. ......Now either play it the way its meant to be played or GTFO :868:
  17. PogMoThoin

    Custom Xbox 360 Controller settings

    FFS, use KB & Mouse Its the way the game is meant to be played (and all pc shooters for that matter). There's no way moving two axis with Your thumbs can compete with a quick swipe of the mouse, ever Besides, there's not enough buttons, You need a full keyboard
  18. PogMoThoin

    Thank you, B.I.S.; Sign if you agree.

    Signed also
  19. PogMoThoin

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    33, my 10 yo son loves to join us, though not on voice chat
  20. PogMoThoin

    NEW! Ati Drivers 9.8

    You won't untill next week as they're being exclusively released at Quakecon
  21. PogMoThoin

    Windows 7 is the cure to all issues

    Cpu wise games will run better on 7 but graphically they won't, the drivers aren't optimised yet. I tested this myself with my 4870 a fresh install of 7, Crysis gave 10fps more in Vista than 7 with the same driver. Arma2 is pretty cpu bound and will run better on 7 or this reason. It eats the shít outa my 4 cores (uses all 4) and having a hefty gpu makes little difference, its a bitch to run. Its probably worth upgrading to 7 if this game and console ports like GTA4 are the only games You play. Me, I'm waiting a while as I play loads of gpu intensive games.