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    Running Arma2 from SSD

    @dogz:It was with the 1.04 version non beta, so there was the cd checking time. With beta version and "-world=empty" the times are 5 secs for the vertex, 9 secs for the raptor. I personally see differences in load times in MP against others, when a mission is selected I'm almost always first in the lobby to green up :).
  2. tonygrunt

    Running Arma2 from SSD

    Did the test on my setup 2*Vertex120G vs 2*WD RaptorX 150G both in Raid0. Startup parameters were "-winxp -nosplash". 20 sec with the vertex vs 31 sec with the raptor.
  3. I had a similar problem, where I got constant desync and my bandwidth with the server would never go above 100-120. The fault was with my router and its DOS attack protection. Closing the UDP flood protection solved it. Also, in my router when the problem occurred it reported in its log that a UDP flood has been detected in various IPs with the ports used in ArmA2.
  4. Not knowing what your mb will be, the i7 CPU is a triple channel CPU, so for better performance go for 3 or 6 DIMMs.
  5. tonygrunt


    System specs: Intel i7 920 @ 4.0GHz (HT off)(4.2GHZ with turbo on) MSI Eclipse SLI Motherboard 12GB Corsair Dominator @ 1600 2 x MSI 285 GTX 1GB Superpipe OC SLI (Factory OC 680,1476,1250) Creative X-Fi Titanium 30 GB OCZ Vertex SSD - Windows 7 x64 RAID0: 2 x 120GB OCZ Vertex SSD - Games Install RAID0: 2 x 150GB Western Digital 'RaptorX' @ 10k RPM - Users,My Documents,Temporary Nvidia Control Panel Settings: Phys X = Disabled SLI= Enabled Ambient Occlusion = ON AF = Application Controlled Antialiasing Gama Correction = ON Antialiasing Mode = Application Controlled Antialiasing Setting = Application Controlled Antialiasing Transparency = OFF Texture Clamp = USE Hardware Max Pre-Rendered Frames = 8 Multi Display/Mixed GPU acceleration = Single Display Performance Mode Power Management = Max Performance SLI Performance Mode = NVIDIA recommended Texture Filtering = OFF Texture Filtering Negative LOD = Clamp Texture Filtering Quality = Quality Texture Filtering Tilinear Optimization = ON Threaded Optimization = ON Triple Buffering = ON V-Sync = Force OFF ArmA2 Settings:1680*1050, 100% fillrate,AA off,PP low,Ram default,rest normal I have been running my memory @ 1333 from the start due to stability reasons but wanting to get some more performance from ArmA2 I decided to overclock it @1600. I have closed almost 12 hours testing and trying to stabilize my pc and I get some very strange results. The only thing I have been changing are voltages and ram timings, the cpu overclock is and always was the same. First try: I don't remember what i had before the ram overclock but i think it was around 7K. Before in test5 my FPS were around 45. After some time the pc started freezing. Back to bios playing with voltages and timings and its stable again. Second try: Wtf!! CPU overclock the same, ram overclock the same, only voltages and timings changed. Some time later pc became unstable again and back to bios. Third try: And here are the end results:bounce3: This was the highest but I have 3 same results screengrabbed (8282.32 , 8281.55 , 8227.2) I'm no expert in overclocking and most of the changes I made are by trial and error. If anyone has an idea what's happening please share.
  6. Well most of the MP games in ArmA 2 is JIP. Imagine not being able to join a game that started, you would have to wait in a lobby until the round is over. And I am afraid with no JIP most rounds of games will be short, don't think you can have domination style gaming that takes sometime over 6 hrs.
  7. The runtime is a self extracting zipped file, it asks where you want to temporary extract it. You must then go to this directory and run dxsetup.exe, thats what installs the DirectX. After installation you can delete the extracted files
  8. ArmA 2 has JIP http://www.simhq.com/_commentary/all_090h.html http://www.operationflashpoint-dr.info/readarticle.php?article_id=24
  9. Read the first post, download the DirectX Runtime Installer and install it, don't just copy files
  10. Was always running free mod ArmA2 and no problem in single player. With CBA loaded I get the freeezes again. Tried the reinstall method and file compared after with previous data, same exact files so I'll have to ruled out patch error. Can confirm the server I was getting the freezes had CBA running.
  11. I have 2xSSD Vertex 120G Raid0 setup exclusive for ArmA 2 atm and it gets 520 Mb/sec reads. Noway it needs defrag.
  12. Same problem here, if I raise the view distance in domination to 3500 I get every 1-2 mins a freeze close to 1 sec. But I can only reproduce it online, same mission if hosted locally and view distance 8000 has no problem.
  13. Had once the same problem in ArmA with my Netgear router. Try to disable the firewall of your router and see if it helps.
  14. You could try using ntfs junction links. But both C: and the target installation drive need to be ntfs. This wont work if the installer checks for free size.