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  1. First impression is good. Need to play more though.

    Nice graphics and very nice soundtrack.

    Vehicle controls feels mostly ok.

    When turning walrus it feels like it loses all power. This could be reduced some.

    When assigning waypoint, path finding seems to work but when ordering attack enemy there was some problems.

    Like walrus tried to drive thru my carrier instead of going around.

    In manual theres picture of repair screen where prioritys are set Low,Mid,High & Top. How is this done?

    I only managed to change between Low and Top (LMB).

    One thing I had trouble with is meeting the enemy carrier while in the "Time Warp". It's pretty much game over. By the time I am out of it the enemy carrier has almost destroyed my ship. It would be nice to get a little extra warning and time to prepare for battle.

    Enemy carrier by a island or middle of the sea?

    i have only encountered carrier by island and at least then timewarp is dropped well before carriers are in range.

    Carrier vs carrier causes CTD for me so not so much experience of fight itself.

  2. I have been cleaning and compressing one of my scripts shorter.

    Call seemed like handy way to shave off big bunch of lines from the script.

    Script is working just fine but im wondering if theres any point using call like this.

    _wpset = {
    _this setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE";
    _this setWaypointCombatMode "RED";
    _this setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL";
    _this setWaypointCompletionRadius 20;
    _this setWaypointStatements  ["true",""];
    _crgwp1 = _group addWaypoint [_startwp, 0];
    _crgwp1 setWaypointType "MOVE";
    _cgrwp1 call _wpset;

    I mean is it worth it?

    Let's say i cut script way shorter with this.

    Does the use of call actually make it worse compared to just having all the lines?

    Is it just matter of personal preference?

    Or is it even nono to use call like this?

    These might be "stupid questions" but curiosity got me here.

  3. Since i started to learn sqf i have made bunch of more or less useful scripts.

    Some out of need for script, some to see if i can and some just because.

    Used them in my own missions but thought to post some here. Somebody might find use for them too.

    OnTrack.sqf Script places train objects on rails.

    One of the scripts i have made basically for no reason.

    I have allways thought placing trains manually was PIA, not difficult at all but annoying.

    Reason enough.

    Basically it just places locomotive on the rails and uses attachTo with pre defined offsets to slap wagons on it.

    Should work on any island/map that uses BIS rails.

    I have used this on Chernarus and Podagorsk. Works great.

    // ==================================================================
    // HOW TO:
    // Place locomotive on map.
    // Zoom in on the rails you want the train on and use the object ID 
    // number.
    // Start the script from init field of the locomotive.
    // [this,[i]ObjectID[/i]] execVM "OnTrack.sqf"
    // If train is pointing wrong way use third parameter. (true/false)
    // Default is false.
    // [this,[i]ObjectID[/i],true] execVM "OnTrack.sqf"
    // Place any train wagons you like within 50 meter radius of the
    // locomotive. Closest will be first after locomotive etc...
    // ==================================================================
    // Known issues, "issues" and some other things:
    // - Train is allways placed in straight line and horizontally level.
    //   Placing train on curved rails or up/down slope is not going
    //   to look good.
    // - Due to the method used to get the rail height there is 5 second
    //   delay before train is moved to the rails.
    // - Placing more than one train. (for example on railyard)
    //   Place them further than 50m apart in editor so they won't
    //   mix up.
    // - Train objects can be named. It won't affect the script.
    // - Just wagons and no locomotive.
    //   Placement is based on locomotive so here is one way to do it.
    //   Place locomotive and wagons you want. Once train is on tracks
    //   delete locomotive. Trigger with seven second delay works fine.
    // - Locomotives can be used as wagons too.
    // ===================================================================


    This script was made with vanilla Arma2.

    Not tested with OA but it should work just the same.

    Multiplayer behaviour is uknown as my knownledge about MP requirements is nonexistent.

    Oh...and no it does not make trains move, sorry.:p

  4. So, how can you script the "All - Disembark!" command? Or how can you use commandGetOut on everyone at once? Or silently would work too I suppose.

    doGetOut is the silent version of the commandGetOut but i wouldnt use for each command.

    [color="Red"]commandGetOut units grp1[/color]

    grp1 being the name of the group.

    will give All disembark order.

    Edit: I mixed up the with the code fixed now

  5. Animation names for hangar2 are what Master85 said.

    Opening Hangar2 big sliding doors.

    With gamelogic.

    Init field.

    getpos this nearestObject [i]123456[/i] animate ["vrata1",1];getpos this nearestObject [i]123456[/i] animate ["vrata2",1];

    With trigger.

    On Act field.

    getpos [i]doortrigger[/i] nearestObject [i]123456[/i] animate ["vrata1",1];getpos [i]doortrigger[/i] nearestObject [i]123456[/i] animate ["vrata2",1];

  6. Problem 1 would be that

    Random 3

    It generates number between 0. - 3.0

    Also what that script is ment to do can be done in many ways.

    Looks like a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to Switch structure.;)

    _SpawnNumGen = random 2;
    _SpawnNum = Round _SpawnNumGen;
    player sidechat "Check 1";
    Switch (_SpawnNum) do
     	Case 0 : {_null = execVM "SpawnEast.sqf";};
     	Case 1 : {_null = execVM "SpawnWest.sqf";};
     	Case 2 : {_null = execVM "SpawnNorth.sqf";};
    Player sidechat "Check 2";

  7. It works with land command like xPaveway said.

    If not.

    Do you have more waypoints to the chopper after the landing one?

    If so and you are using condition to stop chopper from continuing before radio call or whatever.

    Do not put condition in the same waypoint with land command.

    Make another waypoint right next to the one with land command and put condition to that one.

    How far away is the landing H from the coast?

    If it is far.

    Make that route with two waypoints instead of one.

  8. I've noticed so far that disabling "ANIM" don't work with this script because the unit doesn't get back to it's standard animation so the animation state doesn't change and the animation won't be run multiple times.

    So far animations have been looping for me.

    Is there specific animations that won't loop unless unit gets into default position first?

    Now that i think of it i have not used/tested any of those "only playmove" animations.

    I use disableAI "ANIM" because without it AI unit reacts to anything it sees/hears (shots,explosions,enemy units) , stops the animation stands up and freezes. Just stands there unresponsive.

  9. That animation should work just fine. I have used it before.

    You should however disable AI's ability to change animation by it self.

    I would suggest something like this

    _unit = _this select 0;
    _animation = _this select 1;
    _noWeapons = _this select 2;
    _unit disableAI "ANIM";
    _unit setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true];
    if (_noWeapons) then {removeAllWeapons _unit};
    while {true} do {
    _unit switchMove _animation;
    if (!alive _unit) exitWith {_unit enableAI "ANIM";_unit switchMove "";};
    waitUntil {!(animationState _unit == _animation)};

  10. PreloadVegetationTextures_Visuals_C_PROPER.7z - (source code)

    Might work yet freezes the game on world loading here.

    This got me interested.

    Preloadvegetation is causing lot of problems to people?

    I downloaded preloadvegetationtextures, low buildings, low vegetation and draw distance tweak good while ago and have been using/testing them since.

    For me preload basically fixed the vegetation. Trees look good from close and from distance.

    Price is that it screws the building textures. Many buildings show only that ultra crap texture, some smaller parts have texture missing completely etc...

    Only times i have disabled preloadvegetation is when i have been playing mission in larger town/city. On country side it's just too good not to be used.

    Preloadvegetation seems, to me, be on right tracks allthough causing some anoying side efects.

  11. Ever since ofp i have done arty with a script that just places random explosions at target area.

    This arty module gave me a reason to try with real battery.

    I thought i share what i came up with.

    You can see how it works from the sample mission but i did also wrote instructions in readme file.

    It's nothing fancy but those that don't do scripting could find this usefull.