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  1. Hey Folks, My mates and I are putting on a few games of this classic RTS game to keep us occupied while they wait for ArmA2. If anyone is interested, forum PM me. You don't need any purchases to play. Just a 450 MB download, and the use of Ventrilo for chatting to us. Will be starting at 6pm (GMT) tonight so hit me up if you fancy it! Peace out (WAR!)
  2. nedley

    equipment help

    Hello mate Welcome to the forums. There is a lot to learn about Arma2. Things such a weapon selection depend on which mission you are playing (Multiplayer or not). These things are setup by the mission creator, and so not all missions follow the same kit selection scripts which you may have encountered on some servers, or indeed player respawns on death. Try looking into ofpec editing guide to get an idea of what kind of things are defined by the mission.
  3. That would be the secondary ops managment system or ambient combat module. Nothing to do with this topic or the game, just one poorly designed mission, MUTHAF!
  4. Its totally clear, I don't ununderstand at all.
  5. nedley

    Arma 2 is like..........

    Completely erroneous. Troll. Towns are on one level? If you press the players filter at the top of the multiplayer menu, you'll see at least a dozen server with 50%+ population. The reason they are empty during the day? Arma2 isn't a kids game. Us adults are at work. Your post is like...... a boxing match with no punching.
  6. This is a problem with your monitor resolution and the size arma.cfg is rendering to your system. Goto my documents, find your Arma2 profile folder, open the document arma.cfg (or create one). Find your resolution e.g. Resolution_W=1024; -Screen resolution (Width) Resolution_H=768; -Screen resolution (Height) and enter the following so they are the same, thusly filling your screen. Render_W=1024; Render_H=768;
  7. No probs cheif. Me and my buddies are having a briefing into arma2 tonight if your interested. We'll run through the basics, commands, comms, and some tactics, battle simulations etc. Once you’ve got the grasp of the command system you’ll have your ‘micro’ down to a tee, ordering your troops to do more complex things in no-time.
  8. Select the injured player, F2 or example, and once highlighted press 6 (action menu) and the 1. Heal at corpsman, or similar. You can do with with both units, medic and injured player. Happy healing.
  9. nedley

    LGB's and ground support.

    Not quite. Someone needs to 'paint' a target with the laser desagnator. The pilot/gunner then needs to press the target selection button (default TAB) until 'Laser Target' appears. A box will appear on the screen, where the target is. The pilot then needs to fly over the target and drop the LGB at the precise moment the square target box has a lock (this will appear as a Square surrounded by a circle). This is of course assuming you are using actual players, not AI. With AI, you will need to be in the same group as the plane, and you will have to target with the laser yourself, then tell the AI to target (F2, 2-then laser target) and command the AI to engage (F2, 3-4 I think). Happy blasting.
  10. Its a reality simulation.... so its hard. You'll just have to better your tactics, or die a lot.
  11. Coloured circles: Have you noticed the coloured circled in the sides of your screen, and when you turn about there is something there? It was in Arma1 also. I'd always see a white blurry circle in the sky before I saw a plane or chopper. Anyway it seems: Empty vehicles, civiliants and wildlife: White blur circule Enemy units: Red blur circle Friendly units: Green blur circle Its quite an immersion killer when there are coloured blurrs all over the sides of your screen, showing you where the enemy is (especally useful in multiplayer PVP, but not at all fair).
  12. nedley

    What a MESS!!!!

    Practical view-distance (infantry) needs be no higher than 2000. For air, no more than 4000. Change it accordingly depending on the type of mission your playing. Please in future try to TROUBLESHOOT before TROLLING. Get yourself an FPS counter and play with the settings to find your optimal. Some-times, higher settings in things such as terrain give higher FPS.
  13. nedley

    Rotor collision

    This could be dangerous! Its hard enough landing a chopper in full veteran (no third-person) without worrying about a twig snapping off your rotors. Tress do damage to the choppers, and I'm happy at that. If they start messing with this proposal we risk too much. For a mod, maybe. For the intense, quick and dangerous landings under-fire in the tournaments we play, no thanks.
  14. nedley

    Bland dull landscape

    Post some screenshots. It could just be your system. I don't find any issues personally, and quite enjoy the realism of the landscape, especially from height.
  15. I'll drink to that! Tea please, weak, no sugar or milk, my bladder.
  16. nedley

    3rd person versus Egoshootermode

    Wants to see more of this train of thought in servers!
  17. Take a look at www.arma-tow.com Great bunch of guys, international following. Fun to have a squad with 2 yanks, 1 Brit, 1 Danish fella and a few Swedish. They play weekly big oganised battles. Not a 'clan'. Many members of the community also play elsewhere when we're not playing ATOW.
  18. Simple idea........ You post what comes next in the mission, and we build it. Please try to follow on from the above post, and most of all, make it FUN laaaaaaaaaaaaa :bounce3: Unconstructive or absurd plots will be omitted from the story. Any obvious blanks in the story will be filled in by me (**) but input is appreciated. 1. The sun is setting over the distant hills, and Sergey and Lena Andreev are herding their live-stock in for the evening, when a wounded man comes stumbling out of the clearing......... 2. The wounded man begs the Andreevs for help, he needs medical stuff, food and shelter. 3. Then the Russians show up and ask where he is, as he ran in your direction. (he hid himself prior to Russian arrival) 4. Before Sergey can respond, the 'wounded' man lunges towards Lena with inhuman speed from behind an obstruction. 5. Lena steps aside but not before the man secretly deposits a note into her hand. The man is then led away. 6.The note read: "Please Help My People" under that were a set of longutiude and latitude coordinates. 7. Lena call back an russian officer - "This man give me that note! If he is Terrorist and killer, there must be coordinates of his base!" (Lena, Sergey - its russian names. They cannot be against russians) 8. The Russian officer did not believe Lena, and began to walk back to the trucks. 9. "Please, wait!", Sergey stops the officer - "i have seen the logo this note before! This is those terrorist bastads who killed my family, blowing up my kids at school five year ago! Please, trust me and let me go with you! I have something to say to those murderers..." 10. The officer glares at Sergey and says through his teeth: "I know you have provided shelter to these renegades in the past, so don't you try to confuse us... You have sold your Motherland to these treacherous imperialistic renegades, and now you are trying to set us up for a trap?!" With that he draws out a pistol and shoots Sergey at point blank range. Lena lets out a shriek and lunges towards her husband who is now lying on the ground. She puts his head in her lap and hugs him and kisses him, her tears flowing down on his face. The soldiers get in their trucks and leave. 11. Sergey is taken away by helicopter never to be seen again. Lena's cattle are confiscated for the Russian army cause. For sympathizing with the pro-Western government of Chernarus, Lena is deported to a remote settlement in eastern Siberia, where she dies of tuberculosis a year later. 12. Reports of the isolated incident reach the pro-western government head quarters, which despatch all of their limited resources to defend their Northern outpost: They fear their poor comrade may have submitted to their questions during torture and given away the location of their base. Local civilians, fearful of their own safety and the impending Russian forces, create road blocks and protest against the pro-western forces, urging them to find an alternative peaceful resolution. Protests quickly turn violent and the pro-western forces silence the civilians with deadly force, killing many. 12. Meanwhile, the delay in reinforcements meant the terrorist bases were destroyed. Russian news channels report how Russian special forces found further information about false imprisonment and mass killing action and actions of intimidation, sponsored by US forces. In the UN, tempers flare and outspoken politicians and world leaders alike absolutely condemn the actions of the Pro-Western Government and the U.S. The United Nations order The U.S. to pay compensation to people Chernarus. Fearful of retaliation and the implications of admitting genocide, the U.S. refuse responsibility and point the finger at the Russians, attempting to shift the focus on the illegal Military occupation of Cherarus and the Russian Military Government Dictatorship. Russia contests the accusations, claiming Cherarus as part of the Russian Federation. 13. Considering that the pro-Western Chernarus government won the last democratic elections by a sliding victory, the Russian forces had a hard time trying to put down the resistance of Chernarussians. "Pacification of Chernagorsk" by the Russian forces has become a most tragic episode in the history of this proud country--where tanks were used to disperse civilian protesters with no respect for human life. The Russian-backed former separatist general from South Zagoria was installed as prime-minister, effectively turning the country into a dictatorship with military law. Most of the Chernarussians that did not already flee from their homes when the conflict broke out were deported to the Far East regions of Russia, and replaced with new settlers, who were encouraged to emigrate to Chernarus from Russia to fill in the void. It will be another twenty years or so before the corruption of the military junta of Chernarus would lead to another crisis and the people of Chernarus allowed to return to their homes to overthrow the dictatorship and elect their own government. 14. At the forefront of this struggle are the Native Chernarussians, those that dared to resist against the Russian Separatist Dictator's rein. Loyal to the one glorious Pro-Western allegiance, the Native Chernarussians are secretly funded by The U.S., and plot to take a final stand against the Russians in this long and drawn-out conflict by 'cutting the head off the snake'. 15. The ‘U.S. lead insurgency’ as it is known to local Russian settlers and the Russian military has taken the spotlight in recent news broadcasts. An increase in ‘gorilla’ style attacks and bombings on key instalments has concerns running high. The Russian Military Advisory group convene to discuss how to quell the terrorist threat. 16. 'Bob', the Russian in charge of the Advisory Group opens the meeting by saying this, "We must and we will eliminate the threat this whole region is facing. We will do this by any and all means at our disposal. We must not shirk away from our responsibilities to the people. These 'Western' pro democracy infidels will not be allowed to stay on these shores...". 17. When Bob's statement reaches US ears tension runs high. The president contacts a Russian ambassador and sets up a meeting. He confronts the ambassdor about it.
  19. Was actually trying to alter my setting to try to get your problem on my system. Turning on UPnP on my router did it exactly. Could see the games, ping them, connect but not slot select, and my ping was thousands. Try turning it off. Otherwise, maybe a system format if your serious about the game. Could be the only way if you have some sort of corrupt setting blocking you... What is your ISP? Some have a history of suddenly changing people to require proxy settings to be entered manually as they had a sudden increase in downloads. ---------- Post added at 03:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:31 PM ---------- One other suggestion, disable everything running but essential windows settings. Goto Start, run, type 'msconfig' Tick 'selective startup' Leave all boxes ticked. Goto the Startup tab. Disable everything that isn't essential or windows programs Goto 'Services' Click 'Hide all microsoft services' Disable All Services. Save/Apply the settings, reboot your PC. Try again and report back. ---------- Post added at 03:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:37 PM ---------- and I just realised I gave you the wrong info before on resetting your winsocket. You should open command promt 'cmd' in the run menu to reset your winsocket.
  20. nedley

    What exactly is this game?

    Loves the personification of 'BIS'
  21. nedley

    The Community Mission

    Russians, USA and Chernarussians are simply the available factions in game. There are no real-life political, social or even justifiable comparisons to be made from this, fictional story. Please remain on topic, post what you would like to see in the mission. As I said earlier, it depends which side your on as to who the bad guy is!
  22. nedley

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Yes, we already have one system with SLI on these cards and get good performance. Arma2 does support SLI. I have a 9800 GTX which is being outperformed by the 8800GTS SLI setup so i'm after a cheap secondhand 8800GTS to SLI our second system. For the money-performance ratio its the best bet. 40-80 quid for a 25-50% improvment is better than 150-200 quid for a 50-75% improvment for our budget.
  23. nedley


    If you join a server, you download the mission to your PC. You can find it in My documents, 'ArmA2' or 'ArmA2 Other Profiles', Your Profile name, MPmissions. As for the TDM. You can make one in minutes, use a template from Armaholic.com to make life easy for yourself. Play about with the editor and read into vehicle respawn scripts. 99% of Arma1 editing applies to Arma2. Good luck
  24. nedley

    The Community Mission

    One man's freedom-fighter is another man's terrorist. Who's to say this mission won't take on the role of the Russians? Please try to keep your own political prejudices out of this. This is a fictional story on a game. Lets try to represent both sides to keep things interesting. 15. The ‘U.S. lead insurgency’ as it is known to local Russian settlers and the Russian military has taken the spotlight in recent news broadcasts. An increase in ‘gorilla’ style attacks and bombings on key instalments has concerns running high. The Russian Military Advisory group convene to discuss how to quell the terrorist threat.