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  1. interesting to see how this develops, keep up the great work ! when testing this, mp version is only for dedi servers not self hosted games right?
  2. exactly I run hundreds of small addons, mostly fixes (GDT,Proper;Truemods etc... i have kind of my very own Warmod running) without those i dont play ArmA. Some of those would also be great and NEEDED in IF. But i dont think they will make it into this game. I hope future proves me wrong. On the other hand its great for PvP gameplay to have all servers on the same "addon-status", BUT im not very interested in PvP with the ArmA engine because the grafics are not very consistent among all clients (u cant force same grafic settings on all clients - which makes fair gameplay impossible) + the main big problem of grass clutter not being rendered at greater distances.
  3. vram values were almost the same, but 3dPerformance was something under 100000. what i forgot was to delete the cfg after patching. that was a tip back in the days when many players struggled with arma2...
  4. +1 i dont understand why the devs build so high detailed big urban environments when its clear that this engine cant handle it unless u have a nasa rig (chernogorsk and elekrozavozk on chernarus still dont work very well FPS wise, when theres a bit AI action around)
  5. runforrest

    Graphic mind melt.

    what helps for me a bit is using ATOC. Vegetation doesnt look good with it imo but LOD popping is reduced and i also get a bit more FPS. in ur IF.cfg set FSAA=1 (must be enabled or ATOC wont work) ATOC=6
  6. errr u serious? @jtmedina ur cpu might be the bottleneck, what is it in detail? this is ur rig? thats more like lower or lowest midrange performance than a but even if u have better cpu and graficscard, locations with many enterable buildings and so many small details around, as in if44, the engine obviously cant handle that very well
  7. runforrest

    Graphic mind melt.

    its not your ATI, i had the same in OA with 5770, when close to buildings. it is fixed now, but now i have same problem with IF44 with a 560gtx. see here : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?134767-first-impression-and-any-questions/page11 post 105 what helps a bit for me is when i enable ATOC (needs AA enabled), but still big towns r not playable, surprise! surprise! well we have nice detailed towns to look at - use them? no no how u dare!
  8. runforrest

    Growing Tomatoes

    I want bananas! XD nice post, although im not sure if it fits
  9. no. i have a second small monitor for TS and stuff. i should add the map fps drop now happened 4 times. 3 times i was connected to hosted(no dedi) coop game. and just a few minutes ago i was on pvp *FK* test server (dedi) , when i used the parajump feature and clicked on the map, again fps drop when i closed the map. alt tab fixed it
  10. i just had my first positive gameplay experience. the texture and lod popping is much reduced when i stay away from towns, it is still there but much reduced. its exact the same problem that i had in OA. so when i play at countryside the experience is quite nice. stunning atmosphere. all those little details, no matter what obejct u look at, just beautiful! on the other hand i encountered another bad bug. i had MAJOR fps drops (9fps max) at mission start of the coop mission where u have to take out the kingtiger. i also had it in the ambush mission when i opened the map and closed it again. than when i open map again fps rise again to normal (ca45fps), when close map again just 9fps. i will open new topic regarding that to find out if there is others having the same problem.
  11. @becubed yes it is :) Nothing helps, no matter what, i had many problems since arma2 release (just see my posts/rants in the link above http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?112394-ATI-cards). Many people told me this and that, some said i should lower my expectations, jea right blablabla... . The problem is in the game! All players that have problems with that low res popping, take my advice: stop searching the problem at ur end, its wasted time. My OA is running fine now(still not perfect), on high - very high settings (given the right missionsetup). IF44 lacks the fixes from latest OA developments. It was said IF44 is based on latest OA technology - what i see on my pc when i compare IF44 and OA proves that this is not the case.Ill just wait for patches, that fix this grafic mess, and than we can talk about other needed fixes (e.g. what i just discovered: german voice translation when u command AI is totaly f...; surpisingly not one german review of the game from the arma community that i read noticed that, or didnt write about it - pink glasses anyone? lol
  12. check this out: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?134844-IF-LIB-44-Photography-I-No-images-over-100kb-Pictures-only-NO-comments post 8 nice eh? looks familiar? it does! : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?112394-ATI-cards check the screens at the bottom of my post So its not ATI, its not a certain driver or driver settings, its not ArmA/IF44 settings, its in the engine ! and it is fixed in OA!
  13. higher res:
  14. U sure u want that? :) Because right now my rating wouldnt be very good, maybe 3/10. I would give this 3 points because of the absolute top notch qualitiy at the textures/models/design of weapons,units,vehicles,maps. Also because of the new features compared to ArmA OA. The Campaigns seem VERY intersting, voice acting in the german campaign is outstanding (so far the game let me play it). But all those positives get washed away because right now im not able to use the game. In the future i will give it a 9/10 or 10/10 for sure :)
  15. @KBourne ur quite lucky when ur game doesnt crash and even seem to be looking good My game crashed everywhere so far, if its SP or MP, and than when it does not crash, i get stopped by not working trigger, or whatever it is, in the russian campaign after few minutes! Common thats a joke. Whats so hard to find a not working trigger a few minutes after campaign start? Devs should be able to fix this within minutes. I mean, for me thats not that big problem in the end, because i know it will get fixed, but this game will get very bad rating from gaming magazines because of stupid avoidable bugs like that. What piss me off is this: I have the game running with same settings as OA (see my sig - OA runs fine now finally after patch 1.60 and my new gtx560, i waited for that 3 years!!!) Its told this game is on same level as OA with patch 1.60. I cant see that at all. Vegetation rendering especially is far away from what it looks like on chernarus, and chernarus itself still could need a bit of improvement regarding LOD popping (i know latest betas r fiddling with that-and im happy its in the works). I cant play a game where i have to look for the enemy in camosuits very carefully, when the vegetation is changing its shape all the time. Theres so much movement on the screen it would be hillarious if it wasnt a game that i just spend money for.
  16. runforrest

    Mission 1 and stuck :-0

    after shooting the targets with the artilllery gun, what than? i have no task, the commander says nothing... at least this mission didnt crash so far, the german campaign already crashed for me 3 times after a few minutes.
  17. Impressions after few hours: (Patched at 1.01 and i know how to setup grafics and stuff with this engine) Bad, im disappointed tbh. This is never on status of 1.60 OA patch. Biggest flaw: LOD popping, low res texture loading like crazy! I tried playing sp szenario german side where u get in a plane at start. The game crashed 4 times right at start after i got in plane. I didnt dare to try another sp szenario. MP test. C&H on Legion X server. After the mission loaded and the screen is still black i already died the first time just like that. Than - respawn, anywhere. I walk around, few minutes later the missionscreen shows what mission im playing and the mission kills me and tells me to choose respawnpoint wtf? Choosing respawnpoint doesnt work nor does changing the class. I tried 15 minutes to understand how that works. No chance. 10 deaths, didnt see 1 enemy but stuck in respawnmenu. Coop test. Ambush mission. First impression - NICE! Thats a szenario what i like. On the way heading to the ambushpoint- nice 40-50 FPS on high to very high settings - as it should be - BUT lod and texture popping at vegetation like crazy - in OA Chernarus that belongs to the past- but not here, and like that, its not very enjoyable. Nvm i went on with the mission. I see the scout vehicle, distance maybe 100m or less, i kill the driver - reaction of other AIs in the vehicle - none, i killed them all without a hassle. The convoy approaches, i pull my AT and hit the troop transport, AIs disembark and stay where they are, easy targets. I get hit by other AI and try to get cover behind a fallen tree. Next disappointment - known from default arma - the launcher blocks my view in prone stance. I get up so i can see something, i fire a few rounds - thats the moment when the game freezes - i have to close it via task manager. Next test. I join MP server, pvp dogfight, no AI : 25 FPS. Common is that it? Really? Its not! I like the attention of detail on maps, the guns, the vehicles, the soldiers. The Trenches!! Oh boy how long was i waiting to see this in the ArmA series - love it. I bought this because of the new destruction system on vehicles, but i havent even tried it yet because the flaws dominate the overall picture. Its a repeating im-not-ready-yet-slap in my face that keeps me away from enjoying this. I can see the jewel in this, but it needs time and work so that it can really shine - as usual with this engine, but i expected more - my fault i guess
  18. i like that new feature, but how its done, it doesnt feel right. strafing to the left is like ur standing still, strafing to the right is faster??? errr jea... will see how this plays in mp pvp, i have the feeling it wont be that nice, at least for me another thing i just noticed: popping of grass 3m in front of urself, i know thats arma2 default like on chernarus. but hey theres a fix for it since ages from GDT (gdt-server.net // low plants addon, its the file gdtmod_plants2_clutter.pbo, it makes the appearing of grass into view very smooth.
  19. first impression from a quick walk in the editor: HURRAY! ugly lowres tex-lowres LOD - popping trees are back *facepalm* performance seems ok so far the new default normal-walk animation looks,feels,sounds very weird. i guess ill walk alot in crouch mode now the maps are amazing, already love them AND i miss JSRS :) oh and as i already seen it in a lot of videos: why was ATOC=on chosen as default setting? vegetation looks so bad with that, AA off and FXAA enabled looks so much better and gives way more fps, or is that just on my system? i dont believe that as i seen it with my old 5770 and now with 560gtx
  20. runforrest

    What's the point of playing Vanilla Style?

    let me rename that :) Whats the point in playing vanillla with tons of flaws when u can have addon with 100% working fixes? im really surprised that theres seemingly really so much players out there that play without any so much needed fixes. my default setup looks like this: -mod=G:\ArmA2;Expansion;ca;Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion;@cba;@cba_a2;@cba_oa;@xtra_ukf_l115a3;@xtra_tf86_seals;@xtra_oa_ukf_ukweaps;@xtra_british3rifles;@xtra_ukf_misc;@xtra_ukf_shared;@xtra_ukf_landrovers;@xtra_baf_repl_burns;@add_tracerswar;@add_vaportrails;@add_oa_bd_tracer;@add_tpw_houselights;@fix_andymags;@fix_carglass;@fix_landtex;@fix_sakulightfx;@fix_sakusun;@fix_sap_clutter;@fix_sthud;@fix_stmovement;@fix_vftcas;@fix_zp5_at_fix;@fix_oa_weapfeatures;@fix_oa_tgw_thermalscopes;@fix_oa_tgw_veh;@fix_mk4_nvadjust;@fix_mk4_hudinfo;@fix_at_gui_oa;@fix_streamlined_radio;@gdt_oa_tgw_glsights_extend;@gdt_compass;@gdt_jav;@gdt_nopopgrass;@gdt_at_sights;@gdt_ub_gl_sights;@gdt_rifle_nvgoggles;@gdt_noopticreflection;@gdt_mg_nest;@jtd_fatrain;@jtd_birds;proper_oa;@dfs_3rdperson;@vd_oa;@trueuser;@truegameplay;@smartphone;@blastcore_visuals_r1.2;@ai_asr_ai;@jsrs1.4;@jsrs_ukf;@jayarma2lib;@acre;@lea 2/3 of that is clientside fixes that imo belong into a patch, and i NEVER play without them, even when that means that i almost cant find any servers that i can join. And unfortunately i already know that there will be again lots more fixes needed for ArmA3, because new features means new bugs. So u have new bugs + old-not fixed bugs=perfect mess, and that will keep me away from ArmA3 for sure the first months (if its not performance <30fps)
  21. nice addon takistan buildings look so much better with this while testing it i noticed that sometimes buildings would switch light on when very close to them (10m) i also thought it might be better if just a few random buildings would have lights and not all, its a bit weird when u walk through a town and all buildings have lights when u r close but when u move away a the town is completely dark
  22. thx for clarification on this. it might be a good idea to put this kind of information on an info page, to prevent misunderstandings or false conclusions.
  23. this would include that campfires spawn right under our feet when we create them, or make them already on fire so that we can find them. i dont know how much time i already wasted by searching for the damn thing. >gamestoper same goes for tents. first time when i used it, it was gone when i reconnected to the server. i didnt bother to try it out again just to find out that its lost again.>gamestoper also if i risk to repeat myself here - the totaly userunfriendly inventory system needs an overhaul. i know its default arma2 problem but this mod forces the player to use the inventory way more often than in default arma2 gameplay. >gamestoper and dropped backpacks are lost forever including everything in it. or when u drop something when u are on or inside a structure, most of the time droped stuff will fall through the floor. >gamestoper this is all stuff that u come across when u are on ur own and just want to survive outside of towns. i have to fight vs bugs not zombies or other players. i cant enjoy the mod like that at all. but in the end it seems its just me as there is so many full servers 24/7. i wish i could ignore all the flaws like all other players seem to do, but even if i did, well... theres on more thing... flares and chemlights RIGHT IN UR FACE... LOL sry that was harsh i know... i guess im disappointed
  24. we need more EU servers. both EU r full and on FR1 and FR2 i always get stuck at receiving data and "waiting for server response". many other players in lobby experiencing this as well. i dont understand how others were able to play and enjoy this for hours or even days. theres so much server disconnects,updates,full servers,ingame bugs... and when theres finally nothing like that u get a bullet from a bandit in your head... sigh waiting for beta status or 1.0...
  25. same here, couldnt join EU servers at all this night now i got past loading screen, but im stuck at "requesting charakter data from server" - but no biggies - i know its alpha version :) more frustrating is when u can finally join u have to deal with the annyoing arma inventory - this mod unfortunatley really shows how bad inventory managment is in arma plus a few other gamestopers: - when u drop things in buildings they fall through the floor and r gone forwever - dropped backpacks cant be accesed or repicked, and with the this uncomfortable inventory design u can drop backpacks very easy by fault - sometimes all sound effects r muted after being injured - flares and chemlights block vision when carried in hand the mod is great but imo theres lot of work to do on default arma to make this really enjoyable