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    Stuck on Alpha version .55?

    Precisely what i needed, thank you!
  2. Greetings, Apparently I'm stuck on Alpha version .55, and Steam doesn't seem to want to update my game (no updates showing as pending within Steam, yet corner of game screen still shows "Alpha [Development] 0.55.104711") Was the .56 update a targeted update only, or did I miss something important? Despite the issues some folks are having with .56, I'd still like to have the latest version. All mods deactivated, running stock game only.
  3. WWSandMan


    That would be something the server admin sets when the mission is first started. The server admin can set the mission to no human OpFor at all, or anything up to 1:2 ratio (or is it 1:1 now?) BluFor vs OpFor. If the server admin won't re-start the mission with (more) OpFor seats available, you would be well advised to find a different server to play on. Me too, but usually on servers that have edited the latest version of the default Insurgency mission for their own goals.
  4. WWSandMan


    I've noticed my own score goes backward and into the negative if I am manning a vehicle mounted weapon system. I'm going to guess that's a minor bug. Fast work-around: don't use vehicle mounted weapon systems if your score matters to you.
  5. WWSandMan

    Sneaky Bastard Insurgency Guide

    Outstanding, thank you sir!
  6. WWSandMan

    Sneaky Bastard Insurgency Guide

    Apparently I am not a Google member, since all I get when trying to view/download the guide is a link to sign in (or sign up for) some Google-something account. Any chance that guide may be available as a .pdf or mirrored in normal html somewhere? I have no interest in signing up for anything Google, thank you.