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  1. Looks awesome, can't wait to try it out. I hope they'll be possible to use without using default keybinds (I'm still using OFP keys, mostly :p) Are you going to do new pistol animations as well? Because that would be amazing.
  2. No. Some units have higher stamina levels, but those are the special forces units mostly(only, I think). All "Normal" soldiers have the same levels.
  3. It's just you. Knowing which one would help me formulate a more accurate answer.
  4. The Map Tools, at least, and probably the DAGR, are now in the magic box, and is and always has been available through addWeapon (ACE_DAGR and ACE_Map_Tools)
  5. Yup, that happens sometimes when you get shot. It happens to players too :D
  6. If they're not in the ruck box/magicbox, then they're only available as BI backpacks, yes.
  7. From what I can see on http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Tracking+notes the least complicated way to do it is to add (group _unit) setVariable ["ace_sys_tracking_marker_override", true] to all the groups you don't want to track.
  8. Pressing save does save your settings provided you have clippi running in the background. If you think that's too "user friendly", ask bis to implement saving data to files natively into the engine so we don't need to make "user friendly" things.
  9. The laser code switching isn't fully implemented yet. When it's finished, the FAC/FO can set his designator to a specific code, and the pilot can set his systems to the same codes. In essence, bombs etc. will only home in on a laser with the same code as the pilot set in the plane, so you can have several FAC/CAS pairs active in the area at the same time. Eventually also stuff like launching mulple-round copperhead salvos at a column of vehicles, f.ex.
  10. Did you try the self-interaction menu? (Check the ACE settings dialogue if you don't know which button it is)
  11. Make a ticket and specify which boxes.
  12. Are your jumpers inside the plane? If they're not, try that. If they are and it still doesn't work, make a ticket on the issue tracker.
  13. See if the documentation helps: http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Eject_HALO_System+notes
  14. This again? How many times must we say that the AH1Ws were never gone?
  15. Wow, I'm embarrased I haven't seen this before now. I was a driver on a 206, and I'm excited to see it appearing in arma.
  16. It means primaryweapons can now be the weapon part of a tripod+weapon combo. The code only supported secondaryweapon parts before. The only direct impact that has at the moment is that you can now mount the M240 on a M122 tripod
  17. Weirdly; yes. http://dev-heaven.net/docs/ace/files/main/fnc_swapM4forSCAR-sqf.html#ACE_fnc_swapM4forSCAR
  18. Sorry, but that's not an ACE weapon (We like to keep things a tad more realistic :p). I'm pretty sure it's actually isla duala :D
  19. There's a max number of cartridges that can be present at once, so once that number is reached the oldest cartrigdes will start to disappear. So having 20 minigunners will have exactly the same impact as one bloke with a lee-enfield.
  20. When you hit an armoured vehicle with an AT weapon there's no guarantee it'll penetrate the ERA+passive armour and if it does there's no guarantee it'll actually hit anything important. Apart from the T72 and older tanks, you'll see massive explosions very rarely.
  21. Note that the rangefinders are not perfectly accurate. There's something like a +- 10m error iirc, so if you're seeing an 1-2 MOA error at 800m, that could be the rangefinder's fault. You can try to use setpos on the target relative to the shooter to get exact range and see if it changes.