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  1. Very, very nice stuff. I haven't seen tank systems this realistic since NonWonderDog's M1A1 and T72 FCS mod from Arma1. The lead being added looks particularly impressive. Being a Steel Beasts player I'm looking forward to trying this in arma a lot. (SB also has both M1 FCS/GPSes)
  2. vking

    Real Armor Mod

    Hey Olds, good job on the release. I haven't tested the effects in-game yet, but I've browsed through the configs and found a pretty big boo-boo: You've included the entire config for every vehicle you've modified, which is pretty useless and can affect other mods that are changing different things on the vehicle. You should clean up your configs so they only include the items you are actually changing. Keep it up.
  3. Hmm, that seems to be a bug. Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it.
  4. Update: Version 303. [*] Fixed an issue that could cause rpt spam when deleting or hiding markers. [/List] Download link updated in the OP.
  5. I'm working on making a way to create markers during missions. It works by making a specific marker during the mission, using the regular double-click method, and you enter the type you want as the text. It's pretty basic, and probably won't become much more advanced, but if it works out the way I hope it will work during briefings.
  6. The pbo goes somewhere in your load order. You should check the armaholic page, they add some good documentation. You should read the included readme for an explanation of the full command structure, but the simple way to do it is adding ["unique markername", this, visual style (west/east/independent/"unknown"), ["types","of","graphics"], group size (from -1 to 11), marker scale, [side(s) of players who can see this marker], "Text visible on the map"] call vk_fnc_addMarker to a unit's init field. For example ["Blue1",this,west,["infantry"],1,2,[west,independent],"Player's squad"] call vk_fnc_addMarker; You can drop everything after the first array if you want, they're optional. The marker will follow the unit around. If you want it to stay still instead, put in getpos this as the second parameter.
  7. I've updated to version 302. Link in the OP. The only change is that I added a missing texture file. I also noticed the last update didn't include the server key in the zip, so it's now been included as well.
  8. Sorry, no. Because of how these markers are constructed (multiple separate parts put on top of eachother), I can't make them available through the double click interface. (Well, I could, but I'd have to make several hundred image files instead of a few dozen, and you'd have to scroll through all of them.) I agree the support for placing markers during briefing/mission in Arma is lacking, but because of how scripts work during the briefing I don't think I can make a workaround possible. These markers are, and will be for the foreseeable future, only available through the scripting command.
  9. Updated to 301 Some backend cleanup Improved readability of some symbols Added "cargo" symbol for air groups and air vehicles Added "fighter" symbol for air vehicles Added markers for air vehicles - To use add "airunit" to the mod array. Added unknown style markers - Use "unknown" as type instead of a side Updated download link in the OP.
  10. It's based on the NATO APP-6A / US MIL-STD-2525C standard.
  11. Sure. Here's the HK21 texture and the M136. I know the Mk82 is supposed to have a rough surface, but it looks like there's some artefacting there as well. Looking at it again I also noticed the M4's texture is reversed on the right side, but that's merely nitpicking at this point.
  12. Then if you'll permit me I'll share my first impressions after giving the mod a cursory run-through. Firstly, the units look really good. I don't know if the real HAF have the flags on the arms of their uniforms facing "forward" or not, though. Nothing to point out apart from that. Secondly, however, many of the weapons and the aircraft are pretty bad. Some are really bad. On many of the weapons and all of the aircraft, the textures are plagued with what looks like compression artefacts and look very low-res. I especially noticed it on the HK21 and M136. I noticed the belt animation on the M60 is very jerky and the belt clips into the gun quite badly while firing. When the HK21 is unloaded there's a piece of loaded belt hanging stiffly off the gun. The aircraft cockpits are nonfunctional static textures (maybe except the M2000 'pit, which looks like it at least has a working ADI). I can't be sure, but they look like straight ports from OFP. I know you said they're not finished, but I'm sorry I would have called the visual quality bad in an Arma 1 mod. On the F-4 "Ghost of the Aegean" (? I think, can't remember the name exactly) I couldn't change to any weapons other than the cannon. In short, what I like are the units and the equipment crates (which were new and good-looking). The other stuff I think you could do well enough without until it's brought up to the same standard. As it is all it does is drag the overall impression down.
  13. Why is every config file from ca/ included in this addon?
  14. vking

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Seriously awesome stuff!
  15. VKings APP-6A markers (I.e. NATO standard markers) So a while ago I decided I didn't like the lack of diversity in the standard Arma unit markers and decided to create my own. However the sheer amount of markers that would be required would be staggering and probably completely fill up the marker list in the editor, so I decided to create a modular set of graphics and a script to create several layers of them to compose the desired marker. Current features include a wide variety of available graphics allowing you to create a marker for any* kind of unit you want. Markers can track a unit or vehicle's movement or be placed wherever. The addon's been tested for a while by the United Operations community and I haven't been told of any problems so far. * may not actually be 'any' Download through Six Updater Download Requires CBA.
  16. Updated to version 023. Added "airborne" and "amphib" markers.
  17. Script. It's more for mission makers who want more realistic map markers in their mission. I don't consider the addon finished quite yet. I'm still planning on adding individual equipment markers for vehicles (i.e. a different marker for a single tank than for a platoon of tanks, for example). Plus I haven't yet wanted to think about the implementation with/replacing the current ACE marker setup.
  18. Updated to 021. Added signature files. Also added to Six Updater network sixupdater://mod=5e00c756-c2dd-11e1-928c-001517bd964c
  19. Now that I'm awake I realized that maybe not everyone uses 7zip (although they should) so I updated the download link to a .zip file instead.
  20. I installed the P&C Beta today, but during and after the install AVG's been telling carrier.exe is infected with a Win32/Heur virus. I'm running AVG 2012.0.2126, virus database 2409/4918 dated 06.04.12 09:18. Can someone confirm/deny?
  21. vking

    ACE for OA 1.12

    This is a pretty good explanation of how the Javelin is employed: As you can see, the reason you can't lock on in day mode is, that while the CLU has an independent thermal viewer and daylight camera, you lock on using the missile's IR seeker directly.
  22. vking

    ACE for OA 1.12

    ACE does indeed simulate tandem warheads against reactive armour. The PG-7VR has quite a bit more penetration than the PG-7VL, though, in addition to ignoring reactive armour.
  23. vking

    ACE for OA 1.11

    E: Notetoself: Don'tpostwhiletired.
  24. vking

    ACE for OA 1.11

    You need to add the so called CSWDM mags to the units, so you need to add ACE_DSHKM_CSWDM for the DShKM, and ACE_AGS30_CSWDM for the AGS.