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  1. Well how could i have seen that coming? How is it that whenever I request something, everyone just ignores it. Doesn't matter what forum it never gets answered, except when i need help with something. *sigh* :(

    Stop whining - Reasons to stop whining:

    1, completing a request takes time.

    2, not all requests get completed - Look back you'll see plenty of complaining.

    3, these requests are optional, if nobody's interested then tough luck.

  2. honzikpen;1747597']isnt the CH-53 the biggest helicopter one on world?




    russia is building a huge chopper called "HOTELHELICOPTER" or something like that.


    That was a hoax. A very old hoax.


    also a large chopper:


    That's an Mi-26.

    Mil V-12. The biggest helicopter ever built.

  3. UK_Force;1747575']To everyone in the BIS community:

    loosebruce' date=' "was" a member of the team, however 2 days ago we decided to withdraw his team status, this was due to a number of reasons, and was done very professionally.

    He has now decided to go against the NDA that he signed with Project Reality, and LEAK a video to the whole world, one which has took some time to complete and a lot of hard work ....... also part of a series of Videos to be released.

    To reiterate - [b']loosebruce has Leaked our Video, against the NDA he signed[/b]

    To me this shows an utter lack of disrespect to the Developers of Project Reality, and an absolute lack of professionalism.

    Project Reality will have nothing to do with Loosebruce from this moment, and I will now be contacting a few people, on a Legal Stance to ensure we drive this further.

    1. You broke your contract / NDA with Project Reality

    2. You have stolen work from a professional Video Artist, (trini will be onto his Lawyers too I assure you)

    As a fellow Brit, I am deeply disapointed in this situation.

    I would also be very wary of any other Mod Team thinking of using loosebruce in any future projects ........... its clear to see to the whole of the BIS community you can not be trusted at all.


    Well, that's a particularly scummy/pathetic/scumtastic/p.o.s thing to do. I hope you can find somebody with some integrity to replace him.