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  1. If you are running Combined Operations I believe grenades don't work. Otherwise, are you sure the unit you are using actually has any grenades in his gear? They should work fine like normal A2 grenades.

    I am not using armaoa.exe or combined ops this is my exe:

    "E:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\beta\arma2.exe" -mod=beta;@I44 -nosplash

  2. :yay:

    Good on ya for anything you add......as your've made a top notch mod here already....... loving it in OA......can't thank you enough. :pray:

    Just me Testing another bombing script.......

    Hey man where did you get those bomb explosions from they look great!!!

  3. Hi,

    My aircrew is standing up while the aircraft is in the air or when it is stationary on the ground. I mean they stand up like gingerbread men? Any clue? I mean you can even see their feet underneath the aircraft?:confused:

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    Never mind guys I checked the ONS/OA Canadian mod and I forgot to check ACE expansion now they are sitting where they are supposed to sit....

  4. like this?

    also any specific shoulder?

    btw it will probably look much better in game


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    i was planning to find a way to have hidden selections for patches etc' date=' 3rd id , and others


    switched to right shoulder[/quote']

    Yeah thats what I am talking about. Just add in the ini of the soldiers unit paa so Arma 2 can find the proper paa located in the pbo's data folder to attatch the proper unit patch on the left arm to be displayed. But for units like the 4th ID, 3rd ID, 101 you would have to have the unit patch on the side of the helmet as well. 101 you would have the heart on the side of the helmet to represent the 506th and of course the 101 patch on the left arm. Good idea though.... But adding most active duty units Infantry, Airborne Infantry, and Cav would be nice. If you need pics of patches shoot me a pm.