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  1. as old WW2 pack - vilas_mod, one of vilas_config_somethig

    ane WW2 pack should work

    maybe other addon colides ? 1.08 of ARMA ?

    Please check your PMs, Vilas.

    Please send me a pm too. My weapons don't fire and I made a mod folder too. Also I see at the tip of my weapons are white blocks??? One more thing I also get a eror message that states can't load villas textures...Thank you

    Nevermind I downloaded Villas vilas_mod.rar and placed the mod files in the mod folder. Problem solved duh.... Thank you I look forward to more WW2 stuff. smile_o.gif I have most of the Ofp WW2 stuff installed in my ofp directory and they are great. Now it seems WW2 stuff for Arma is going to br awesome!!!

  2. I already have the British pack, but I also would like to have WW2 British soldiers with leaves on their helmets and no I am not talking about the British paratroopers, but the ones that stormed the beaches of Normandy. I know the helmets had fish netting on them, but I am also looking for the ones that had like leaves and other stuff attached to the fish netted helmets. Thank you smile_o.gif

  3. Hello guys I know in this mod you can call for artillery strikes, by one click on the map. I know the squad leader for HYK ACU '06 has the radio pack and the option in the submenu when ingame to request artillery. Now when I go back to play a mission I made the radio and the option to call for artillery support isn't there??? Please help. Thank you banghead.gif

  4. Hello guys I am trying to make a D-Day mission consisting of Germans, US 29th Inf Div, and 2nd Ranger Battalion. Now I would like to know where can I find beach obstacles like tank traps and bob wire etc??? Where in the ofp editor can I look these obstacles up? Also what is the ini line to have US troops automatically loaded on the higgins boats for a beach assault?? thank you xmas_o.gif