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  1. Not really, but making a 120 troops playable maybe.... Oh well I thought there was a way around this. Thank you for your reply.
  2. bigstone

    fox's small projects

    Hey Bink what about those 3rd ID troops?
  3. As far as British forces are concerned is there going to be British Paras as well? The 50th ID troops look great, but the British 6th Airborne played a major role in the beginning stages of Normandy June 5, 1944.
  4. bigstone

    fox's small projects

    Man I do not like the IOTV to much of a hassle to put on and take off. I prefer the older IBA (open and close too easy.). But for making modern units yeah the IOTV.:)
  5. Are you guys going to make British Royal Marine Commandos?
  6. bigstone

    The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War)

    Awesome I can't wait!!!
  7. Great mod, but I would like to have crosshairs enabled. Is there a pbo I can delete to be able to have the crosshairs back?
  8. I tried your lingor map,but the trees are not there. I get the can't open brg_coconutpalm8.p3d, brg_jungle_tree_canopy_1.p3d, brg_banana_2.p3d? What must I install for this map to have all the required vegetation to appear?
  9. bigstone

    WarFX Particles

    How do you get the arty to work?
  10. bigstone

    SLX Mod WIP

    Man very cool mod. But how do I get rid of the radio rucksack? Thank you:)
  11. How do you make the jets attack ground targets? Also do the mortars work? I can't even fire the mortars....
  12. bigstone

    Star Wars Stormtrooper

    Is there a way to make the stormtroopers as opfor? I mean the rebels and stormtroopers do not even attack each other? Stormtroopers are under independent and the rebels are under USMC, so they will not attack each other...... They look great though....
  13. The says it all fellas. I type in for example: this addweapon "uns_m61gren"; The soldier has the grenade, but doesn't throw?
  14. bigstone

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    Warrior X I do place a waypoint and it does not fly at normal speed at all it flys really slowly???
  15. Where do I find custom throw type?
  16. bigstone

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    Hey guys how do you make the AI hueys fly faster?
  17. bigstone

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    Post some screenshots of the USMC and US Army troops... 25 more days before I can play Arma again....
  18. bigstone

    US Army 2009 Units

    Hey Bink th eline says it all. Man I have 7 months left in Afghanistan. I can't wait to come home to catch up on VBS2 and get a copy of Arma2
  19. Hi in this 1.1 version do the US Army troops have camo netting on the helmets?
  20. Cool will 3rd party ww2 stuff work in this mod?
  21. Hi guys I haven't downloaded this cool mod yet, but what US Army Divisions are in this mod? Thank you Happy 4th of July!!!
  22. bigstone


    unpack JOHNS_KINGTIGER2(BETA) into ARMA/ADDONS watch in the editor under opfor JOHNS_KÖNIGsTIGER -BETA-<-----Yes I looked and it is not listed??? Is it actually under a different name?
  23. Very nice!!! "Band of Brothers", great source for reference.
  24. What are the ini line info should I type in for soldiers to be automatically loaded into a boat transport and to have that boat take them to the beach and for the soldiers to unload and assualt the beach???