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  1. Cool man what a coincidence just finished watching Band of Brothers now this!!! Downloading now!!!! Thank guys!!!
  2. this setobjecttexture [0,spaceâ€\uns_army\data\20eng_co.paaâ€]; this setobjecttexture [0,space"\uns_army\data\196lib_co.paa"]; Just press the space bar once after [0,
  3. Well for the US, 101st, 82nd, 1st ID, 29th ID, 4th ID, 90th ID, 2nd Rangers, and 5th Rangers camo netting for most of the troops. British Paras, 50th ID, and 3rd ID (camo netted helmets) Canadians 3rd ID (camo netted helmets) That would add realism for the mod. I know you guys do not have a Utah map, but the 4th ID and 90th ID would fit well for that.
  4. Yup it sure isn't a prank...Even though it is April Fools day
  5. abandoned the CO port... Yeah right it is still March 31st overhere LOL!!! Good April Fools joke though....
  6. Yeah this is going to be a awesome mod from the first release.
  7. bigstone

    SLX Mod WIP

    Hi great mod, but how do you get rid of the red smoke grenade effects when a fire fight happens. It is killing my FPS... All I hear is a pop and all of a sudden red smoke appears??? Thank you
  8. Thank you Ice Breakr got it working nice map.
  9. OK Ice breaker I found all the pbos and deleted them. I added the updated v1.20 brg trees and the trees are still floating, but the palm trees are on the ground. Its just the huge trees that float???
  10. Hmmm ....That is strange I have A2v1.08 and OAv1.57 and it works just fine.
  11. Hey I installed this island and the trees are still floating? Oh yeah I have Arma2 OA 1.57 and also all the latest required pbo's for this island to run
  12. bigstone

    [WIP]WW2 Battleship Mod

    OK so now your going to make USN, IJN, RN, and GN?
  13. Fox nice units we need a saw gunner as well. Also troops with/without rucks as well. And a RTO guy. Looking forward to more.
  14. bigstone

    SLX Mod WIP

    Which pbo has the destroyed gore body effect? Also which pbo has the anim where the troops drag wounded soldiers? Thank you
  15. bigstone

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Are the Marines going to wear olive drab uniforms? All I seen in the clips were camo uniforms? Yeah looking good can't wait for release like the rest keep up the awesome work fellas....
  16. Cool British troops, but don't forget to add camo netted helmets on the British soldiers. You know camo net with pieces of thread from other things tied into the helmets. So basically plain helmet if you want Dunkirk type missions and camo netted helmets for D-Day missions. Just a couple of ideas.
  17. bigstone

    Predator Mod

    Cool just played and yes the predators independent side will attack blufor troops. Can't wait for the Aliens....
  18. bigstone

    Predator Mod

    Now all we need now are Aliens xenomorphs!!! Great job!!! OBTW what side are the predators on blufor or opfor?
  19. OK Jojimbo thank you for the clarification. Maybe update the 101 troops with the proper colored M42 uniform. Maybe M43 for 82nd and 101 troops for those who want to make Operation Market Garden missions.
  20. @Hans Ludwig http://www.whatpriceglory.com/pic/M42_Jacket_Reinf.jpg http://www.whatpriceglory.com/pic/M42_Trousers_Reinf.jpg
  21. @SiginArma, Yeah but for Market Garden you would have to repaint the skins to olive green M43 uniform. The one pictured in khaki colored uniform is the M42 uniform which was used in D-Day June 1944 over France.
  22. Yeah I tried the mod and the UH-1C gunship and ARA both are not C models, but they are the D models.....