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    Vilas' addons

    Please check your PMs, Vilas. Please send me a pm too. My weapons don't fire and I made a mod folder too. Also I see at the tip of my weapons are white blocks??? One more thing I also get a eror message that states can't load villas textures...Thank you Nevermind I downloaded Villas vilas_mod.rar and placed the mod files in the mod folder. Problem solved duh.... Thank you I look forward to more WW2 stuff. I have most of the Ofp WW2 stuff installed in my ofp directory and they are great. Now it seems WW2 stuff for Arma is going to br awesome!!!
  2. I already have the British pack, but I also would like to have WW2 British soldiers with leaves on their helmets and no I am not talking about the British paratroopers, but the ones that stormed the beaches of Normandy. I know the helmets had fish netting on them, but I am also looking for the ones that had like leaves and other stuff attached to the fish netted helmets. Thank you
  3. bigstone

    WWIIEC : Caen 1944

    Any Caen44 news???
  4. bigstone

    Ffur2007/@mcm-slx  missing radiopack?

    Nevermind guys I figured it out. I was using HYK soldiers, instead of the FFUR 2007 US Soldiers/Basic Infantry....
  5. Hello guys I know in this mod you can call for artillery strikes, by one click on the map. I know the squad leader for HYK ACU '06 has the radio pack and the option in the submenu when ingame to request artillery. Now when I go back to play a mission I made the radio and the option to call for artillery support isn't there??? Please help. Thank you
  6. bigstone

    1st Infantry Division

    Any chance of making 2nd ID ACU? Or 1st Air Cav in DCU?
  7. Hello guys I am trying to make a D-Day mission consisting of Germans, US 29th Inf Div, and 2nd Ranger Battalion. Now I would like to know where can I find beach obstacles like tank traps and bob wire etc??? Where in the ofp editor can I look these obstacles up? Also what is the ini line to have US troops automatically loaded on the higgins boats for a beach assault?? thank you
  8. bigstone

    Beach obstacles for d-day mission

    Thank you
  9. Looking for North Korean soldiers to battle with LCWF South Korean soldiers in a mission. The NKO.pbo file doesn't work and I get a No entry '.modelSpecial.' error everytime I try to insert the North Korean Army soldiers??? Please help Thank you
  10. bigstone

    Any dprk north korean soldier addons?

    Yeah but they do not have a download for them???
  11. bigstone


    Hello are you going to make a new LCWF updated mod for ofp? Also when I try to add North Korean Army in a mission in the mission and run the mission I get a error....All of the South Korean stuff works. Its just the North Korean Soldiers??? Also anyone know if this mod is still being developed or has been released already?: http://www.ofpd.org/koreamore2.php