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  1. I made the config and the model and texture and everything, but when i go to load up the addon i get 3 errors pertaining to the config error required version not array, connect to not array, and units not array. Anyone have a solution?
  2. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    3 small popup errors

    OK guys im so so so sorry. Those errors were not the source of my addon not working. It was a modified A-10 that i was working on that i fregot to take out. Lol. Sorry, but i am very thankful you all were will to help me.
  3. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    3 small popup errors

    Yeah i dont know still doenst work, while my knowledge of scripting is good. This is not going to probably work. Im going to try and write the config all over maybe that will help.
  4. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    3 small popup errors

    Damn, ok i did that, and still the same problem. I must have mucked up somwhere. Here is the entire config. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class CfgPatches { class MyWeapons { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {"EmergencySupplyCrate"}; requiredAddons[] = {"CAWater","CAData", "CACharacters", "CAWeapons", "CASounds", "CA_Anims_Char"}; requiredVersion = 1.08; }; }; class CfgVehicles { /*extern*/ class Strategic; class ReammoBox: Strategic { animated = 0; scope = 1; icon = "\Ca\weapons\Data\map_ico\icomap_ammo_CA.paa"; displayName = "EmergencySupplyCrate"; nameSound = "SupplyCrate"; accuracy = 0.200000; typicalCargo = {}; vehicleClass = "Ammo"; destrType = "DestructEngine"; transportMaxWeapons = 5000; transportMaxMagazines = 20000; transportAmmo = 0; transportRepair = 0; transportFuel = 0; supplyRadius = 1.400000; cost = 0; armor = 200; mapSize = 2.000000; }; class WeaponHolder: ReammoBox { scope = 1; model = "\ca\weapons\dummyweapon.p3d"; accuracy = 0.200000; class TransportMagazines { }; forceSupply = 1; showWeaponCargo = 1; transportMaxMagazines = 1000000000.000000; transportMaxWeapons = 1000000000.000000; displayName = ""; }; class EmergencySupplyCrate: ReammoBox { scope = 2; accuracy = 1000; model = "\EmergencySupplyCrate\EMSC.p3d"; displayName = "EmergencySupplyCrate"; class TransportMagazines { class _xx_M9 { weapon = "m9"; count = 2; }; class _xx15Rnd_9x9_m9 { magazine = "15Rnd_9x9_M9"; count = 8; }; class _xx_smokeshellgreen { magazine = "Smokeshellgreen"; count = 2; }; class _xx_smokeshellred { magazine = "smokeshellred"; count = 2; }; class _xx_binocular { weapon = "Binocular"; count = 2; }; class _xx_NVGoggles { weapon = "NVGoggles"; count = 10; }; }; }; oh and this is not the finished version still have sqfs to put in and such to create a tracking beacon.
  5. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    3 small popup errors

    Thank you very much.
  6. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    3 small popup errors

    I did what you said and it still happens. Ok this is what happens first these 4 things happen in order then when i click preview again arma crashes to desktop. This is the part of the config that i think this is coming from <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class CfgPatches { class CAWeapons { units[]= {}; weapons[]= {"EmergencySupplyCrate"}; requiredAddons[]= {}; requiredVersion= 1.08; }; };
  7. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Jet Fighters

    Nice job very nice job.
  8. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    HWM - HAC Huey UH-1H

    Very nice. I very much appreciate the work you guys are putting into your work. These are the kinds of things that make games playable way after the second one comes out. Nice Job
  9. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Troop transport plane??

    What line that required version pack? Please be more specific.
  10. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Visitor 3 Quick Tutorial

    ok changed them, however i still got that same error.
  11. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Visitor 3 Quick Tutorial

    So what do i do, i checked the mask and that is 2048 x 2048 and the sat is 580 x580. Is that the problem?
  12. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    CBF Shipbuilding

    is that an aircraft carrier. OMG awesome. Much obliged.
  13. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Sahrani Life

    if you wanted all of that stuff in there from Sahraniville all you would have to do is use a addon sync, maybe the one yoma came out with.
  14. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Yes, very nice. Would be useful for the upcoming unit (clan) deployment to the Adriatic sea.
  15. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Joining non dedicated servers?

    I too used to have this problem. What solved it for me is disabling my Custom Face. Hope that works for ya.
  16. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Sahrani Life

    I would say instead of a roadblock some sort of spike strip, which would be cool. Kinda hard to config i suppose.
  17. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Weapon jam

    I might sound like a noob, but i never use the EXT init. Handler, so how do i install this?
  18. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    SquadServers.com any Good?

    Im thinking about renting a server for my unit, but i want a rental place that is trustworthy and that the stuff will work. Any of you guys know if this is a good rental place or a bad one? Any feedback is welcomed. Just keep it on topic.
  19. There is an error in the Mission that prevents it from being played.
  20. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    ArmA Custom Faces For Free

    Well i just started with these, and im putting my foot in the door with the Modding community So heres my first one: First Face And it doesn't look too bad in game as long as you are using an SF character with gloves on.
  21. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Summer House Idea

    I have a model for a house, and i want to put it into arma, but i have not idea where to start with the LODS and MLEODS and all that jazz, so if someone would like to help, much would be appreciated. I think this addon would be great for Sahranivlle or some Cop oriented mission. Remember this is not my model, just trying to get it into ArmA.
  22. Finally some sort of release, thank you.
  23. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    SquadServers.com any Good?

    Ok mods please close this topic i would not like things to fly off the handle, or any hard feelings to be traded across this thread.
  24. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Summer House Idea

    Ok, I need some help with this Link to pic: Pic (Over 100 kb) How do i get that thing out of the ground, and how can i make those windows see through? Because on the inside you can see out of them.
  25. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Summer House Idea

    Could you PM me your MSN Messanger to discuss this futher on, and hell i will even give you some credit, because the more people help the cooler it will become.