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    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    I must be seeing to much of Gundam series where no matter which armies there are there are always civilians wary of whatever army having control abusing the civilians for whatever purpose so they don't want to be ruled over without at least trying to put up a fight...

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Looking good so far! Â By the way, I was thinking, if you were thinking of doing civilians, they should also have weapons of their own, of course they should be of lower-tech grade than the official military stuff, nevertheless could still pack a punch... Was kinda thinking, maybe a small tank with twin 100mm guns?

    Anyone Worried

    I wonder what the heck everybody's so worried about. It is my firm belief that if the world gets sucked up in a black hole, we'll just simply emerge at the other end - and FINALLY our curiosity will be satisfied regarding the question: Where does everything end up that enters a black hole anyway? Probable answer, already provided by the latest Indiana Jones movie: Inter-dimensional travel! Â

    Mount & Blade: PC RPG.

    OFP anyone?

    UEFA Euro 2008

    VIVA DEUTSCHLAND OLÉ!!! Me being half-german and half-portuguese (though born in Portugal and lived there so far) had a hard time guessing but in the end I must say for this match I was 100% in favour of the Mannschaft. The fact that the flag of Portugal that was put up as a window decoration (even if behind bars) of my house (and it's been there since 2004) had been stolen yesterday sealed my decision to support "ze Germans". Seriously, I think the portuguese people should give more importance to other things besides soccer, it's simply too much devotion, for them it's holier than going to church. Although, of course, there is a saying back from the times of Salazar that the portuguese people needed only 3 "F" things to be happy: Football, Fátima (the catholic gathering place and respective ceremonies) and Fado (a portuguese type of music). Back on topic, I don't know how Germany will continue, but for me they've already done more that they'd been credited with in the beginning, so every win now will be a surprising good bonus. And who knows, if they keep on doing enough to win the next match, they might even reach the finals...

    A-6 series of 2/4 man aircraft

    Great news Dragofire! Always good to hear that OFP hasn't been lost on all, and it's good to hear that projects come to a conclusion!


    I was wondering, I think I saw somewhere something that gave a wider choice considering sunglasses that one could wear, or is it just me dreaming? Thought I'd seen it in an OFPEC addon, but OFPEC doesn't have addons anymore, does it?


    Thanx! Guess I should've searched the "Misc addons" section of OFP.info - but the search function of that site sometimes has a funny way of working...

    UEFA Euro 2008

    Me being half-portuguese I shouldn't feel good about Switzerland having won yesterday, but I do. I only feel bad about HOW they did it, and it was 100% the referee's fault (I had no hopes whatsoever for the portuguese secondary team as a whole) . My other half being german I of course hope that "ze germans" kick some austrian a.. ummm... "derriere" even if it's just revenge against the said referee (Paultz) who is an austrian...

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Basically, a Goth like a goth trooper from the Goth faction from Gothburner's mod (with the dark coat) but without the ponytail

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    As for the civilian unit, I was kinda wondering, since all sci-fi addons are bound to be played off against each other, I was kinda wondering if you could do with a black-clad matrix-glassed guy (without the intercom) that could be an ambassador for Gothburner's Goths? Or would that be something to ask him to do?

    I'm looking for a LUCHS

    Actually Zuku1 there's something with 8 wheels that's closer to what VBCI is looking for... Check out http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=10603

    Searching for SA-2 'Guidline' addon

    If I were at home I could see if the "Operation Gulf War Crisis" open beta they released to see if it includes the SA-2 they were working on - all the addons in that pack supposedly work independently and are single addons, not one huge pack, so if it's there it's just a question of you trying it out to see if it somehow works, Zulu... Â Here's the link for the pack @ ofp.info: ftp://ftp.gamepark.cz/ofpd/mods/opgwcbeta.zip

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    I must say I like it very much indeed! Heheh, the helmet reminds me a bit of Master Chief (the HALO guy)...

    ARMA collectibles..

    I'd still prefer this one over all... My favourite car in a nice paint job - one day I'll own one!!!

    Another Easter Egg?

    I think you've been eating the wrong kind of mushroom, orlok... Â Â j/k Edit: Then again... I've yet to see a "fungi"!!! Â (the joke only works if you leave the "h" out since it's written funghi).

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Hmmm, you could always use "Hydra" instead of water...

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    The air transportation vehicle looks great, but looks more like it's a civilian vehicle rather than military, because when opened it reveals a lot of open space through which (discounting the vehicle's game hitboxes of course) could be sniped through... But looks great, even if as a civilian vehicle! (And such could be great to see around to add atmosphere) .

    Bolivia nationalizes the gas industry.

    Your reply is irrelevant. You disagree because you can disagree. Most south americans are of spanish descent, therefore there's no reason to re-establish Maya, Inca, Aztec and whatever someone here wanted. It's absurd. Thank you. That is all I needed to read. This tells me you can't even distinguish a spaniard from someone who is of spanish descent, which are two entirely different things. Your ignorance shows once again its obvious face, even regarding this matter. You obviously toss around words whose meaning you don't even know. And for the record, my answer is less irrelevant than your statement - no, wait, correction: ALL YOUR STATEMENTS in this forum. Because I pointed out a mistake and you just said it was irrelevant - congratulations. All the rest of us can now safely consider all your statements being a monumental mistake on your behalf, and therefore absolutely irrelevant.

    Bolivia nationalizes the gas industry.

    Â Â Wow, I didn't know that!! Guess I'll tell that to the King of Spain, right away!!! Â Time to wake up and smell the coffee, Spokesperson - south americans are south americans, they are not spaniards... Just like africans aren't portuguese/french/british/whatever former collonial power you'd like to choose...

    Advance Wars for OFP

    Hehe that's also cool but not the Dragonfly, though that also rocks... I still haven't been able to take a screenie of the Dragonfly but will as soon as possible...

    Advance Wars for OFP

    Hehe that's also cool but not the Dragonfly, though that also rocks... I still haven't been able to take a screenie of the Dragonfly but will as soon as possible...

    Pixie Dust grows back finger

    Amazing indeed, guess there was truth behind the statements made by the alien in the Stargate movie - our body seems to be easily repairable... Next step: "5th Element" regenerative chamber?

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    FireWater: Burning Pride Burning Tide: Water Wars Hope Fighting Desolation

    Fix ArmA choppers now!

    Well since some people find shooting zombies in a game fun, does that mean the BIS should make an option to turn people into zombies? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't BIS almost do exactly just that? Â Â At least the textures were there... Â I gotta say, I find that statement pretty ridiculous. People aren't defending BIS here. They are defending the flight model and stating their objections to bringing back the old one. Just because you don't like the change, doesn't mean they "broke" it. That's a pretty childish way to act about it. To me, it's an improvement. That's your point of view. Since this game has forcibly to opt on some sort of compromise since it will never be, nor ever has aimed to be, the ultimate helicopter flight simulation, it has to feature a flight model that will be serving it's purpouse regarding the gameplay. IMHO OFP got it right but in your oppinion ArmA's model is an improvement. In terms of serving gameplay it's just a divergence of oppinions then, so in order to please both of us, I'm pro choice, but you would deny that, wouldn't you? Again, you're confounding things. I'm not trying to "dumb down" anything, I am just considering having the possibility of a different gameplay, and considering this is probably one of the best "sandbox" games out there, why shouldn't there be choices available, so as to please everyone? No. By fixing bugs and adding improvements. That includes choices where appropriate of course. Again, a difference of oppinions. Whilst I am pro-choice and therefore trying to have options to please everyone, you are of a more restrictive oppinion defending only having your (and of some others too, but then again I'm not exactly alone defending my point of view either otherwise I'd be the only one complaining) so-called "improvements" - I must say I'm somewhat wary of what those could be. I'm all for fixing bugs as well though, of course... And then again, in the very end, you seem to agree with me - choices should be there. Why not regarding the flight model as well? Â