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  1. My First Day In Country:


    Since this was my second tour of duty in the Nam I was transported directly to my new base of operations. After gearing up, my orders were to catch up with a Search and Destroy patrol off to the south east a short distance away, I knew the patrol was in contact from the occasional gun fire I could hear.

    While making my way through the thick jungle with its oppressive heat and humidity a smile came to my face "Same old S---t just a different day".


    My thoughts were brought back to reality when I hear a voice cry out "They're flanking left left left" hell I was on the left. I got down behind a big tree and started scanning the area and about two seconds later four VC

    appeared out of the bush no more than 25 meters right in front of me. I knocked down three of the four before the forth vanished back into the brush still headed to my right toward the patrol but he didn't get far before someone stopped him in his tracks.


    After reporting in the patrol continued on meeting heavier and heavier resistance with what seem like every step. I went down twice, once from a near miss RPG concussion and once from a AK helmet hit that really rung my chimes.


    It was a long day and we were running low on supplies so the TL called for extract and not a minute too soon because I was mentally and physically exhausted but the day wasn't over just yet.

    When we got back to the OP it was under attack by a small enemy force that was wiped out in short order.


    364 more days of this and home again. ;)

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  2. inlove.gif

    ZISME had the fix for me and I just found the post.

    Do Not use the New Activation check box.

    Check the Reactivation box.

    Use your e-mail addy as the license holder.

    Then put your Purchase Ref number in the next box.

    Click next or what ever it says and

    Presto the game is activated,at least for me anyway.

    Thanks Again Zisme,you da man.

    ...Wiley P...

  3. yay.gif

    Thanks to a suggestion by Zisme,I got the game to work.

    His suggestion was to not check New Activation but

    to check REinstall license,put your e-mail add as

    lic holder and then your Purchase Ref in the next

    slot. HIT NEXT and away you go.

    Again thanks to ZISME

    ....Wiley P....

  4. Hey Cy,me too.

    I got the english version last friday at noon

    and have yet to get it working.

    I've written everybody and talked to Softwrap

    via phone,couldn't understand a word the lady

    said but someone is supposed to call me back

    that speaks english.

    When I enter my activation code(Purchase Ref)

    it just turns RED and that's it.

    I've requested a stop payment on my VISA and

    if it's not working by the time I get the papers

    to sign it's all over for me and ArmA.


  5. Hello

    I d/l the full patched english game but when I enter

    my key code to start the game I get:

    Activation Failed

    Activation Code not Recognized

    I've rebooted,defragged and checked to make sure

    all the letters and numbers are correct as well as the

    e-mail buy address. I'm stumped.

    Might the activation server be down or something?

    Thanks for your help if you can think of anything.

    ...Wiley P...