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    -> the lost brothers models-in-work

    By the way: Erex, is their any way I can get my new unlock code this weekend?? I'm starting to bore the shit out a me without my Oxygen!!! You know, I always get the best ideas and inspiration when I cannot work with it. I NEEED NEEWWWW UNLOCCKKK CODDESSS!!! Or is their a way I can use my old one?? I mean I didn't change anything, Ijust installed my windows again (XP's "delete-windows-directory-and-replace-with-new-one"). WHHAAAAAA.... I'm turning mad already!!
  2. VipHeart

    -> the lost brothers models-in-work

    Sure, we share everything like bros, don't we?? I mean where would I be without my big bro Fliper??
  3. VipHeart

    The empire strikes back..

    Yeah, Antichrist is right! The motorcycle physics are implented in OFP - they're just not used
  4. VipHeart

    -> the lost brothers models-in-work

    Antichrist, I would rather say it's UZI and G3 And a little trip to New Zealand is what I always wanted to do..
  5. VipHeart

    The empire strikes back..

    OKay! Then we gonna do that! But everyone must participate, is that clear??
  6. VipHeart

    The empire strikes back..

    Okay, agreed! Let's make a "secret" star wars mod together. Just a little one, everyone's doing a little work on it and finally (maybe as a tryout how we make our model bank) we make an addon just for us ModMakers
  7. VipHeart

    [question] new registration codes?

    Maruk, I really understand your heavy security, but isn't their a way to make an automatic code generation at your end? I really didn't wanted to delete my OË› installation - but my partition table error didn't leave any chances to me The worst thing is that it happened two times.. so i have to send another unlock code request (this time i will test if the system runs smoothly before i send it..). And the second time my OË› installation wasn't even deleted - only my windows had to be reinstalled. SO obviously OË› is puuting some of the data into the windows installation. Could you change that? Because then we wouldn't have to request a new code after every new windows install!!
  8. VipHeart

    The empire strikes back..

    We should really consider making a Star Wars Mod The OFP engine is just perfect for large battles between rebellions and imperials But how do we convince BIS and Lucas Arts?
  9. VipHeart

    The empire strikes back..

    Sounds, shadow model, geometric details and new weapons will be added soon BUT I have to wait until i receive a new unlock code After repartioning my harddisk for Bulldozer today I had a "Partiotion Table Error" which made my Windows go to hell After 7 (!! hours of reinstalling I need a new unlock code now
  10. VipHeart

    Is there some page about the different lod's?

    As I've been messing up with demo models for a long time I can give you a short summary: LODs (level-of-details) are a efficient way to save processing power. As OFP often displays/renders several dozen models at a time and from several different views the engine uses a system to work more process efficient. It makes no sense to render a blackhawk with full details when it's only visible on the horizon. It also makes no sense to render the tail rotor when you sit in the cockpit. That's why there are several different LODs for the different views (cargo view, pilot view, 3rd person view and several LODs for the distance of the object). The farer (?) away the model is, the less detailed is the LOD. Depending on which type of model you have different LOD counts. As helicopters and planes are visible on long distances, and are indead evry complex models, they have several different LODs (up to 15/16 i think). On the other hand weapons are only visible on closer distances and are less detailed anyway - that's why the only have about 6 LODs. While a helicopter's mass must be processed by the engine to simulate the starting, landing, crashing and velocity, aswell as speed, a weapon doesn't need any of these abbilities (only the recoil). That's why more complex models have mass/geometry LODs - for example to help the engine process their (dynamic) crash deformation. Hope this helped you little bit.
  11. VipHeart

    -> the lost brothers models-in-work

    Okay then tell me personally (via mail or message) - I will keep it a secret and stop working on that weapon!
  12. VipHeart


    Yeah, Flip is right (..as always)! The models I'm working on are listed in the LostBrothers Thread in the projects section! By the way: Flip, we should start cooperating again
  13. VipHeart

    Acceptable lod

    I'm not sure, but i remember the player models having about 1200 polys in LOD1. And as far as I know a weapon should have 6 LODs, planes and helis about 15/16 I think..
  14. VipHeart

    Opening p3d files

    Okay, here is what we do not have/ which was NOT included in the demo: -> Abrams -> T80 -> Cobra
  15. VipHeart

    Proposed model bank

    YEah, I agree with Tigershark that we need a seperate resource to handle that! A kind of website only we "choosen people" can access!
  16. VipHeart

    Opening p3d files

    Which ones do you need?? TO BIS: And can I give him models??
  17. VipHeart

    Stupid question

    Yeah, I noticed this one, too. Extrude is a very usefull function I think SUMA, is their an easy way arround that?? Cause as you mentioned you develloped most of the game without it (my respect!. How did you guys made that??? Copy'n'Paste?? Merge vertices??
  18. VipHeart


    Although I must admit that I've been disapointed by the lacking animation support, I'm now agreeing with SUMA. I experiemented a lot with OË› the last night, and most of the things we want to make can be achieved via the "proxy" functions (things like turrets, blades, tires and so on..). Regarding animation I understand why Suma and the others don't want to let us messing around with it. Creating models is one thing, creating total new character animations is something different - we could really mess up the game with that!!! I also wanted to make new animations - but I think in Resistance they will add animation for what I'm looking forward: PISTOLS Â Now reagrding new or modified characters: I think it's possible to create new character models, as it seems to me that the skelatal system is attachted to the several groups of the character mesh (arm, leg, etc..). So we just need to create a mesh with the same structure, maybe build on an original mesh. I think the vertices will be moved by the skelatal system correctly then!
  19. VipHeart

    Proposed model bank

    I totally agree with Fliper and the rest of you guys We have no other choice then cooperate with each other
  20. How do I create dynamic faces like muzzle flashs, flashlights or blood flying arround after sombody is hit? I know it has something to do with the group the polygones and faces are in. But the fact that they are a muzzle flash (for example) is not defind in the config.cpp - so it must be in defind in the model itself, am I right?
  21. VipHeart

    My first model :)

    Hey Gimbal, to add collusion detection you must add a LOD called "geometry" with the polys for the collusion. Look into the old MLOD models to see what I mean! Because it seems to me that the OPF engine is processing all LODs through on collusion model.
  22. VipHeart

    Importing objects...

    Wow.. then you're better then me! He doesn't import the 3DS files I made with Milkshape
  23. VipHeart

    Opening p3d files

    Easy solution: The models from the original CD and the addons are ODOL format. The OË› version we got only reads MLOD. We're not able to create or view ODOL content. However, you can use the old demo versions models
  24. VipHeart

    How to switch between the lods?

    Thanx I just found out how a minute before you wrote the answer
  25. How can I switch between the LODs? I haven't found that function yet And how do I create different LODs?